The ultimate guide to advertising in 2018

When you hear the word "advertising," what comes to you in the mind? Do you think of banner ads on your favorite website? Ads from the Super Bowl? What about billboards along the road or posters in subway stations? Although most of us have a very good idea of ​​advertising it is a little more difficult how to do it well. From printing press to pop-up advertising, advertising has certainly changed over time. There is no doubt about it. Despite this, the need for advertising has not changed and neither has the techniques and best practices for quality advertising. This is what we will cover in this guide. Whether on a billboard or at the back of a restaurant, advertising can work for your business in a variety of ways. Here are some of them: Raise awareness of your brand Drive potential customers into your business Promote sales of new and existing products Introduce a new product or service to the market Differentiate your product from your competitors " Just like its purpose, advertising can also be performed in different ways. Radio advertisements, billboards, branded t-shirts and social media mentions are all considered advertising. Here are the different formats and channels that advertisers have been using for years: Print Advertising and Posters Newspapers and Magazines Advertising and Outdoor Advertising Signs Public ads Sponsorship of Programs and Programs televised events Radio Sponsored web content TV commercials Ads of pop-ups and search engines online Advertising on social networks Advertising is a simple concept but which can look like a lot of things. Below, we will explain how to advertise on these media. Marketing includes several channels: Social networks Communications by e-mail Public relations Communications by SMS Search Engine Optimization Paid advertisement In summary, advertising is only part of marketing. The overall marketing strategy of a business will generally include an advertising plan. The ad zooms in on the specific process of creating and publishing persuasive messages to motivate customers to take action. Brief History of Advertising Advertising is one of the oldest segments of business. Once products and services have appeared, the need to make them known has emerged. The oldest confirmed advertisement dates back to 3,000 BC J.-C. Technically, it was a print advertisement of ancient Egypt promoting the capture and return of a runaway slave. In addition, the announcement also mentioned the shop of the owner of the slave, a…

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How the flywheel destroyed HubSpot's funnel

I will be honest. When Brian Halligan (CEO of HubSpot) began talking about the removal of the funnel and the adoption of the flywheel as a model for thinking about our activities, I did not think about it. I was not very happy. See, I love the funnel. He's my trusted sidekick for years. That's what gave me the feedback I needed, celebrated my team's success and allowed me to get out of more growth problems than I would have liked to admit. I love the funnel to such an extent that my HubSpot team literally called the Funnel team, and the opening slide of my shot of sending the 39th world team this year was a photo of about 25 funnels. So, do not disrespect Brian funnel "Yes, well until I start learning the ruffles. The funnels lose the energy you put in them once at the bottom, but the flywheels are remarkable for storing and releasing energy. Invented by James Watt (Yes, the name More than 200 years ago, a steering wheel of 39, inertia is a wheel or disc on an axis, which is incredibly energy efficient.The amount of energy stored depends on the speed of rotation, the friction and the composition of the wheel itself - the size and weight of flywheels are used in cars, trains and power plants Here's why this model changed its mind. Although the funnel is my first love, I must admit that his linear approach to measuring growth The funnels produce customers, but do not do not consider how these customers can help you grow. And all the dynamism you have built to acquire this customer? Faded away. Every day, every month and every quarter, we have to start from scratch. It's not only inefficient, it's a major problem. Ignoring how customers can help you grow is dangerous in today's world. Word of mouth has always been fundamental to good marketing, but look at the world we live in today. Confidence is at its lowest, it is harder to get a distribution on Google and Facebook, and prospects do much more independent research than ever. Word of mouth is crucial, the loss of momentum that you generate to create a new customer weighs heavily on your growth. In addition, because they preserve movement so well, any extra energy you add to make it spin faster adds to the overall capacity.…

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Be visible: use paid search and social for brand awareness

PPC is a great way to generate online sales, collect leads or any other goal you have for your business. It can also be a great tool to help generate brand awareness and increase brand affinity . Whether your business is just started or more established and looking to reach new audiences, paid search and paid social ads are great ways to reach these new users and introduce them to your brand. <img src = " "width =" 800 "height =" 533 "alt =" If greater awareness is your goal, this guide will get you started, covering: Setting goals for your awareness campaigns Finding the Right Audience and the Right Channels Measuring the Results of Your Campaigns Start with the first step, setting the goals for your campaign Setting Campaign Objectives We are starting awareness campaigns for the campaign brand, as for any other, asking: what result are we looking to generate? Campaign goals for branding are much higher in funnels than in conversion campaigns because we do not stimulate sales, we just try to get a ma in front of a new audience of users. Awareness: Volume of Printing Click Volume CTR CPC / CPM Video Views Social Page Likes Social Shares Post commitment wrong answer for the KPIs you choose, but chances are some metrics have more influence than others. Typically, website clicks indicate higher engagement and meaning for a specific audience, but many platforms also charge for cost-per-click. (Unfortunately, this is not a real measure we can follow, but ideally this is the result we're looking for.) Many channels can now help your campaigns automatically optimize some of the KPIs you need . On Facebook, for example, a number of campaign goals can help you achieve your goal: When you create a campaign in the new Google interface Ads,. One thing to note: in Google, when you choose one of these goals, other features can be removed in the campaigns. If you want to have total control over all aspects of your campaign, I suggest you do not select anything to start with (the "Create a campaign without goal" option). If you simply need a quick setup and you do not plan to manage campaigns, one of the goals might be a better option for you. Finding your target audience in the appropriate channels We have identified our goals and we can use this information to determine…

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9 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Content Marketing Budget Without Deleting Your Standards

The future is filled with content. Content marketers will have to manage more content because of the marketing content. If you are wondering why this is probably due to the fact that content marketing is expected to represent $ 300 billion by 2019 and at this rate, the next four years will be tripled. what it is now. This prediction is based on the fact that Google's indexed pages have exceeded $ 30 trillion over the past seven years. Image Source: Statista 19659003] Content being present and future It's clear that B2B marketers are spending 39% of their marketing dollars on developing customer-centric content. This is true. Not any content, but content that customers want. Content marketers have become intelligent in their approach. They are more focused on creating content that matches their potential prospects and their existing customers. Everything seems to be coming up, except for the fact that 27% of marketers suggest that their content marketing efforts are failing due to a budget crisis. A content marketing budget can be tricky for marketers. Often, it becomes difficult to display immediate results because the content takes time to appear as a source of revenue. It's not a short-term marketing activity where you post a blog and voila! You have tracks. No. It takes a lot of patience and budget to get things moving for your brand. But the first things first. Why spend money on content marketing? There is no alternative to the content. Neither a replacement. Content happens to be the most functional form of modern advertising. This results in a lower cost compared to traditional advertising, but creates a better emotional impact on its readers. Content triggers emotions in your readers. And emotions contribute to sales. Add to that Here's what you need to know: You can reduce your content marketing budget effectively and succeed in your content efforts. How? Here are 9 proven methods that have been beneficial to my business. # 1. Opt for quality rather than quantity Your content will educate and feed your prospects and customers. Badly written content can only cause damage. Well-researched content can help your prospects and customers gain value, become aware of the current problem statement and keep it hooked on your brand for more. The quality of your content is paramount here. Although it is necessary to publish content frequently, this is not done to the detriment of…

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