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video marketing trends Can you quantify the impact of your video content on your digital marketing goals? The most common answer: "No". If you do not understand the performance of your video resources, you'll You will miss opportunities to do more of what works and less of what does not work. After being immersed in online video before YouTube, I do not think digital marketers have pushed this wonderful medium as hard as they could in the last few years. Out of concern for the marketing budget, public. commitment and experience, and return on investment, go forward. Let me qualify that. I'm not talking about tactics (for example, interactive, personalized and social videos are growing fast) or quality (there is a lot of amazing work). I'm talking about something more fundamental - something that can help this good video work to have the impact that every distributor and every brand want on their investment. I am talking about rethinking the very model of video marketing. As an agency owner, I analyzed hundreds of YouTube channels and thousands of videos. over the years using the old model. Old Video Marketing Model A brand wants to produce piece of video content. If he does not have internal capabilities, he hires an agency to manufacture and deliver it. This video is shown on YouTube and sometimes embedded in a webpage. Video promotion tactics include e-mailing and promoting via a social media activity. Many videos are simply downloaded without deliberate promotion. If this old model seems familiar to you, it is very likely that your investment in video is not optimal and will not be easily measurable, if at all. The failure of the old video marketing model Let's examine the main weaknesses of the old model and examine their impact on a video marketing project. and the brand itself. No Strategic Approach In the old model, there was no built-in mechanism to guide the production of the appropriate content type for a given purpose. A good video strategy provides guidance and a framework for creating and distributing powerful content. This will also make it easier to measure the impact of this video. Goals like "educating our audience" or "raising awareness" seem valid. But the lack of specificity is prejudicial because these objectives are almost impossible to measure accurately. If you can not measure accurately, you will not know if the video was successful.…

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