5 lessons that companies can learn from top solo bloggers about the generation of influence

5 lessons that companies can learn from top solo bloggers about the generation of influence

  5 Lessons That Businesses Can Learn from Top Solo Bloggers About the Generation of Influence

According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of the companies surveyed do content marketing. Compared to outbound marketing, content marketing produces on average 3x more leads and costs 62% less.

Many companies are embarking on content marketing and investing resources to make it work.

Although businesses have much more financial power and manpower, the best solo bloggers still seem to outperform companies in terms of influence.

How can individuals with limited budgets be able to compete effectively with business In terms of influence?

Whether you're a company that's trying to create thought leadership and influence through blogging or a solo blogger who's looking to learn from the best, here are five differences between professional bloggers and bloggers. I've also included lessons that you can learn from successful solo bloggers to get your content marketing to a higher level.

1. Different Motivations

One of the great benefits of successful solo bloggers is to be motivated. Solo bloggers know that the harder they work on their blogs, the more their blog will grow and the longer they can earn money.

As a result, successful solo bloggers are devoting more time to creating quality content. stands out. Some bloggers have spent more than a week working on a single blog post.

In contrast, bloggers hired to write for companies receive a very different compensation. Independent bloggers are often paid per article, which encourages them to create articles as quickly as possible rather than focusing on quality.

Full-time salaried bloggers often have deadlines and must write some content over a given period of time. Once again, this pay structure encourages speed over quality.

Some solo bloggers only blog once a month, but spend a lot of time bringing out their articles. When you take into account the amount of time allocated to each item, a company should spend thousands of dollars to create something similar.

Is it convenient for businesses to spend so much on a single item?

And how can companies compete with people who work more than 40 hours a week to create their personal brands?

Suggestion: For Companies Wanting to Engage in Content Marketing Talk to your bloggers, find out what they want and give them the resources they need to succeed.

Find and hire naturally motivated people and encourage them to create their own brand. People who have already made an effort to become familiar with their own niche are great candidates.

Gregory Ciotti helped grow his own blog, Sparring Mind, to more than 20,000 readers. Help Scout allowed Gregory to build his own personal brand while growing Help Scout, which is why both Scout and Gregory were successful.

 Different Motivations for Generating Influence

Building Relationships

Another thing that influential solitary bloggers are good at is creating relationships with others. They will often share other people's articles, create links with other bloggers and respond to people commenting on their blogs.

I also found that influencers are more likely to respond to emails than non-influencers. Successful bloggers know that relationship building is an important factor in creating influence and success in blogging.

However, bloggers who write for professional blogs are not encouraged to build relationships with other people. In fact, responding to comments and e-mails can take time to focus on paid work.

I even saw a Glassdoor magazine where an employee complained that his employer wanted to spend time responding to blog comments. It is surprising that companies often neglect the importance and impact of relationship building. You rarely see studies based on data or case studies proving that relationships are correlated with more traffic or more clients.

If you do not sell the importance or relationship, here are some examples to consider …

In this article written in 2014, Neil Patel mentions that he has received over 50,000 comments on his blogs and that it takes him 26 hours a month to answer them. But, commenting on the increase in sales, traffic and shares, that's why he took the time to answer all those comments.

 Building Relationships of Influence

Alex Turnbull of GrooveHQ Record Speed, Earning 5,000 Subscribers During the First Five Weeks of Publication Using a Commitment Schedule to Establish systematically relationships with influencers. Instead of just sending links to his article via email, Alex has focused on creating relationships with others by sharing the content of others and commenting on their blogs.

-figure business.

Suggestion: Companies should hire bloggers who consider relationship building as important and may even incorporate relationship building tactics and processes into their marketing flow. They must also educate their employees and incorporate a relationship – friendly state of mind as part of the company 's marketing culture.

Companies must look for people who understand the importance of the relationship and who show that they consider relationships as important and not just hire people who only focus on writing.

3. Centralized Voice

One of the advantages of solo bloggers is the ability to have a centralized voice with their blog. People find it easier to connect with individuals rather than with companies because people often see businesses as more impersonal.

