How to use Snapchat: a detailed overview of HubSpot's Snapchat strategy

In 2011, Snapchat was synonymous with risky teen behavior. The media coverage repeatedly warned parents of the adverse effects of the platform and, as a result, Snapchat's success did not look good. Since that time, Snapchat has evolved. And while this is certainly not the cornerstone of every marketing strategy, the chain has forged a reputation for rapid growth and innovation. Snapchat is now known as a platform for the 19459003 and 19459 brands allows users to create fast, lightweight and educational video content without using valuable production resources. For brands, this means a new opportunity to showcase their corporate culture, share their industry knowledge and communicate with their audience in new and exciting ways. Get our Snapchat User Guide for Business here. More than 100 million active users a day and 8 billion video views a day, we decided to try it: the HubSpot Snapchat official account was launched in March 2016. Since then, we have learned a lot about Execution and iteration strategy To get you started, we detailed everything we learned below. In this guide we will review: How to set up your Snapchat account. How to create, send and view Snapchats. How to use Snapchat Goals and Geofilters. How to add and acquire friends or subscribers. How to improve your use of Snapchat for businesses. How to set up your Snapchat account The first thing to do is to download the Snapchat mobile app - available for iOS and Android - and create an account by entering your email address, a name of your mobile account. user and password. This will be your personal account and you will be able to use it to create a Snapchat business account. 1. Sign up on Snapchat's home screen. Once you have downloaded the Snapchat mobile app, open it and the screen below appears. Press "Registration" and the application will take you to the registration page, starting by your name and first name. Then you will enter your Birthday. Username and password. Email address. Phone number. Friends to add. Add friends from the registration screen will help you find Snapchat friends are also in your phone's contact list. You can skip this for the moment if you wish - we will talk more about adding friends in step 4. However, do not forget that during of creating a user name, Snapchat does not allow you to change your user…

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How to be an agent of change: examples from the best content marketing prize winners

"What are the next steps for content marketing?" As modern marketing practitioners, can not m & # 39; to keep an eye on what the future holds. The dynamic nature of the digital industry means that we can never feel too comfortable or too complacent to create meaningful content experiences. Consumer trends, behaviors and information needs are constantly changing. Our role is not only to build strong and confident customer relationships, but to serve as agents of change, enabling our brands, strategies and stories to evolve with them. ] When it comes to creating a new, forward-looking course, we can all learn from the winners and finalists of this year's Content Marketing Awards. Each has demonstrated the important role that content can play in change, whether it is to attract new audiences, to look for new business opportunities or to share a new vision for tomorrow. Content marketers in the categories that cover strategy, distribution, editorial and design. In all, 92 winners were selected from a total of more than 1,100 applications. In addition to the winners of the category, four prizes were awarded on September 5 at Content Marketing World: Year Project Year Agency (less than 100 employees) Agency of the Year (more than 100 employees) Content Marketer of the Year If you are looking for inspiration to advance your content marketing practices I highly recommend Check out some of the notable efforts of this year's Project Winner and Finalists: Ideas of Order Magazine (Winner: Project of the Year, Best New Print - Editorial). Agency of the Year <100 employees) California Closets is a high-end guard space management company anchored in the belief that a well-organized environment characterized by quality, impeccable style and personalized functionality - promotes creativity, relaxation and beneficial concentration. But despite the brand's strong vision for chaos, the message did not reach its demanding and demanding luxury members who strove to distinguish the brand and recognize its brand. unique value. In an increasingly competitive industry, California Closets is committed to making its brand a company that elegantly designs better lives. With the help of his Redbird agency, he launched Ideas of Order - a rich and tangible content experience that turns the brand's assets into a celebratory showcase of how an organized personal environment can create a sense of ownership. Harmony and promote positive feelings of calm and confidence. , and joy. Four weeks after launching…

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13 blogging mistakes Most beginner bloggers make

Sometimes when I tell people I'm blogging for a living, they roll their eyes. "It's so easy," they say. "You receive a paycheck to sit on the Internet all day and write in. A monkey could do your job!" It is at this point that I rolls his eyes. You see, people are quick to think of blogs as obvious work. But when they sit down to write their first messages, it strikes them: It's a lot harder than I thought . Like anyone who starts a new job, they do silly things. It does not matter - this happens to almost every new blogger. Fortunately, it is quite easy to avoid these obstacles if you know that they are coming. So, for all of you, beginners, are in search of speed, keep reading. Below are 12 common mistakes made by most beginners and some tips to avoid them. Blogging for Beginners Create blog posts that meet the goals of your business. ; Start with a very specific job title. Use a specific publication type, create an outline, and use headers. When drawing ideas from others, cite them. Take 30 minutes to edit your message. At some point, publish it. [19659008] Blog regularly with the help of an editorial calendar. Focus on the long-term benefits of organic traffic. Add a CTA subscription to your blog and create an email newsletter. Although you can read and re-read articles from your blog after publishing them, you are not the only reader or the intended reader. When you start blogging, ideas will come to you at random times - in the shower, during a race, on the phone with your mother. Though ideas may come at random, the ideas themselves should never be random. The fact that it's a good idea in general - or something that interests you personally - does not mean it's a good idea for your business. Solution: Create blog posts that meet the goals of your business. Your blog is about solving problems for your audience and ultimately growing your business. So all the ideas in your blog articles should help you achieve these growth goals. They should have natural links to the issues in your industry and answer specific questions and concerns from your prospects. Need help determining what these goals are and how to solve them? Discuss with your manager the company's objectives, then schedule a…

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