20 examples of truly engaging interactive content (updated)

20 examples of truly engaging interactive content (updated)

We live in a world of content overload, and interactive content is one of the ways that marketers are trying to stand out. However, not all interactive content is created equal. and DIY tools have reduced barriers to the production of interactive content. Unfortunately, the ease of production does not always mean quality.

In the last two years, the number of interactive messages has increased by 33%, but the average number of shares has decreased by 62%.

In this article we will look at examples of interesting interactive content. especially the items which obtained much more than the average number of shares .

We grouped these twenty examples into four broad categories, as follows:

  • Quiz
  • Calculators and Tools
  • Interactive Visuals
  • Other Calendars, Sliders, and More

As we were looking at these interactive examples, several points to emerge emerged. They can be applied to interactive or other content. If you want to go directly to the apps, they are at the end of the message, with instructions on how to find interactive content in your own industry with the help of BuzzSumo.

Interactive Content: Quiz

engagement tool, especially on Facebook.

The most shared quiz published in the last 5 years has received a total of 5.4 million social interactions, almost all on Facebook.

Of all types of interactive content, the most common. They can vary from a simple results-based questionnaire (essentially a diagnosis that predicts your management style, the decade in which you were born or your Hogwarts House) through to effective tests.

Questionnaires are quick to produce; they help people feel good about themselves and they are very shareable.

1. Only 1 in 50 people can identify these 16 grammar errors. Can you? – Women.com


Publishers often call a quiz the hardest and then facilitate success or success. It plays on our vanity. Who does not want to share a high score on the world's toughest grammar test?

Here is a selection of quizzes from the past year that sparked a lot of interactions:

How much can you score at 100% (see what we did there)?

2. How far can you tell facts from statements of opinion? – Pew Research Center


This Pew Research questionnaire addresses one of the topical issues, the fake news, by asking people to see if they distinguish between fact-based statements. in the opinion. It was only put online in June 2018 and, at the time of writing, it already had 67.6 million shares.

This is an excellent example of a link between a trendy subject and the mission of an organization.

The link to a longer research article makes this quiz a good example for improving content distribution.

Use interactive to stimulate other content.

3. FC Barcelona against Portuguese teams – FCBarcelona.com

This quiz of the Barcelona Football Club is also linked to a news event: a match of the league of champions. It has 63.1K social interactions. One of the features we found motivating about this quiz was the instant feedback on the answers. Not only can we evaluate the overall knowledge of the team's history with Portugal, but we can also immediately compare with other users.

This quiz appeals to people's affiliations with their interest groups. We have also seen this tribal factor as a factor of engagement in sharing videos on Facebook.

4. Quiz 1 minute to qualify – Lark

This Lark quiz was tied to a Fitbit offer and a ladder. Online since May 2018, the quiz has a total of 52.8k interactions.

Many questionnaires only allow you to see the questions one by one or only after you have answered them.

Lark's design is appealing because it allows people to scroll quickly before jumping on it.


There was very little information about the offer itself, but it included a stack of comments on Facebook, offering a social proof that the questionnaire and the offer were legitimate.


5. The Great American Read – PBS

The NPR version of the How-Educated-Are-You-Quiz was very popular this year, with 52.1k interactions. The format offers a downloadable checklist that makes this quiz a little heavier than others in the "How are you smart?" Category.


Grammar or IQ selection!

The three most shared interactive messages in the past 12 months all claimed to be IQ tests.


As described above, we seem to have a great need to test our intelligence and share our stellar results with our friends.

(I do not know if this indicates anything about the quality / validity of the tests, but I've got similar scores on all three!)

Quiz: The success of women.com


Use content analysis reports from BuzzSumo to see major domains on networks, regardless of subject.

The site itself is based on quizzes. A total of 2762 articles were published last year, of which 1402 were quizzes. Their strategy was different from that of many question sets that we examined on other sites. Most were part of larger content or standalone pieces related to other items and served as a vehicle to draw attention to the other post.

The quizzes on women.com are different – they constitute a main content category, underlined

If you want maximum attention, give room on the navigation bar


Women.com also offers the opportunity to subscribe to new quizzes. Their stated goal is to give people a way to relax and enjoy the fun of a quiz.


No content links were associated with the quizzes we saw. be designed to promote other content, but the site itself and each questionnaire have ads displayed alongside the quiz.

Remember that if compatibility is the goal, remember that people are more likely to share things that make them beautiful.

Interactive Content: Calculators and Tools

Practical tools such as calculators have been overlooked by many traders. They take longer to develop but can generate high levels of engagement, sharing and, most importantly, links to lasting value.

In the field of marketing, Hubspot's Site Grader tool is one of the most well-known. Another favorite of the team this year is the "time saving" calculator on coschedule.com. It claims to display the time that a team would save using the Coschedule suite of tools.

1. Tax invoice calculator: will your taxes go up or down? – New York Times


This NY Times post was posted on December 17, 2017. It was shared 106.1k times and has 369 backlinks.

