2018 Holiday Marketing Campaign Guide

2018 Holiday Marketing Campaign Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching. It's time to close your seasonal email marketing campaigns.

Why? Take a look at this figure: nothing that in the United States, the online retail trade expenses of desktop computers during the 2016 holiday season have reached 63.1 billions of dollars. (source)

We are not talking about pocket money here!

We have therefore concocted this guide to help you better understand email marketing

. campaigns – everything is there.

Continue reading, or use the links below to access inspiring ideas and examples for your favorite vacation.

  1. Preparation
  2. Halloween
  3. Movember
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Black Friday
  6. Cyber ​​Monday
  7. Christmas

Get Ready for Your Holiday Campaigns

] Starting a successful marketing campaign for the holidays is a bit like organizing a family dinner. Getting ready before everyone arrives (or lands on your site) means you can enjoy the day (of your campaign) without a hitch.

A checklist can help you. So, stay on track and remember what needs to be done.

The four steps below will help you better plan your campaigns – and get ready in a hurry.

Four Steps to Preparing Your Vacation Marketing Campaigns

1. Look at what worked

First, take a look at all the tactics and channels you've used before. What worked well?

Asking these questions can help you make better business decisions and allocate resources appropriately.

Here is an example: A few years ago, everyone was talking about Snapchat as an essential tool to reach your audience. But since then, users have abandoned the platform and have turned to other tactics such as Instagram Stories.

So, if you do not think about your past efforts, you could end up investing in a tactic or channel that just does not work. – or under-invest in a tool that could bring you the best results.

2. Check Your Customers

Next, examine your customer segments.

Who do you attract? Who buys often at home – and who spends the most?

When digging a hole, you can spot potential segments – or find out more about the people you are already serving.

The use of an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Recency, Frequency, etc.) is a common way to do this. and monetary value) to focus on your most lucrative buyers.

Facebook Audience Insights is another great tool you can link to RFM. Simply import your email database segment into Facebook to get a report on their lifestyle, their role and even the pages they follow.

3. Watch the competition

You can learn a lot from your competitors. As with your marketing campaigns, check which campaigns have worked and do not work for them. See if you can identify the secret recipe for their success.

Sign up for their newsletter, browse their site, use tools like SEMrush to see their PPC spend, and use Facebook's new Info and Ads feature to analyze their media. [19659004] You do not want to copy them. Just take notes, then use this information to see what you can improve during your next holiday campaign – focusing on your unique selling point.

4. Get a plan of action

How do you know if your marketing campaign is successful? By setting goals for you to measure.

Of course, you can easily see sales growth without doing any analysis. But you will not know what results you could get . And you will probably not feel very motivated to improve them.

So when planning your next marketing campaign for the holidays, specify what you want to achieve. And define S.M.A.R.T. Goals like the ones below, especially if you want your team to be there.

  • Increase revenue from category [ by 30% in December.
  • Increase online transactions compared to previous campaign by 10%
  • Increased by 20% the average value of customer orders from segment Y within two months.

With such specific goals, you are ready to come up with an action plan.

Mark the key dates for all tactics you plan to use. You can print the practical calendar here – then paste it on the wall to stay on track.

Now let's look at every holiday – and what you can do to sell. with success …

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Halloween (October 31 e )

For marketers, the holiday season begins with Halloween. Popular with children and adults, it's time for cooking, crafts, disguises and decoration.

In the United States and Canada, Halloween begins in early October. Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and coffee chains come in the spirit with themed menus and decorations. And the little ghouls disguise themselves and collect treats throughout the month.

 Halloween decorations-riddles

Halloween decorations around San Diego, California

So if you are planning a campaign for Halloween, be sure to start by the first week of October

How do you actually do it? Check out our ideas below:

Halloween Campaign Ideas by E-mail

Create Your List

Speed ​​up the development of your e-mail list, especially for a fun campaign like Halloween.

