72 essential resources and tools for independent authors

Freelance writing is an exciting and interesting job. , helping to communicate their ideas effectively in writing. This leads to greater audience engagement, better online visibility, better return on investment, and so on. However, your career as a freelance writer If you are not looking for article ideas for clients, you will probably write content for them. Similarly, you may be looking for the Internet for the best images to accompany your blog post or to create an infographic for your next guest post idea. The truth is that if you do not pay attention, you risk getting lost quickly because of these many tasks. [19659009] Why You Do not To have a productive and fun career as a freelance writer, you need some resources. With them, you'll be able to create engaging content on a consistent basis, contact more clients for work and create great images for your publications. That's not all. You will be able to focus on what matters at a given moment, managing your customers. Think about it: What would you prefer? Running daily on social media to promote your services or plan Spend hours on the internet to get the next title of your blog or be able to do it in minutes with the help of some tools? Endless on the Internet for the e-mail addresses of the prospects you want to target or have them click a button when you use certain resources? The truth is: In all these cases, you would prefer the second to the previous one. resources you need as a freelance writer As a freelance writer, you are a small business owner. The resources you use in this case should reflect your type of business. Impressive resources that greatly help you improve your art, books that help you in your business, and blogs that update. Similarly, tools that help boost your productivity, make image design a pleasant task and facilitate the search process for you. And many more. One thing is for sure, with these resources and these practical tools, your freelance copywriting company always stays the same. Wow your customers at all times As a freelance writer, your most important asset is your writing skills. But if you do not, you risk losing them for the next available freelance writer And if I tell you, there are resources that will allow you to become the client's clients. favorite…

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Mental Models: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered why two heads are better than one - and four heads are better than two? This is because we are all limited by our own experiences, prejudices and areas of expertise. These domains of expertise give rise to "mental models", assets that we use all the time but that we do not realize. 19659002] Your sales colleague has a past that is different from you, which means that she can offer different ideas. You can devote most of to your daily content creation, giving you a unique understanding of the voice and position of your brand in the industry. In the meantime, your colleague could spend most of his time to speaking to his clients, giving him visibility into what your industry really wants. You and your business associate combined information can solve a difficult problem. But it is simply impossible to organize a round table every time you have to make an important decision. As individuals, we must be able to think differently about the problems of our business whenever we encounter one. a way to hack the decision-making process and to pull oneself the effect "two heads": mental models. What is a mental model? A mental model is the specific thought process used to examine a problem. There are many types of known mental models and each one adopts a unique concept of the foreign concept in order to reduce its complexity. In short, it's the way of thinking about something. A mental model is a way of looking at a problem. As James Clear explains, "Every mental model offers a different framework that you can use to look at life ... If you develop a larger mental models toolbox, you'll improve your problem-solving ability because you'll have more options. to get the right answer. This is one of the main ways that truly brilliant people separate themselves from the masses of intelligent individuals. " Charlie Munger's Lattice of Mental Models To fully understand the mental models a page from Charlie Munger, Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. - a conglomerate holding company that owns companies such as Geico, Dairy Queen and Helzberg Diamonds A friend and close colleague of Warren Buffet, Munger is known for his interest in psychology.In decision-making - mostly in business - he suggests that many mental models can Helping to dismantle and solve difficult problems, Munger says: "You really…

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