It seems that calculators, although less viral on the social level, could be better engines of backlinks. The average number of backlinks for a quiz last year was 3.2; the average for a calculator was 6.4.

The publication of the calculator corresponded with much interest in the United States regarding taxes. Note Google's search spike for the term "tax". It culminates the week of December 17th.


Exploit a trendy subject while offering valuable content. Remember that trends want people to feel connected.

2. Data usage calculator – mtnonline.com


This handy data calculator is of immediate interest. It shows how much data you will probably use for your online activities. Published by mtnonline.com, a Nigerian telecommunications company in August 2017, the calculator was shared 65.3 times.

The volume of the actions seems to indicate that the interactions with the tool come from the whole Web, not only from Nigeria. This aspect of the content is intriguing – companies with a tight geographic focus can attract attention from afar with useful and interesting content. And, often, their competition to attract attention will include sites from around the world.

3. Concrete Calculator – The Constructor

Who said that Civil Engineering could not be cool? And, who still believes Facebook is just a network for B2C content with high bling value?

This post, published by the Constructor, a site developed by a civil engineer to endow the civil engineering of an online information-sharing center, has obtained 20.4 000 shares since its inception. online in November 2017.


BuzzSumo's database of more than 5 billion URLs shows that interactions on Facebook are leading the way, often even for traditionally business-to-business topics.

Facebook and sharing are for each trader.

4. Which horses can wear me comfortably? – Good Horse

The list last year included a calorie calculator. This attractive calculator, about the size of riders of different weights, can move comfortably, is a new measure of body mass!

The Good-Horse.com site offers several other equine calculators:


The calculators of the site show the interest of answering the questions of. an audience interactively. For example, a trivia game promises answers to the question "What can I do with a horse that can not be ridden?"

Another address the weight that a particular breed can bear. This is a clever use of similar information to answer different questions … once the weight range is set for a breed, it can be easily cropped to create the breed that suits my weight calculator.

5. This calculator highlights the invisible and unpaid work often done by women – Quartz at Work


This quartz.com calculator also has a significant number of links, 14 and 16.3k. It takes a common subject – gender inequality – and tries to quantify the problem financially

6. Plastic Pollution Calculator – Earth Day Network

This interactive tool is published by Earth Day Network. After calculating the use of plastic, the public was asked to make a promise. The calculator has 7.1k interactions up to now.


What I like about here is that the calculator seems designed to generate emotion; I imagine that it leads people to boast of having been able to reduce their plastic consumption or feel guilty about their failures.

Create an emotional reaction.

The CTA – to hire for money – seems very relevant. each type of emotional response.

7. Zakat Calculator

Finally, this calculator is designed to determine the amount needed to fulfill a religious obligation and has acquired nearly 9,000 social commitments.


I was attracted by this example because of its high-tech approach to an old question.

It is never too late to provide information in a way that is easier to use and more accessible.

How to Develop a Calculator:

If you want to experiment with a calculator, remember you need to make it relevant to your audience by answering a question or providing information that they can benefit from. This information should not be something that they can easily find without you.

Anything that can be quantified mathematically or estimated mathematically is a good candidate for a calculator. Topics such as money, weight, time and calories are obvious examples.

Calculators take a large part of the information and make it personal, based on a variable. So, a question like "What is the average life span of people" would not create a good calculator. A better approach would be a calculator that determines the length of life based on criteria such as gender, current, age or place of residence. The best approach would allow multiple variables and create a very specific result.

In other words, the calculator will have to associate a known variable of the audience with a more obscure variable that you can provide.

For example, in the example "Will my tax rate go up or down?", There are several variables known to the audience – there including income. The variable provided by the author is the new tax rate by income level. The result of from the calculation is the tax amount for the variable provided by the audience .

In the example "Which race of horses can I carry?", The variable known to the public is weighted. The variable provided by author is the weight that some horses can bear. The result of the calculation is a list of horses appropriate to the weight of each individual.

To apply this to your own topics, consider the questions your audience may have that can be segmented by variables. Ask yourself what information would be needed to provide a specific and useful answer.

Formula for a simple calculator:
Calculation result = (known variable of the audience) +, -, / or x (variable known to the author) [19659115] Once you have determined the result of the calculation, you can think about the display of this information. In many cases you will need to use JavaScript or a plugin or widget to create the visualization. For more ideas, Brandwatch has an excellent list of data visualization tools.

Interactive Content: Visuals

If you know a great interactive tool and can help your audience find it, you can get great results!

For example, in the five most shared interactive ones, four of them are descriptions of interactions available on other sites.

The power of interactive extends to curation.

1. The damage caused by the anti-vaccination movement – IFL Science!

This piece of IFL Science! – which has 165.2k shares and 44 backlinks – does not actually include the interactive map. It mentions the map in the title, summarizes the content, links to the map and includes screenshots. (I spent a few minutes pointing and clicking on the map while waiting for it to "go".)

