23 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open Rates and Clicks

23 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Open Rates and Clicks

Practicing good incoming marketing means sending e-mails to people who wish to hear from you.

But often your e-mails get lost in your customers' inbox. their spam folder. And then, when someone actually opens your email, he does not click.

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"Oh, I can not win."

Do not worry, I have the back. Here are 23 great tips for growing small businesses, but anyone can embrace to improve the open rates, clickthrough rates, and lead generation potential of their email.

1. Do not buy e-mail addresses.

I know what you think: at the very beginning of an email marketing newsletter, you want to do everything you need to launch the campaign and draw attention to your business. I understood. Whatever options you see online, you should resist the urge to buy a mailing list.

There are many ways to buy a mailing list, but none will really help your campaign. Why? Since the owners of these e-mail addresses have not explicitly agreed to receive content from you, they do not know how interested they are – or even if they meet your expectations. A mailing list purchased is also in violation of the GDPR (we'll talk more about it in a minute).

The purchase of mailing lists is always a bad idea. Get more reasons in this blog post.

2. Comply with CAN-SPAM rules.

CAN-SPAM ( C at the origin of the Ssault of N S olicited P ] A nd M is a law that was passed in 2003. Essentially, this law establishes the rules applicable to commercial e-mail and commercial messages.The recipients have the right to ask a company no longer sending them by email and describing the penalties for those who break the law.

To be CAN-SPAM compliant, it is important that your messages comply with these rules. FTC

Some Highlights:

  • Enter your valid physical mailing address in each email you send
  • Give recipients a clear and obvious way to unsubscribe (each subscription). ( HubSpot Customers : Do not you do not worry – you can not save an e-mail template unless it contains this item.)
  • Use the language "From", "To" and "Reply to"
  • Avoid "unanswered" sender names or the like, which prevent recipients from retreating from a newsletter if they wish.
  • Avoid selling or forwarding email addresses to another list.

Note: Since I am not a lawyer, please do not interpret the contents of this article as an official legal opinion. Check out the FTC website for detailed advice on this topic, and read this article on the blog for more tips on improving e-mail deliverability.

3. Make sure your registration process is compliant with the RGPD.

You have probably heard about the general regulation on data protection, a new law adopted in Europe in May 2018 to better protect the personal data of Internet users. do not expect this long bill to be remembered. However, if some of your email recipients live in Europe, there is a key guideline for developing your email marketing campaigns:

When users of your site access a page requesting their personal information, a pre-check box -bought that allows the user to participate in an email campaign to receive updates and special offers related to your business. Today, checking this box is a violation of the RGPD. So, to comply with GDPR, make sure your European users and customers have the option of choosing your own newsletter – do not make the decision for them .

This rule may seem like bad news for your e-mail marketing campaign, but it can actually improve your opening rates and clicks. By limiting your list of subscribers to those who have specifically asked to join you, you will ensure that only the most interested people receive your messages. This maximizes the chances that you convert readers into qualified leads as a result of sending an email.

4. Send new contacts by email within 24 hours.

It's important to take advantage of the window of opportunity when your business or brand is at the top of your prospect's mind. You can really get an idea of ​​what the future commitments will be by what people do when you send an e-mail within 24 hours of signing up for your newsletter, registering for an offer, etc. Plus, it's a great opportunity for branding and setting expectations.

If you do not configure an automated workflow, you probably miss some major opportunities to develop and engage your existing contacts.

( HubSpot Clients: Use the HubSpot Workflow application to create customized, automated email workflows that can be triggered in different ways: When a contact is added to a list, Submits a form to your website, clicks on a link in an email, displays a page on your blog, clicks on one of your AdWords ads or becomes a leader in marketing.)

5 . Send your emails to a real person and not to your business.

When you send an e-mail to a real person, the opening rate of your e-mail increases. Simple and simple. In fact, based on past tests, recipients are generally more likely to trust a custom sender name and email address than a generic name. Nowadays, people are so inundated with spam that they are often reluctant to open emails from unknown senders – and they are more likely to trust a name and an email address personalized than a generic sender.

Sent from "Maggie Georgieva, HubSpot" work better in terms of open clickthrough rates and than emails sent from "HubSpot". So maybe it's better to do it …

… at Instead:

( HubSpot Customers: Click here to know how to personalize the name and e-mail address "From".)

Our tests showed that the customization worked, but we also found that the combination of the name of & nbsp; A person and a company name in the name of the sender was also satisfactory. You have just tested A / B what works best for your business, your brand, and your industry, as well as the ideal that you send e-mails.

