21 examples of branding style guides for visual inspiration

21 examples of branding style guides for visual inspiration

When it comes to creating a memorable brand, it's all about consistency.

When you buy your favorite cereals or coffee at the grocery store, you want to be able to spot them at a mile and a half. 19659002] The best brands remain in our heads because their presence is defined by the repetition of the same logo, the same fonts, colors and images. Once we see them enough, they become instantly recognizable, giving us a clear sense of reliability and security.

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A consistent brand begins by creating a brand style guide. These branding rules books help graphic designers, marketers, web developers, community leaders and even product packaging departments stay on the same page and present a unified brand vision to the public.

Awesome brand style guides to use as a source of inspiration for your next brand or website project design. Look at them below.

Imagine the most recognizable brands you can imagine. Chances are, you've learned to recognize it because of the consistency of the messaging – written or visual – that the brand diffuses. The same brand colors are reflected through them. The language seems familiar. Everything is very organized and, even though it is not rigid, it is consistent.

Here are some types of guidelines that you can find in a brand style guide and the parts of a brand that they can influence.

Mission Statement

By reputation, you might think that a mission statement is in its own category of importance to a company. And that's it. But the mission of your company is also the compass of your brand style guide. A mission statement ensures that every piece of content you create for your brand serves the same purpose – and ideally, strives to solve the same problem for your customer.

Your mission statement may guide your:

  • Paid / Sponsored Content
  • Advertising Copy
  • Visual Media
  • Slogan or Slogan

Buyer Persona

By definition, a buyer character is a fictional representation of your ideal client. It can include details about your client's age, gender, job title and job challenges. For this reason, your buyer character should also appear in your branding style guide. Your buyer profile is your target audience and therefore states for whom your brand publishes the content.

Your buyer can guide:

  • Blog content.
  • Advertising copy.
  • Visual support.

Color Palette

A color palette, you will deduce correctly, will guide each visual element that you create on behalf of your brand. Your color palette can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, provided your brand does not stray from the colors you choose to include. . Although the first two colors in your color scheme may govern your logo, for example, the following two colors may support the design of your website and blog. Two or three other colors can form the basis of all your printed marking material.

Whatever colors you use for your color scheme, be sure to identify their HEX or RGB color codes. These codes consist of numbers and letters to help you remember the exact hue, brightness, contrast, and hue you want to associate with your brand. You can find color codes by using most of the photo editing or design software that comes standard on your computer. To learn more about finding and validating color codes in this blog post

Your color palette can guide you to:

  • Logo.
  • Website design.
  • Print advertising.
  • Style Editorial Guide

    Nowadays, an editorial style guide is the spearhead of an authoritative mark. This component of your branding style guide can have strong implications for your PR team, as well as for those who write articles, scripts, blog articles, and a copy of a website for your business.

    an editorial style book (as Associated Press or Chicago), how to formulate certain products, topics on which the mark can and can not write, and even other companies that the mark can and can not mention. However, the editorial style guide of a brand can also go into much more detailed details about your buyer personality: what they like to read, where they read it, their general level of reading etc.

    19659014] Blog content.

  • Video scripts.
  • Copy of website.
  • Copy of landing page.
  • Discussion points on public relations.
  • sponsored content.


Typography is another visual element of your branding style guide, but it's not just the font that you use in your company logo. Typographic guidelines can support the design of your blog – the font in which you post the articles – the links and the copy on your website, and even a slogan corresponding to your company logo.

guide consists in forming and maintaining all the elements of an enterprise which, combined, define the whole of the mark as it is recognized.

Intrigued? Discover some of the best we could find.

1. Medium

Medium emphasizes typography and color in his style guide. His guide also includes details of the company's "objectives" and "product principles".

See the complete brand guide here.

<img src = "https://blog.hubspot.com/hubfs/%5BAgency_Post%5D/style-medium-01.jpg?t=1537253619779" class = "wt-blog__normal-image" alt = "Guide to the marks of Medium, with a white, black and green color scheme.] Source: Behance

2. Wolf Circus Jewelry

The product of Wolf Circus Jewelry is all about the 39. Appearance.Of course, the style guide of the company is too.The brand style guide includes the company's mission statement, the product details, the font, logo variants, a range of colors and a set of distinct guidelines

See the complete brand guide here Jewelry “>
  Color palette for Wolf Circus jewelry with three shades of purple.

Source: Issuu

3. Ollo

Ollo is so much in color and typography, he has turned his style guide into a game. Click on the link below to see how much you can handle the brand. This is the perfect way to show content creators how creative they can be, while respecting Ollo's unique color and font codes.

See the complete guide to marks here.

Source: Library Design

4. Skype

Everyone's favorite video chat platform also offers a sleek style guide for their brand. Skype, now owned by Microsoft, focuses primarily on product phrasing and logo placement.

See the complete brand guide here.

 skype-mark-guidelines "width =" 690 "style =" width:

Source: Microsoft

5. Bar & Soul

The Barre & Soul style guide includes variations of its logo, logo, logos side images to support and a color palette to five colors.

