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  In its 2018 study, the Content Marketing Institute found that 37% of brands planned to increase their content marketing spend. As small businesses continue to invest heavily in content marketing, content creation has grown exponentially. The average length of a blog article to display "strong" results now exceeds 1000 words . However, most content is always in the deepest recesses of the Internet and go unnoticed. According to Ahrefs, 91% of the content does not get organic Google traffic. You do not have to be discouraged, though. You need to create an impeccable content delivery strategy that ensures visibility. For each article you publish. Aaron Orendorff, Forbes's top 10 B2B marketer, spends 25% of his time promoting his content. For the success of your content marketing campaigns, you need to take content distribution seriously for 2018. Today, let's look at how to create a distribution strategy from scratch. The Digital Trifecta: Three main types of content distribution channels There are three main types of channels for obtaining visibility after creating your content: Multimedia Support - The platforms you own give the initial exposure to your content. Gained Media - Once you broadcast your content on clean channels, people use it on social media and on other platforms. This results in a more organic exposure of your content. Paid Media - In today's social media landscape, your updates are viewed by a smaller percentage of your subscribers. To get more visibility, you have to pay for advertisements. Here is a visual illustration of the trifecta. . Image Source: [19659003] Now, let's look at four ways of dealing with all three types of channels. The first four channels belong to the media, the next four are acquired media and the last four are paid media. 1. E-mail Information Bulletin Once a reader has shown an interest in your brand, you can share your latest content with him via e-mail. A list is a valuable asset for content creators because you have complete control over it. Unlike social media platforms, you do not need to catch up with algorithmic changes to reach your audience. In addition to generating direct traffic to your blog post, your list can also get social media sharing and trigger a snowball effect. Start collecting e-mails from visitors to your website by giving them a valuable magnet. Confused to choose your marketing suite by e-mail? Go with…

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