6. Preset the text of the preview.

Email clients such as the iPhone Mail, Gmail, and Outlook application display the first lines of text in the body of your email next to the subject line. In other words, it is a preview in text of the content of the e-mail. The exact amount of text displayed depends on the settings of the mail client and the user.

Use it to provide a quick summary of what you offer – and keep it up to 50 characters or less. ] email-preview-text-in-inbox.png "width =" 690 "height =" 54 “>

When you do not set the preview text, the client automatically extracts from the body of your email, this which is not only messy, but wasted opportunity to engage your audience. ( HubSpot Customers: Click here to learn how to set the preview text for your e-mails.)

7. Write clear and clickable object lines.

Speaking of the subject line … your marketing emails have a lot to do in recipient inboxes. The best way to stand out is to write compelling subject lines, "can not help but click on this topic".

To make readers click, make sure the subject lines:

  • are super clear and understandable.
  • Less than 50 characters to avoid being cut, especially by mobile devices.
  • Use a language and messaging that your target buyer knows and is excited about.
  • an action-oriented language to create a sense of urgency and enthusiasm.
  • Include an exclusive value proposition (like a 20% discount on an article or a free ebook) so that people know what they're getting. Cash, "" Quote, "and" Save. "
  • Are timely, if any." (One of my favorite lines comes from Warby Parker and reads as follows: "Uh-oh, your prescription expires.")
  • Include sometimes their first names ( this could increase clickthrough rates), or even add something about their specific location – this, sparingly, as for your most important offers, rather than repeating it and being repetitive or intrusive.)

Read this article on the blog for more tips on writing clickable and enjoyable lines.

Keep your emails concise.

Everyone is busy and their inbox is already Why add a problem with a long-haul email People generally like short, concise e-mails, better than long e-mails, because concise e-mails have an obvious purpose. quickly go through all their emails, they are more likely to find the overall message before deciding to take action.

Another reason to keep your emails short?

To keep your e-mails short and convincing, write your e-mail as if you were talking to someone in real life. If your e-mail address is on the long side, divide it into several paragraphs to create visual breaks. This will facilitate skimming on your player. (Read this article on how to write persuasive emails for more tips.)

Here is an excellent example of concise e-mail:

  free-slats-concise-email- language.png

9. Include an e-mail action call button.

Do you remember when many of your e-mail recipients will scan your e-mail without reading the entire copy? That 's why you want to have a clear call – to – action button (CTA) easy to spot, even for the fastest email scanners. Without a CTA button, you will not ask your recipients to take action that will benefit them – and grow your business.

You want to place your CTA in an easily visible place and where it makes sense for someone to click on it. For example, you can place a CTA to download a free ebook in an email describing new strategies for using your product.

Once you have determined the location of your CTA, it's time to create the button. Click here to download 50 free CTA button templates to get you started. ( HubSpot customers: Learn how to add CTA buttons to email in HubSpot here.)

10. Add alt text to your CTA image.

Many email clients block images – including your CTA buttons – by default. This means that a large part of your audience may not see your beautiful optimized CTA. Instead, they see this:

When you set the alt text of an image, you allow recipients who can not see the images in their email to know exactly where to click to finish action:

 CTA image with alt-text in an email.

You can either edit the alt text in the rich text editor of your mail tool (right-click on the image and edit it) or manually enter it in the HTML editor of your mail tool like this:

<a href = " HTTP://YOURLINKHERE.COM “> <img class =" alignCenter shadow "src = "http://blog.hubspot.com/ YOUR SOURCE OF CTA BUTTON IMAGES ICI.JPG " alt-text = " YOUR ALT-TEXT SEES HERE "/>

11. Hypertext link to images of your e-mails

Your ultimate goal in e-mail marketing is to get users to access If you invite readers to download an eBook, for example, and you have a photo of the eBook included in the email, do not settle for a hyperlink. Text the text next to the image telling people to "download it here." Hyperlink the image of the ebook, too. Users are attracted to images much more often than text, and you want to give your email subscribers as many options as possible to get your ebook.

You can simply click on the image and then use your "Insert / Edit" Link mail tool, or you can link an image into the HTML editor using the following code:

<a href = " HTTP://YOURLINKHERE.COM “> <img class =" alignCenter shadow "src =" http://blog.hubspot.com/YOUR SOURCE D & # 39 IMAGE ICI.JPG "/>

12. Include Notable Text Links

In general, it makes sense to link to your selected offering in multiple locations, in addition to the clear and targeted call to action button. In addition to your CTA and main images, consider including a visible text link (or two) where appropriate, since having more links increases the opportunities for engagement.