 Color palette for Barre & Soul whose brand inspiration includes Retro, Energetic and Edgy

Source: Issuu

6. Spotify

The Spotify style guide may seem simple and green, but the brand is not limited to a lime green circle. Spotify's color palette includes three color codes, while the rest of the company's guidelines focus on the variation of the logos and the illustrations of the albums. The style guide even allows you to download an icon version of its logo, making it easier to represent the company without recreating it manually.

See the complete brand guide here.

  spotify-brand-guidelines "width =" 690 "style =" width: 690px

Source: Spotify

7. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has an extremely comprehensive brand style guide, covering the placement of the logo on all of his kitchen products. The company also includes a large color palette with each color sorted according to the product on which it is to be displayed.

See the complete brand guide here.

  Brand style guide for Jamie Oliver with red mosaic images. Guidelines for the typography of Jamie Oliver

Source: Issuu

8. Herban Kitchen

Herban Kitchen has both a color palette and texture in its style guide. These guidelines help to show not only the appearance of the brand logo, but also the way the different windows of the company will go from outside to potential customers.

See the complete guide to marks here.

  logo variations and six color code tiles

Source: Issuu

9. Urban Outfitters

Photography, color and even tone of voice appear in California-inspired brand guidelines by Urban Outfitters. However, the company does not hesitate to include information about its ideal consumer and what the brand also believes .

See the complete brand guide here.

  Brand style guide for Urban Outfitters with black and white logo variants

Source: Issuu

10. Love to Ride

Love to Ride, a cycling company, is all about the variety of colors in his style guide visually pleasing. The company's brand guidelines include nine color codes and tons of details about its logos and secondary images.

See the complete brand guide here.

  Color palette for Love to Ride with nine cool colors in circular icons
  for Love to Ride

Source: Issuu

11. Barbican

Barbican, a center of art and learning in the UK, sports a noisy but simple style guide, which puts a strong emphasis on its logo and fonts.

See the complete guide to marks here. with black and white logo in a circle and grid “>
  Typography guidelines in the style guide of the Barbican Art and Learning Center

Source: Issuu

12. I Love New York

In spite of its simple simple t-shirts, I Love New York offers a brand style guide. Society begins its direction with a thorough explanation of its mission, vision, history, target audience and tone. It's only at this time that the style guide looks at its positioning on various merchandise.

See the complete brand guide here.

  Brand guide for I Love New York with logo and grid

13. Cisco

The Cisco Style Guide is not just a guide, it's an interactive brand book. Before showing users their logo and allowing them to type using their proprietary "CiscoSans" font, the company takes into account the brand's page, vision, mission, strategy and even promise . Where is the Cisco color scheme, you ask? For this, the company has a separate web page.

See the complete guide to marks here.

  cisco-brand-book "width =" 658 "style =" width: 658px
  cisco-without-typography "width =" 690 "style =" width: 690px

Source: Cisco

14. University of the Arts Helsinki

The style guide of the University of Helsinki Arts is more a creative brand album than a traditional marketing guide. It shows you dozens of contexts in which you would see the provocative logo of this school, including animations.

See the complete guide to marks here.

  Brand guide of the University of Helsinki Arts on black and white background without font and X logo

Source: Behance


NJORD's minimalist style guide offers you everything you need to design using the brand's logo and color scheme for the web and print.

See the complete brand guide here. with black and white logo and color scheme “>

Source: Behance

16. Espacio Cultural

This cultural center in Argentina has a color palette as elaborate as the artistic workshops that it hosts. Nevertheless, the brand does a fantastic job breaking down all the color codes and logo locations you can find – from the building itself to the advertisements by promoting it.

See the complete brand guide here. Espacio Cultural with four types of characters and a bright palette “>

Source: Behance

17. Alienware

Video players know Alienware from its game-ready computers, but the rest of the world knows it with the brand's stylish aesthetic. The company organizes its brand style guide into four fundamental parts: voice, design, photography and partner. The latter describes (and shows) how the brand interacts with partner brands, such as Star Wars.

See the complete brand guide here.

  Alienware Style Guide and Color Palette


18. Netflix

With respect to its public brand assets, Netflix focuses primarily on the processing of its logo. The company offers a simple set of rules governing the size, spacing and placement of its famous uppercase font, as well as a unique color code for its classic red logo.

See the complete brand guide here.

 netflix-brand-assets-style-guide "width =" 690 "style =" width: 690px

Source: Netflix

19. Scrimshaw Coffee

Featuring a five-color color scheme, this "casual", "friendly" and "modern" brand includes a number of secondary logos that she embraces in various situations.

See the complete brand guide here.

Source: Issuu

20. NASA

The NASA "Graphics Standards Manual" is as official and complex as you think. On 220 pages, the guide describes countless logo locations, color uses and related designs. And yes, NASA space shuttles have their own brand rules.

See the complete brand guide here.

  NASA Graphic Standards Manual blank cover sheet

  logo variations from the smallest to the largest

Source: Standards Manual

21. New York City Transit Authority

Like NASA, the NYCTA has its own manual of graphic standards, and includes fascinating typography rules for numbers, arrows and transit symbols. the complete guide to the brand here.

 nycta-typography "width =" 690 "style =" width: 690px

 nycta-mark-guidelines "width =" 690 "style =" width: 690px

Source: Standards Manual

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