How to create a perfect testimonial video

Nothing can be more convincing than a testimonial video. I know, you already have stories on your website, but here's bad news: it's not enough. Reading cold and distant texts is certainly not as attractive as watching and listening to your enthusiastic customers. Audiovisual images bring a lot more confidence to what they say, and that will surely close more sales for your business. In fact, 85% of consumers rely as much on online reviews as on personal recommendations. Testimonial videos may be more interesting than those written by your company or any other video you have created in the past. In fact, including video content on a landing page can increase conversion rates up to 86%. Testimonial videos are perfect for the decision phase of the buyer's journey, when potential customers are aware of their problem and want to solve it, and look for information that will help them decide. An effective testimonial video propels your prospects into your sales funnel. But let's start by clarifying what we are talking about. What's a testimonial video? Basically, this video will showcase your satisfied customers who will be talking in front of the camera about their initial difficulties and how your product / service helped them solve this problem. It should include this information: Logo of your company. Name and position of your client. Painful points of your client. Why he chose your product How your Your contact can also give you statistics on the objectives achieved with your product. After watching your testimonial video, viewers should have tasted a sincere and sincere opinion of someone who had the same problem and who could succeed through your product. This will definitely generate the love and trust of the brand. Let's look at a good example to know what it should look like: Great, right? However, how can you create a perfect testimonial video? Find out how by following this guide step by step. Take 1: Take a few questions for your client. The first step is to think about the questions you will ask your clients / interviewees. Send this guideline in advance so that they know what to expect. For relevant answers, consider including these questions: What was the problem you wanted to solve? What made you consider this product? Is there any obstacle that could have prevented you from buying this product? Have you been reluctant? (This question may…

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A new Facebook guide for creating videos, switching to Instagram Stories and Messenger, and 5 facts on YouTube not to be missed

Want to follow the news of social media, but shortly? We have you covered! This week (episode # 110), we discuss all this and more: According to an interesting article from Digiday, Facebook is changing gear with brand advertisers. After years of trying to sell brands on the news feed Facebook, they change the idea in Instagram, Stories and Messenger. Facebook interviewed some of the top producers of social media videos and compiled their latest tips. and helpful suggestions for moving your business forward with video. YouTube requires a single goal. Best practices for YouTube videos will not necessarily be the same as on Facebook or Twitter. We have some really interesting YouTube statistics on how to improve your brand's performance on YouTube. Join more than 17,500 weekly listeners for the Buffer podcast, The Science of Social Media, where we feature news, updates, stories, ideas and takeaways. Let's dive into the memory A new Facebook guide to create videos, Instagram and Messenger ads and 5 facts on YouTube you can not miss [complete podcast transcript] The following is a slightly modified transcription of the conversation between Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters. Part I: The Move to Instagram Advertising Stories and Messenger Part II: A Brand New Facebook Guide to Creating Video Part III: 5 Interesting Facts on YouTube That You Can not Miss Brian : Hello everyone! I am Brian Peters and here is the science of social media, a podcast of Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for stories, ideas, experimentation and learning on social media. Hailley: Welcome to the episode # 110! I'm Hailley Griffis and this week we have an exciting episode to present to you this week. Tons of interesting things to tell in the world of social media, including a brand new Facebook guide on creating videos, moving to stories and messenger instagram, youtube and so much more! Brian : The style episodes are full of things that have already happened on social media, but this week we are looking to the future and how your brand can stay relevant on social media in the weeks and next month. Hailley: Launch the show! Part I: The passage to stories on Instagram Advertising and engagement on Messenger Brian : Facebook changes gears with brand advertisers. Well, they are after a very interesting article from Digiday. Essentially, after years of trying to sell brands on Facebook's news feed, they're…

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