You can get more listings for the holidays in many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a contest for the best Halloween costume, recipe or DIY decorations. Ask your audience to enter via a landing page or web form and announce the winners on a given date. It's win-win – they get a prize and you get a ton of new leads – and a lot of user-generated content that you can use in your future marketing campaigns.
    Make sure you share it on your site and on social channels. Winners will probably want to promote the news to their friends, which means more advertising for a small fee.
  • Organize a raffle and hand out a voucher or tickets for a special event. To collect the listings, create a landing page with a form and terms of use. Concentrate on lottery enhancement and drive traffic to your page via paid ads or organic publications.
  • Create content that helps people enjoy Halloween. Offer something useful and fun, so they'll be happy to give you their email address. Here are some ideas:
    • Halloween Recipes
    • Decorative Instructions
    • Pumpkin Carving Diagrams
    • Games and Activities
    • DIY Costume and Makeup Ideas
    • Scary Movie Lists [19659039] Halloween Jokes and Riddles
    • Music Lists

Now that you know how to create a mailing list for Halloween, let's see how to create scary emails that your audience will die from. Want to open. [19659004]


Email-related Holiday Email Forms 56

Email Design

Some essential elements of email play an important role. in the success of your campaign. Let's look at each of them:

Subject line

Assuming you already have a memorable name to send your e-mails, we can switch to what subscribers see: the d & rd line # 39; object.

really can not ignore it. After all, studies show that nearly half of recipients decide to open an email based on the subject line only.

What makes an e-mail a catchy subject? It should be interesting, fun, relevant and show value. The length of the subject line, the personalization and the use of emoticons can also affect its success.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween topic lines:

  •  90 No tricks, but treats!  🎃
  • Boo! Do we have a spooky chord for you!
  • Ghouls, goblins and good plans, oh my God!
  • Happy Halloween! We have so much savings that we are afraid of it!
  • Open if you dare: we have very bad bargains to come
  • Candy or candy? Open to see what you have!
  • A-boo-lievable! Take X% off every Halloween!
  • Oh my gourd! Have you seen these prices?
  • SCARY GOOD. The site now starts at X%!
  • Do not open! Zombies inside!
  • Open it at your own risk

Now, let's look at the first sentence of your email. Even though it's not as visible next to your subject, the pre-header can have a big impact on your opening rates.

So, how do you use it?

Typically, pre-headers only have a link to the online version of the message. This is useful because some providers may automatically block the link. But it's rare nowadays. In addition, this small space next to your subject line is a precious real estate.

Instead, use the pre-header to expand the subject line – or illustrate the benefits of a campaign.

Object of the message: Do not miss the party!

Header Text: The 15% discount is coming to an end soon. Do not miss our best-selling styles.


Subject line of the e-mail: Drop Everything. Sale throughout the site. Now.

Text in the head of head: It's our birthday  Selling on the site + Free Shipping & Returns to Celebrate

For More Inspiration , discover these two examples among Williams Sonoma.



Header and Content

Your header should continue the conversation and follow through on the promise made in the subject line.

You only have a few seconds to capture your subscribers before they click or move on.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Add a navigation bar that highlights the theme of email: Halloween.
  • Place a large banner over the folds section with your key message, such as "15% off the entire sale!"

Use a big hero image that extends below the crease, so that readers are intrigued to scroll through the screen.

When designing your header, determine how it fits with the rest of your email content.

If it mentions your offer, associate it with your arrival page with a clear call to action.

If you want the recipients to continue scrolling through the screen, make sure the copy, images, and call-to-action button stand out – maybe with a background color contrasting.

Here is a good example of Mark and Graham. Although the CTA button does not stand out, the whole header is clickable and you can immediately tell the theme of this email.


Colors & Pictures

Colors catch the eye – so you want to use a color scheme and additional images holiday.

For Halloween, include orange, black, gray, purple or red. Just take inspiration from Google's Halloween-inspired palettes. Tools such as Coolors also make it easy to create your own palette with just a few clicks.