Note the difference in interactions between the interactive map publication on iflscience:

 Interactive_content_examples_IFL 19659027] And the map itself:


The above images are from the Chrome extension of BuzzSumo.

] People shared the position of IFL Science because they were interested in the interactive and they had not read enough to understand that ### He was not there.

  • People shared the position of IFL Science because of a factor other than interactive.
  • Simply directing your audience to great resources can be interesting. That's the essence of content curation
  • (I'm sure there are others. I appreciate your thoughts in the comments.) [19659018] 2. 170 million Americans drink radioactive water. This interactive map shows if you are too – IFL Science!

    There are several successful examples with the interactive content of IFL Science, including the radioactive water map.

    See the list of IFL's most shared interactive.

    to align you with best practices in curation: make sure to add something of value when you call your audience's attention on other content.

    3. Interactive Map: The Fires of Southern California – San Francisco Chronicle

    View the progression of fire perimeters in Southern California, as well as the quality of air, on a map of sfchronicle.com

    This document, posted on December 6, 2017, includes fire monitoring to December 21, illustrating the power to link high production value to a hot topic. The position has 32.8k commitments.


    4. Interactive Map: See How Birds Migrate Across the Western Hemisphere – Nat Geo

    This beautiful map combines an amazing interactive visualization with narration. As you browse the page, the story unfolds one paragraph at a time.  interactive_content_storytelling_nat_geo

    Improve the quality of your subject.

    Interactive Content: Chronologies, Video Sliders 360 and More

    1. Giant Russian Investigative Chronology – PBS

    This "giant" piece of pbs.org includes a complete set of information, including a timeline, a spreadsheet, an explanation and an image.

    Published in June 2018, this play already has 31.9k engagements and 42 backlinks.

    Part of its appeal may be to provide information in multiple formats. The clickable spreadsheet is ideal for people who like to use spreadsheets, the infographic timeline attracts those who do not want to click.

    Put the message at the disposal of people of different formats.

    2. Avengers: Infinity War – Ten years in the making – CNN.com

    Lost the narrative thread of the Marvel universe? It happens. CNN Entertainment offers an excellent interactive guide on all Marvel films. With 51 backlinks since April 2018, we reproduce this piece by saving many viewers from all the worlds for years to come.


    3. Animation: Visualization of the explosion of the ICO in a timeline – Visual Capitalist

    If women.com owns the quiz space, then visualcapitalist.com has the illustration of the data from # 39; investment.

      visual-capitalist_gif The animation above, described as a sponsored infographic, has 1.4k social engagements, but many maps and visualcapitalist infographics have commitments of tens of thousands.

    4. Step In A Brain Surgery With This VR Movie – Wired.co.uk Not For Squeamish (Full Disclosure: I've Only Looked At The First Minutes)

    When Describing How To Build A Calculator, j & # 39 I mentioned the importance of providing the "known variable author". The success of this VR movie provides the same thing-it gives an audience access to a closed experience. The piece, published on Wired, contains commitments of 1.7k.

    This idea of ​​allowing an audience to participate in a process that is otherwise closed to it is a powerful idea for content marketers. Is there anything you could show your audience that very few can? Is your audience interested in seeing it? If so, a video experience of any type may be of interest to you.

    If you want to know more, here are twenty ways to use interactive video.

    How to Search for Interactive Content with BuzzSumo
    In Content Analyzer, search for terms with this query:

    "OR Calculative OR Interactive Quiz or Heatmap OR Slider "

    interactive content for a particular subject, combine subject with interactive terms:

    " Marketing Quiz OR Marketing Calculator OR Interactive Marketing OR Marketing Map OR Marketing Slider "

    Take-Out for Content interactive :

    • relevant content by linking it to the news.
    • Appeal to the emotion. (Make them laugh, make them cry – you compete with cats)
    • Make the content beautiful.
    • Offer value to your audience.
    • Save time for your audience. Make curation part of your strategy.
    • For maximum sharing, help people look good.
    • If you want something to come out, give it a place in your navigation bar.
    • If you find yourself in a B2B context, do not save on the value of Facebook.
    • Provide old information in a new way.
    • Package content must appeal to users in a number of ways.
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    Interactive content can be a great way to bring out your content and gain sharing and connections. But, remember that the world does not need another clickable infographic or a simple questionnaire.

    Be creative. Make the content practical, impressive and beautiful, or make your interactive content really practical, like some of the calculators. I hope these examples will have inspired you.

    So, what works in your industry or sector? Use BuzzSumo to search for your subject and add terms such as interactive, quiz, calculator, etc. to see what works in your area.

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    Methodological note:

    Data taken from BuzzSumo on July 25 and 30 to compare the online content of the July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 with July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018.

    Commitment calculations for each year are cumulative, so that the 2016-2017 positions have accumulated more shares, but the difference between two figures are significant enough that I think I can conclude a downward trend in participation.

    The first article 20 Examples of truly real interactive content (Update) appeared first on BuzzSumo. ]

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