13. Place at least one clickable item above the fold.

One way to make your em Ails more clickable? Place one or more of your clickable elements – be it an CTA button, a text link or a clickable image – near the beginning of your email.

This is particularly useful for mobile users. Mobile tends to require a lot of scrolling, and sometimes to wrinkle, pinch and zoom. Giving a recipient something that can be operated that is seen at opening can result in more clicks in that environment.

14. Add alt text to all your images.

Again, many email clients are blocking the default images. (Here is the complete list of Campaign Monitor.) In these cases, the images will not be loaded unless the recipient clicks a button to display them or change their default settings. – even if they can not see the pictures right away. ( HubSpot Customers: Click here to learn how to add replacement text to your email images in HubSpot.)

  add-alt-text.png "width =" 690 "height =" 301

You might consider making the language usable in your alt text, such as "Click here to download the Ultimate Content Creation Kit". The alt text that is operable will essentially transform each linked image into another CTA. So, even if someone does not see the snazzy GIF of my last offer (or it flies over an image that appears ), the alt text will invite them to click.

15. Avoid images in the background.

This is especially important if your target buyers tend to use Outlook as an email client.

Microsoft Outlook does not recognize background images, point. Since Outlook is the fifth most used mail client with 7% of market share – in total; your industry can have a lot more – it is best to avoid using background images.

Instead, use a background color and use the images in other ways in your email. email-example.png "width =" 580 "height =" 1630 “>

Image credit: Fine e-mail newsletters

16. Add social sharing buttons

Increasing the number of people viewing your link will increase the number of people who click on it. So be sure to extend the life of your emails by adding social share buttons.

 Social sharing buttons "width =" 300

Many email tools Share buttons to make it easy – just fill in the destination URL and you're ready to go. If you do not have built-in features, here's a quick reminder to easily create your own social sharing buttons.

Important note: If you want to increase the clicks, you must add share buttons not follow the buttons. The first will allow your email recipients to forward the offer URL in your email to their subscribers. The latter will invite them to like, follow or add your company's social media channels.

17. Simplify sharing with ready-made tweets.

People are much more likely to take action if you really simplify them. For recipients who are too lazy to tweet the wonderful content you sent them via email, you can make it easy for them by creating what we call a "lazy tweet".

Using ClickToTweet, a free custom tweet link generator. First, go to the basic tweet generator of ClickToTweet. Then type your tweet, the desired destination URL (traceable) and the hashtags:

 click-to-tweet-example.png "width =" 669
Click "Generate New link ", then retrieve this link. Then you can link it to your Twitter share button. Or, if you segment your list by attributes such as "has Twitter" or "recent conversion topic: social media" (you'll need a marketing software like HubSpot for that), you can even get it. include in your main messaging. copy, like this:

 Premade copy copy example "width =" 600

18. Add an email transfer option.

Another way to extend clicks on your email beyond its shelf life is to entice your audience to transmit the offer. Litmus people found that the most-transferred emails were 13 times more likely than regular emails to include "share with your network" calls to action. By including sharing links (or social sharing, as we have seen above), you put them in the minds of the recipients.

You can add a small post-script at the end of your message. E-mail copy, such as "Not responsible for your company's social media? Do not hesitate to forward this book to a friend or colleague using social media marketing." Connect the call to action to a pre-established e-mail containing the subject and body text. In this way, all that one has to do is enter the email addresses of his associates and press "Send."

You can select text or an image and add the URL via the link text editor. Here's what it looks like:

mailto 😕 Subject = Your% 20subject% 20here% 20 & body = Your% 20emember% 20body% 20text% 20here.

You can also create this in your HTML editor. Here's how to join a mailto:? link to text:

<a href = "mailto 😕 subject = Your% 20subject% 20here% 20 & body = Your% 20email% 20body% 20text% 20here . “>
Download this e-book

And here's how to attach your mailto: link to an image, such as an elegant action call button that says "Send this offer via email":

<a href = "mailto 😕 Subject = Your% 20subject% 20here% 20 & body = Your% 20email% 20body% 20text% 20here. “> <img class = "alignCenter shadow" src = "http://blog.hubspot.com/[19459015HEREJPG" alt-text = " YOUR ALT-TEXT SEE HERE " />

Just be sure to use the "% 20" tag to separate the words! If not, your message will be read (not too appealing, right?).

19. Clean up the plain text version of your emails.

Not all recipients will see the beautiful HTML version of your post. Some customers do not support HTML-rich email, while at other times, a person may simply choose to display only plain text messages.

When someone visualizes it:

 An unencrypted email hurts. "width =" 403

Scary, is not it? I do not think many people will take the trouble to read this mess.