Here is an example of a color palette on the theme of Halloween:


Try to pick images that work well with your email design and will be easy to create.

Are you going to do a photo shoot of your Halloween-themed products? Can you easily and quickly find decorations – and pumpkins, ghosts, cobwebs and zombies will improve your message – or will they confuse or extinguish your audience? If in doubt, test it!

Call for Action (CTA)

Most email campaigns are intended to require your subscribers to do something like click on a landing page or to sign up for a gift.

This means that all your e-mail items must work together to achieve this goal. The subject, the header, the images and the copy of your email must all result in a click.

The same goes for your call-to-action button.

Here's how to make your CTA worthy of click:

  • . Customize it : Use the personal name or company name of your recipient in the copy.
  • Use contrasting colors: for the button to be visible.
  • Give a correct style: consider the size and the spaces around your button, so that you can easily click on it, especially on mobile.
  • Use GIFs : Animated images tend to attract more attention.
  • Use a Creative Copy ]: Skip the standard "Buy Now" or "Download" button and be creative – even if it makes your button slightly larger.

Again, there is no secret sauce. The same call-to-action button could generate tons of clicks in one campaign – and almost none in the next.

Why? Because all these elements have to unite – and each audience is different.

Still stuck? A / B test your button and see what wins. Add it to your email and get more clicks.

In the meantime, here's an example of Etsy's e-mail. Pay attention to their CTA as it is very good. The copy is descriptive and the button itself stands out. Keeping in mind the theme of this campaign, it works very well!

 Last minute-diy-costume-ideas-ideas-etsy

↑ Jump to the top of the page ↑ [19659016] Movember (1-30 November)

Movember a to change the face of men's health. It takes a fun approach, as men grow mustaches for the month of November – and share selfies to raise awareness and fundraise for the cause.

Are you planning to get involved? You may send your post on on [November1 ] to

  • but you may promptly notify your audience.

    You can publish an article or create a dedicated landing page – and use it. a discreet banner below the fold of your emails to promote it.

    Although this is not the primary focus of your October campaigns, this will intrigue your most engaged subscribers – and will speed up the launch of your campaign in early November.

    Ideas for E-mail Campaigns Movember

    Add Your List

    There are three ways to support Movember: to grow, give or move. It's a good thing, give money or be active every day in November.

    You can also organize an event – a "moment". It can be a golf tournament, a musical evening, a dinner, or any other event to raise money and raise public awareness.

    If your brand adheres, here's what you can do to get the message across and expand your mailing list on: At the same time:

    Start by creating a campaign landing page describing how you're going help change the lives of many young men.

    Will you give 10% of your income in November – or the proceeds of the sale? products related to Movember? Are you going to organize events or "moments" that bring people together?

    As soon as you know it, you can start promoting it:

    Let the subscribers know what's going on and ask them to join and share them. other.

    Launch a PPC campaign to drive traffic to your landing page.

    Add Movember themed items to your customers' orders.

    Update your blog with more photos and fundraisers.

    You can also create content. around the cause – like photos, videos or computer graphics with tips for growing or styling your mustache. You can also create games related to a cause. For example:

    Host a movie night and place a mustache cutout on your TV. Whenever the mustache is perfectly suited to the person displayed on the screen, someone must donate to the cause.

    Just make sure your messages are genuine – and your brand does not seem to use the campaign for its own benefit.

    Email Design

    How to design your Movember-themed e-mails to get the most conversions possible?

    Pay attention to these items:

    Subject of the e-mail

    Like any other campaign, your The subject line of the e-mail must attract the attention of subscribers. Here are some ideas for your No Shave Campaign November:

    • Tomorrow, We
    • Begin Movember Clean
    • Mo Bros and Mo Sistas Unite
    • Are You a Real Gentleman? 19659047] Your body was made for walking
    • You can give and have at the same time! #Movember
    • This month, we are rocking pretty spots in the wake
    • The month of November without shaving begins now. See what we have planned!
    • This is not an exercise. Stop shaving now!  [1945

    Your pre-header should support your subject line and allow recipients to know what it contains.

