best examples of product page design

product website examples If you look at how product pages are showing up in different companies, it's clear that they cover the whole gamut. Some opt for the direct approach, displaying the image of a product and explaining why someone buys it. Other companies create elaborate pages with moving elements and fancy and interactive elements. Still others create attractive product pages that give users an authentic experience by browsing the company's offerings.   Believe it or not, all the most compelling product pages are not accompanied by any company programming. To give you an idea of ​​what is possible - from small business to family name - we have identified 18 examples that we find truly admirable. The pages below have mastered their messages, value propositions, and general descriptions of products as these sites resonate with their unique buyer personality.  Best Models of product return pages 1. Bellroy Bellroy sells thinner portfolios than usual. To answer these questions, Bellroy divided his product page into three stages of the buyer's journey: understand the problem, how to proceed. correct the problem and how Bellroy can solve it. There is even an interactive section that shows how the lean portfolio will fill up against a different portfolio. When users move a slider along a line, both wallets are filled with cards and money, thus displaying the very problem that Bellroy 's skinny wallet solves. 2. Wistia Wistia is a video analytics and hosting company that provides users with detailed video performance statistics.This may seem like a rehearsal party, but let's see what really distinguishes this product page. First, we receive five colorful charts illustrating the value propositions of their tools.And if that is all the user really needed, these graphics are followed by two calls to action. But if you keep scrolling through the screen, you'll see a video with information about the capabilities Wistia és for this video - calls to action, email collectors, video thermal cards and visualization trends. One of the best ways to explain the features of a visual platform is to demonstrate it on a product page. It presents day by day all the features of Wistia and their operation.   3. Square Square is a mobile transaction company that merchants can use to collect payments from their customers, anywhere, at any time, provided they have a phone or phone number. a compatible tablet. The challenge of product…

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2018 Holiday Marketing Campaign Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching. It's time to close your seasonal email marketing campaigns. Why? Take a look at this figure: nothing that in the United States, the online retail trade expenses of desktop computers during the 2016 holiday season have reached 63.1 billions of dollars. (source) We are not talking about pocket money here! We have therefore concocted this guide to help you better understand email marketing . campaigns - everything is there. Continue reading, or use the links below to access inspiring ideas and examples for your favorite vacation. Preparation Halloween Movember Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday Christmas Get Ready for Your Holiday Campaigns ] Starting a successful marketing campaign for the holidays is a bit like organizing a family dinner. Getting ready before everyone arrives (or lands on your site) means you can enjoy the day (of your campaign) without a hitch. A checklist can help you. So, stay on track and remember what needs to be done. The four steps below will help you better plan your campaigns - and get ready in a hurry. Four Steps to Preparing Your Vacation Marketing Campaigns 1. Look at what worked First, take a look at all the tactics and channels you've used before. What worked well? Asking these questions can help you make better business decisions and allocate resources appropriately. Here is an example: A few years ago, everyone was talking about Snapchat as an essential tool to reach your audience. But since then, users have abandoned the platform and have turned to other tactics such as Instagram Stories. So, if you do not think about your past efforts, you could end up investing in a tactic or channel that just does not work. - or under-invest in a tool that could bring you the best results. 2. Check Your Customers Next, examine your customer segments. Who do you attract? Who buys often at home - and who spends the most? When digging a hole, you can spot potential segments - or find out more about the people you are already serving. The use of an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Recency, Frequency, etc.) is a common way to do this. and monetary value) to focus on your most lucrative buyers. Facebook Audience Insights is another great tool you can link to RFM. Simply import your email database segment into Facebook to get a report on their lifestyle, their…

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Do Twitter Ads Really Work? A surprising experience: 17.2 million views from a single Twitter feed

As New Year approaches, many of us find ourselves in an atmosphere of reflection. And that's exactly what Aytekin Tank, the founder of JotForm, felt as 2017 approaches the end of the year. Walking in Embarcadero, one of the busiest and most picturesque neighborhoods in San Francisco, he has a little zoned everything that happens around him. Meditative. Introspective. Contemplative. He had a lot to celebrate: JotForm had become a team of more than 130 people worldwide, it had more than 3.2 million users and its revenues continued to climb. It is also interesting to note that all this happened without a dollar of outside funding - a rather unusual story in Silicon Valley nowadays. But despite all the good news, there is something wrong with him. "Our competitors were very noisy on the Internet and their number of users was not even close to ours," he explained. "They announced the investments one by one, and found themselves at the top of TechCrunch, and we were quietly doing our business." During these moments of reflection, Aytekin realized that, like his competitors, he also had a history . to tell. So he decided to do just that: share his story. But in his way. Building a Brand Through Stories Aytekin's first order of the day was simple: Writing stories to tell the story of JotForm. Surrounded by autonomous teams, he was able to devote his time to all the tasks that, in his opinion, would have the greatest impact on the company, so the choice of content was an easy decision to make. him. His first post - How not to follow my dreams has allowed me to create a startup with 3.2 million users - was published in a popular publication, The Startup, and reached more than 50,000 page views almost overnight. His second post - Time off or the TechCrunch summit? - was just as successful. "I published these stories on December 18 and 26 respectively," he explained. "Given their influence and resonance with a wide audience, I made my decision. I was going to start writing seriously in 2018. " Aytekin had found his place. His authentic and honest stories have seduced startup enthusiasts and he has decided to write at least two publications by week in 2018 to share his career as founder and CEO of JotForm Embrace Twitter: an advertising experience with $ 24 098 commercials…

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