So, delete the extra text, replace the long tracking URLs with shortcuts and keep the body simple. Taking the extra five minutes to optimize the text version of your email could help you reach more of your target segment and keep you away from the spam folder.

Note: Text emails do not edit the actual copy at all, or you may mark it as spam.

20. Optimize your e-mails for mobile users.

In Litmus & # 39 ;, over a billion emails open, they reported that 56% of open emails had been opened on mobile devices in April 2016. This figure represents 8%

"This represents a spike in mobile phone market share," they wrote, "and the longest sustained growth we have experienced after the holiday season."

  mobile- email-opens-litmus.png "width =" 690 "height =" 420

Image Credit: Litmus

More and more people are using their mobile devices to read their emails and surf the web. It's more important than ever that marketers design their emails with mobile users in mind. Otherwise, their user base will be significantly affected.

How? Here is a visual example of what happens when the images are not optimized for the mobile (first) compared to images optimized for the mobile (second):

  email-not-Optimed-for-mobile.png "width = "300" style = "width: 300px   email-optimized for-mobile.png" width = "300" title = "email-optimized-for-mobile.png" style = "width: 300px; height: 628px

The second image is not a much better user experience?

Here are some ways to optimize your email for mobile devices:

  • Reduce the size of your images to generally lower download speeds for mobile devices. (HubSpot customers do not have to worry about this – images downloaded to HubSpot software are automatically compressed, or tools such as TinyPNG will help you reduce file size.)
  • 45- 57 pixels for the best user experience. Why? According to a study by MIT, the average size of an adult index is 1.6 to 2 cm, which corresponds to 45 to 57 pixels on a mobile device.
  • Investing in responsive e-mail templates. Creating your own responsive model may exceed your skills or bandwidth. Sometimes the most economical solution is simply to license or purchase e-mail templates to the people who do it best.

HubSpot Customers: To access these templates, create a new email and look for the responsive option in the "folders" drop-down list at the top left.

  responsive-email-1.png "width =" 287 "height =" 159

21. Preview and test your emails before sending them.

When you are finally ready to click "Send" on your mail, make a habit of checking one last time if your emails are as good as you think. If your e-mail marketing tool allows you to preview what your e-mails look like in different clients and e-mail devices that are popular with your audience.

( HubSpot customers: as in over 30 email clients directly in the HubSpot messaging application, as well as previewing your email on all devices – including computers Desktop, Tablets or Mobile Devices Click here to know how to … send a test version of your email before sending the real deal to make sure it's working properly for everyone on your mailing list Start incorporating them as final steps in your e-mail review process. HubSpot Customers: Learn how to test your e-mails here.)

22. Do not be scared. to "clean up" your contact list

It's tempting to keep all subscribers you earn on a campaign by email until they personally choose to opt out. is not because q That they have not unsubscribed from a newsletter they are still interested in and that subscribers who have become inactive can eliminate the opening and click rates of your emails.

E-mails to people who want to read them, clean up your e-mail list to exclude recipients who have not opened a certain number of emails in the recent history of the campaign . This ensures that the open rates and clicks of your emails reflect only the most interested readers, allowing you to collect more efficient data about what works and what does not work in every email sent.

[] Lists that add and remove members based on their messaging behavior are called smart or "smart" lists. Learn how to create them in HubSpot Academy.)

23. Monitor the performance of each email.

Le fonctionnement de votre campagne d&#39;e-mail ce mois-ci pourrait ne pas fonctionner aussi bien le mois prochain et il est impératif que vous enregistriez les taux d&#39;ouverture et de clics de vos e-mails. Bien entendu, vous aurez besoin d&#39;un outil pour suivre vos analyses de courrier électronique.

Si, après un mois d&#39;envoi de courrier électronique, vous constatez que 10 messages ont un engagement double des 20 autres, analysez-les. Qu&#39;avez-vous fait différemment chez les plus performants? Était-ce l&#39;imagerie? La ligne d&#39;objet? Vous avez peut-être plus d&#39;un segment d&#39;audience et l&#39;un d&#39;entre eux n&#39;est tout simplement pas aussi intéressé par votre contenu de courrier électronique actuel.

Utilisez vos données de performance de messagerie pour exécuter des tests A / B conçus

Le marketing par courriel peut parfois être difficile – je suis juste là avec vous. Mais en envoyant des offres intéressantes aux bons segments cibles et en prêtant attention aux petits détails qui entrent dans un courrier électronique, vous pouvez augmenter le nombre de clics d’ouverture dans vos e-mails et générer plus de prospects. (Et en savoir plus sur les mesures de marketing par e-mail à suivre – et comment – ici.)

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