    Use it to specify the purpose of your message. And if you want to share your Movember photos, invite other people to join the cause or present your products, be direct and brief.

    Here are some ideas:

    Subject line: Get your stache

    Preheader: You with us?

    Subject Line: Tomorrow we are

    Preheader: Five Reasons Why You Should Also

    Subject Line: ] Why are we snapping up this month

    Preheader: Could your mustache improve the health of your men? 19659004]

    Letterhead & Content

    Movember does not concern you or your brand. It's about the cause and how your subscribers can handle it. So, keep your letterhead short and attractive.

    For body copy, you can view user-generated content or photos of your team in action – with a mustache or two!

    Do not forget to add any campaign-specific content to your content. emails, spreading the message about Movember. Other times, you can simply add a banner that mentions it, present a product so that others can contribute to the cause or simply place a mustache next to your logo.

    Looking for inspiration? Visit the Movember website in your area and see the examples below.



    Calling For Action

    Mark your CTA is visible and simple – as "grow", "give" or & # 39; move & # 39;

    Or make it more descriptive, so that people know what happens when they click, like:

    MOVE with us this Friday afternoon "

    See you at XYZ »

    Show your talent to XYZ»

    Again, run some A / B tests to identify the best CTAs.

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    Thanksgiving (November 22)

    Thanksgiving is the first big party of the season, celebrated in Canada, in the United States, some islands Caribbean and Liberia

    Traditionally, it is gratitude, gratitude, and quality time spent with family and friends. Could these values ​​be the backdrop of your campaigns?

    Start the start of your campaign around November 12 – so that you have enough time to force customers to look at your offer.

    You can start even earlier. if you have not run any campaign for Halloween or Movember. Just start with tips and generate traffic to a campaign-specific landing page or product category.

    Email Campaign Ideas for Thanksgiving

    Create Your List

    Start by asking: What is Thanksgiving?

    For many, it's about spending time and sharing a meal with your loved ones. Others see it as a good time to thank and help others.

    Then ask yourself:

    • what do they need?
    • What are their problems?
    • How can we help?

    The first group The second group may prefer tips to show their gratitude – or information about how their favorite brands serve others and value people at the expense of profits.

    Think about it, then turn your ideas into an action plan.

    You can create a main magnet to get prospects to sign up on your landing page and then promote it off.

    Design of the e-mail

    Line of the object

    You know the detail: your object line looks like a movie trailer . In order for your subscribers to want to open your email, it must be of interest.

    There are two ways to proceed:

    1. Clearly describe the theme of the campaign (Thanksgiving).
    2. Tip to arouse curiosity. [19659272] I do not know which approach is the best? Try A / B Tests.

      Here are some email subject ideas for Thanksgiving that you can test:

      • Get Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner
      • When you wake up, get out of coma food: do we have an agreement to propose?
      • Who is ready for seconds? The Thanksgiving sale starts now!
      • Stay in or go out for Thanksgiving?
      • 10% extra discount for early risers only! Celebrate the  🦃 day!
      • For whom you are grateful
      • Thank you for you: a special holiday message from the XYZ team
      • What is your gratefulness for?
      •  🎉 Thank 30% off everything
      • Our way of thanking you
      • Thank you, we did it all!
      • Gobble Gobble! Open for a treat of savings!
      • A sale so good that you will cut the game
      • Get these awesome recipes for #Friendsgiving

      Do not forget that this should not attract the l & # 3939; attention of your line of object. Use it to complete it with a subtle mention of your offer.

      Offering free shipping, a 10% discount or another promotion? Thread it in the reading head.

      Here are some ideas:

      Subject line: Who are you grateful for?

      Preheader: For whom? thank you

      Subject: Thank you, we did all this!

      Preheader: No, seriously. All thanks to you! <3

      Subject Line: What are you grateful for?

      Preheader: Thank you with these wonderful gifts

      Here's an interesting preheader text – Your Thanksgiving dinner is about to get a major update, used by Mouth in his newsletter on Thanksgiving.

       Thanksgiving Information Bulletin of Mouth

      Letterhead and Content

      Thanksgiving concerns gratitude, generosity, humility and family. So, your email needs to capture those emotions.

      Choose colors and subtle, not flashy images.

      Use your copy to connect with subscribers and give them a special feel. Tell them you need it to bring your projects to life.

      And be sure to make your offer unique, relevant and useful.

      Consider this:

      If you have already run multiple Campaigns marketing campaigns, how can you make this one special?

      Sometimes it's not even a good idea to make your emails look good. If your content is interesting or useful, it will work for your audience. As in this example of Art of Manliness, where all their email is to teach you how to cut a turkey. After reading this content, who would not want to upgrade and buy a hard copy of his guide?

       How to engrave an email from Turkey from the Art of Manliness

      or you can simply try to engage your contacts by inviting them to take part in a bargain hunting. As did Clearwater Marine Aquarium in their newsletter below.

       Search for Thanksgiving in the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

      Call for Action

      As for the others holidays, your main CTA will trigger sales. Getting attention and arousing curiosity is one thing, but you must always force contacts to click and send them to your landing page or online store.

      Explain clearly what happens when they click. Is it to get more information on an article – or buy? Be creative, but keep it easy to understand.

      Pour vous inspirer, voici un exemple intéressant tiré de Sevenly, qui met l&#39;accent sur le fait qu&#39;en vous achetant, vous pouvez aider les autres. Bien que cela soit principalement indiqué dans leur en-tête, leurs CTA méritent également d’être examinées: «Réclamez cette offre», «Achetez ce sweat à capuche», «Achetez cet ensemble», «Achetez ce sweat-shirt».


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      Vendredi noir (23 novembre)

      Le vendredi noir marque le début de la saison de magasinage des Fêtes. Puisque tout est question de dépenses, les abonnés sont prêts à faire des affaires. Mais comme c’est le lendemain de Thanksgiving, il peut être difficile de se faire remarquer.

      Vous pouvez toujours mener avec succès une campagne du Vendredi noir. Il est préférable de laisser tomber de subtiles allusions pour que vos clients puissent surveiller votre offre après le dîner de Thanksgiving.

      Il est judicieux de commencer une semaine avant le Black Friday . En fait, étant donné que les gens sont prêts à faire leurs achats, vous pouvez même commencer la nuit précédente.

      Sachez simplement que si vous n&#39;avez pas de magasin physique, vous devez capturer les clients avant qu&#39;ils ne se rendent au centre commercial. 19659004] Certaines entreprises proposent des promotions du vendredi noir pendant une semaine ou un week-end. N&#39;oubliez pas que cela élimine l&#39;urgence d&#39;acheter maintenant, ce qui risque de diluer votre message et d&#39;afficher un pic de ventes moins impressionnant – même si les recettes globales le compenseront probablement.

      Idées de campagnes par courrier électronique vendredi noir

      Créez votre liste

      Le vendredi noir est une frénésie rapide. Il est donc plus difficile d’étoffer votre liste d’e-mails le jour même.

      Hormis les tactiques habituelles – comme offrir un code de réduction ou bénéficier de la gratuité des commandes pour les premières commandes – vous ne pouvez rien faire.

      Ce que peut faire ] tu fais? Faites en sorte que votre liste de courrier électronique apparaisse comme un club exclusif.

      Utilisez des pages de renvoi, des formulaires contextuels, des tablettes en magasin, des bannières d&#39;affichage et d&#39;autres outils pour promouvoir de meilleures offres uniquement disponibles pour les initiés.

      Planifiez à l&#39;avance. Proposerez-vous du contenu exclusif, des cadeaux gratuits, des retours et des envois gratuits ou autre chose réservée aux abonnés?

      Email design

      Subject line

      Tout peut arriver le Black Friday – et les acheteurs aiment l&#39;anticipation des offres imbattables et des vols. Alors, utilisez votre ligne de sujet pour créer du suspense.

      Voici quelques suggestions:

      • N&#39;en parlez à personne…
      • Vous l&#39;attendiez
      • Vous savez que ça s&#39;en vient…
      • Quelque chose spécial pour vous cette saison
      • C&#39;est le vendredi que vous attendiez…
      • Il est enfin arrivé!
      • 3,2,1, GO! Vos 24 heures commencent maintenant…
      • Le Black Friday est différent cette année…
      • Les offres de black-out de vendredi sont ici…
      • Notre plus grande vente de tous les temps au Black Friday est ici
      • Ça va vite! Obtenez vos offres du Black Friday avant qu’il ne soit trop tard

      Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques exemples créatifs d’une marque en particulier, MVMT.


      Les autres sujets qu&#39;ils ont utilisés:

      • AVERTISSEMENT: Ces offres du Black Friday sont  [19659047] SOYEZ LE PREMIER | Black Friday commence MAINTENANT
      • F% @ *!

      Vous souhaitez convertir davantage de contacts pour qu&#39;ils puissent rejoindre votre newsletter? Utilisez le pré-en-tête pour leur donner un coup de pouce.

      Considérez ces combos en utilisant les lignes d&#39;objet ci-dessus:

      Ligne d&#39;objet: N&#39;en parlez à personne…

      Preheader: Gardons le secret

      Ligne objet: C&#39;est enfin là!

      Preheader: Êtes-vous prêt?

      Objet: est différent cette année…

      Preheader: Préparez-vous à être choqué!

      En-tête et contenu

      Le Vendredi noir, les choses vont vite. Très vite. Ainsi, vos clients veulent savoir rapidement si votre offre est vraiment la meilleure, ou s’ils doivent acheter ailleurs.

      C’est pourquoi votre en-tête et votre contenu doivent être entièrement centrés sur vos produits. Pas d&#39;articles, pas de vidéos amusantes, juste des offres.

      Alors, gardez votre en-tête clair et concis. Cela ne devrait prendre qu&#39;une seconde ou deux pour comprendre votre offre.

      Ajoutez une barre de navigation, des images de haute qualité et une copie courte. Votre objectif: amener les gens sur votre page de destination dès que possible.

      La palette de couleurs doit contraster le noir avec les couleurs de votre marque.

      Voici comment Sevenly a conçu sa campagne de courrier électronique pour que ses abonnés au courrier soient rapidement sur le palier. Notez qu’ils ont créé un sentiment d’urgence supplémentaire en proposant leur offre uniquement aux 500 premiers clients qui ont utilisé le code.


      Appel à l&#39;action

      Votre CTA doit être descriptif, convaincant et amusant.

      Placez-le dans un endroit bien visible et convaincre les contacts dont ils ont besoin d&#39;acheter maintenant – ou d&#39;oublier!

      Un CTA gagnant dépend de votre public. Cet exemple de Cards Against Humanity a été un énorme succès, même s&#39;il va à l&#39;encontre des meilleures pratiques. Remarquez également leur sujet court mais très intriguant.


      ↑ Aller au début ↑

      Lundi Cyber ​​(26 novembre)

      Lundi Cyber est considéré comme le plus grand jour de magasinage en ligne de l&#39;année, le lundi qui suit Thanksgiving.

      Si vous avez lancé les campagnes Thanksgiving et Black Friday, il est sage de donner une pause à votre public avant de le commercialiser à nouveau.

      La journée est consacrée aux achats en ligne. Vous devez donc vous concentrer sur la génération de trafic sur votre site. But because competition is fierce, you need to get creative and offer something unique.

      What makes Cyber Monday unique? Shoppers from all over the world wait ‘til the day to bag a bargain – the savings are that good.

      So you want to get everything in place before then. Here are some things to consider:

      • Do you offer international shipping – and is it fast enough?
      • Are your offer terms (like free refunds) clear – and available to international customers?
      • Is your site localized? Do prices and tax automatically convert to the customer’s currency?
      • Is it easy to place an order with an international address – such as different zip code formats?
      • Is your site mobile-optimized?

      Even if you don’t sell overseas, it’s worth keeping international buyers in mind if your analytics show they visit your site.

      Cyber Monday email campaign ideas


      Build your list

      On top of the tips we covered for other holidays, you might like to consider wishlists to grow your Cyber Monday list.

      Wishlists reduce the risk of customers going elsewhere for a product they’ve been waiting for. They simply sign up and get a notification when the product is back in stock or has dropped in price.

      And that means wishlists could be your secret tactic for getting many more conversions.

      It’s also an essential tool for ecommerce businesses that sell premium products or have limited stock.

      Email design


      Subject line

      Stand out with these subject line ideas that will make your Cyber Monday emails as exciting as a Game of Thrones season finale:

      • Like Xmas but better. Cyber Monday is here!
      • It’s now or never!
      • Say hello to amazing savings!
      • Cyber Monday on a Sunday…
      • The clock is ticking on these Cyber Monday deals
      • Oops, we’ve gone a bit overboard!
      • Your Cyber Monday offer is here
      • Cyber Monday? We’ve got you covered
      • Hello? Is it savings you’re looking for?
      • Cyber Monday 24-hour sale starts now!
      • Your wishlist at Cyber Monday prices



      As always, the preheader should complement and complete the subject line story.

      Here are some examples to inspire you:


      Subject line: It’s now or never!

      Preheader: Only 8 hours left on these Cyber Monday deals


      Subject line: Cyber Monday on a Sunday…

      Preheader: Who are we to judge?


      Subject line: Hello? Is it savings you’re looking for?

      Preheader: This joke is awful, but our offers are awesome!


      Here’s one example of an interesting newsletter with a catchy subject line and preheader from CAT:

      Subject line: ENDS TOMORROW: Get 30% Off + 20% Off Outlet

      Preheader: There’s still time (but not much)! Get an extra [email protected] on already marked-down boots, shoes, and more!





      Header and content

      You have to pull out all your top tactics to outperform your Cyber Monday competitors.

      This includes:

      • Personalizing emails based on customers’ past behavior
      • Engaging content, like animated GIFs or interactive emails
      • Beautiful, high-quality images, like user-generated content for social proof
      • Amazing offers: will free shipping be enough to win over your contacts?
      • Compelling copy that focuses on benefits, not just product features


      To put it all together:

      Dig into your CRM and pinpoint product categories customers bought from before.

      Then use dynamic content to personalize your emails with offers on the top category.

      You can also highlight best-selling or premium products from a complementary cat egory.

      Do the same on your site, showcasing suggested items beside the customer’s shopping cart – with a special deal or free shipping when added to their order.

      Remember, each extra item added to the cart covers the costs of finding new customers. And once your customer checks out, they’ll be more willing to buy from you next time.

      Whatever you do, bear in mind Cyber Monday moves fast. So make sure to A/B test the most critical campaign elements.

      Call to action

      Craft your calls to action carefully. Be creative and skip the standard “buy now” copy – while sticking to your unique brand voice.

      Here are some examples:

      • Show me what you’ve got
      • Let’s save!
      • Show me the deals!
      • Start saving now
      • Offers like this should be illegal
      • One click to rule them all
      • You’re one click away from amazing offers


      Here’s an example of a slightly unoriginal but very clear call to action button from Cyber Monday newsletter sent by GQ.




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      Christmas (December 24-26)

      Shopping season is coming to an end. But first, there’s Christmas. A time to switch off, spend time with loved ones and exchange gifts.

      And because people tend to put a lot of time and thought into finding the perfect gift, you have all December to promote your products. Some retailers start as early as November – and there are even Christmas shops that run all year long!

      Between Cyber Monday and Christmas, there are only a few smaller events like Super Saturday and Free Shipping Day. So most brands just focus on Christmas marketing.

      Mark December 1 for your campaign launch, and let’s look at how to make it a success:


      Christmas email campaign ideas


      Build your list

      Since your Christmas campaign can run for a while, there’s a good chance you’ll build a strong list.

      Here are some ways to do it:

      • Run a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ campaign. Send daily offers or gift inspirations to those who signed up via an exclusive landing page.Of course, you’ll need to promote the page across your social media channels, in your newsletter, or with paid ads. But your list will grow with a group of people interested in hearing from you.
      • Create an advent calendar campaign. Follow the same steps as above, with 25 days to convince your customers to buy their gifts from you.
      • Create a Christmas guide to decorations, interiors inspiration, or recipes. Then use it as a lead magnet on your landing pages and in pop up forms, to build an email list of people looking for something special.
      • Build your campaign around a cause. Donate a portion of your revenue to a chosen charity (like you did for Movember) and promote it so customers can feel good – and do good – buying from you.

      Speaking of guides, here’s an email promoting a gift guide created by Mahabis.

      Christmas gift guide from Mahabis


      Email design


      Subject line

      There’s something magical about Christmas. Carol singing, Wham’s Last Christmas rocking the radio, decorations, mulled wine, Starbuck’s Christmas blend, and quality time with family and friends. What’s not to love?

      But as a marketer, you’ll probably focus on one thing in your campaign: gifts.

      Of course, if you find yourself all Christmased out, why not do something different? Mix up your messages, say something less festive, or try out a new A/B test variant to see what works.

      Here are some subject line ideas you could try:

      • Share this wonderful news with your loved ones
      • Feeling Christmassy?
      • Ho ho ho! Holiday savings inside!
      • Deals as red-hot as Rudolph’s nose!
      • Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey?
      • Here’s our gift to you
      • Christmas is about sharing
      • See our holiday style guide
      • Looking for Christmas gift inspirations?
      • Get your gifts on time with free shipping
      • Guaranteed Christmas morning smiles inside
      • Don’t risk it. Buy your own perfect gift!
      • Buying gifts last minute? We’ve got you covered
      • Perfect gift for everyone you love
      • Out of ideas? Get a gift card!
      • Buy your holiday presents now…
      • 5 Christmas dinner conversation starters. You’ll thanks us later!



      The preheader can either continue the story from your subject line, or add a sweetener like free giftwrap.

      Try these:


      Subject line: Buy your gifts now…

      Preheader: …and spend more time with your loved ones later


      Subject line: Out of ideas? Get a gift card!

      Preheader: Let them choose their perfect present


      Subject line: Don’t risk it. Buy your own perfect gift!

      Preheader: Forget Santa – treat yourself


      Header and content

      Your emails should evoke that Christmas magic: sitting by the fire, unwrapping gifts, or being with the ones you love.

      Stick to a familiar color scheme: gold, red, yellow, and green. Use Coolors or search Christmas-themed color palettes in Google to get inspired.

      Your product shots should also look festive. You could even stage a themed shoot to get customers in the holiday spirit.

      Also, consider using animated GIFs. Like in this example from MVMT, which helps you feel like you’re already unwrapping the gift yourself.



      Call to action

      Should your CTA be short and sweet, or descriptive? There’s only one way to find out: test it.

      Consider this copy:

      • Order now to get it before Christmas
      • Christmas deals – yasss!
      • Claim your Christmas coupon now!
      • Become Santa’s little helper
      • Holiday inspirations right here
      • Look what’s hiding under the tree
      • FaLaLaLaLa, Christmas is here!

      Alternatively, you could just invite your subscribers to “start gifting”, like United By Blue does in their email below.

      Creative call to action button copy from United by Blue newsletter

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      What’s your holiday marketing campaign plan?

      Now that you have all our holiday marketing campaign secrets, what will you do?

      Let us know what holidays you’re targeting – and the tactics you plan to use.


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