Some company blogs have multiple authors, which has certain advantages. Different authors may specialize in different topics and several author blogs usually produce more content than single author blogs, which can create more opportunities for incoming traffic from search engines or sharing. of social media. they want to read the content of a specific author. Sometimes, multiple author blogs seem to lack intuitive flow, producing many different articles that are not related to each other, while unique authoring blogs can share the course of the book. author.

to be the main personality of the blog. This person should ideally have good credibility in his field or be able to create interesting content consistently.

Suggestion: Multi-author blogs can work, but have a centralized voice influence of the building. Moz's blog with Rand Fishkin is a great example of how a company can create a lot of content, many authors while strengthening its authority by presenting a strong person.

Rand Fishkin regularly posts content including a weekly video called Whiteboard Friday. Its content has been highlighted on Moz's main blog.

 A centralized voice to generate the influence

Other people could also contribute to the content and their content was posted on the YouMoz blog. Content that has worked well on YouMoz would be promoted on Moz's main blog for more visibility.

Give readers options to subscribe to topics they wish to learn or, if possible, create separate blogs to target different topics of interest. For example, HubSpot has three separate blogs for sales tactics, marketing ideas, and tips for running an agency.

Make it easy to follow subjects and people of interest.

Experimentation and Experimentation

Another reason that solo bloggers can stand out is that many of them are not just about writing. Instead, they also spend time mastering their craft, continuing to learn from others in their niche and even experimenting on their own.

For example, a successful marketing blogger can publish a case study. with everyone. Being able to present real results helps to strengthen credibility and authority.

An experience that helped me to be noticed was my very first round of experts' horizon, which resulted in over 5,000 social actions (according to BuzzSumo).

and experimentation according to Buzzsumo to generate the influence "width =" 810 "height =" 844 "/>

I continued this momentum by writing a guide on Smart Blogger that finished in the search engines for the term "rounds of experts" attracting a lot of social sharing and inbound links.

 Experience and experimentation according to Buzzsumo to generate l & # 39; influence

While it is advantageous to focus on writing, not spending time taking action limits the potential influence and growth of the author

A strictly editorial person will not be able to produce his own case studies and will not benefit from the knowledge gained through experience

Suggestion: Find very interested writers by the niche on which they write and which will probably pass their time to learn and gain experience in this field. A culinary blogger should love to cook or cook during his free time and a marketing blogger should constantly learn and even do marketing experiments to see what is going on.

In some cases, companies may allow their authors to own or participate in relevant activities. For example, a marketing blogger can help a company's marketing team and watch the marketing team as it executes its marketing plan. Being able to participate and observe the first-hand marketing will make the author more credible and knowledgeable on the subject.

5. Flexibility with Content Creation

More organized businesses with their content marketing have a documented content strategy and this strategy often includes details on selecting topics for content creation.

research keywords and write articles designed to attract search engine traffic. The basic idea is this: if potential customers and customers rank according to the number of keywords in their niche, they will get acquainted with their name.

Having a documented content strategy has many advantages. It speeds up the process of creating content because the creation of topics is now systematic and has clear objectives.

However, a strategy of creating too rigid content also has drawbacks.

For example, when content marketing began to gain popularity, Mark Schaeffer wrote an article on the concept of "content shock".

The idea behind the shock of content was that, as more companies invested in content creation, people would be overwhelmed by all available content and content marketing would become less effective . People had to either be more creative in creating content that really stood out, or spend a lot of money creating a better audience than competitors with smaller budgets.

was not a key SEO phrase. This article is an example of the type of content that can create thought leadership by challenging conventional ideas and sharing new perspectives.

Another well-known example of the SEO niche is Brian Dean's Skyscraper technique that became Brian quickly developed his influence by sharing his own case study and powerful link building tactics that allowed him to quickly develop his own SEO traffic.

These types of articles are unique and help to strengthen

Suggestion: Having a documented content strategy is a good thing, but allowing editors to be creative from time to time. In fact, encourage them to think outside the box and find ways to encourage the creation of "Reflection Content" .

Encourage Personal Development and Experimentation by Providing Resources Consider providing time for your editorial and marketing team to come up with content ideas. Idea leadership content ideas may be rare, but when they do, make sure your writers feel comfortable with suggesting and experimenting with new ideas.

In summary

but we can learn a lot by paying special attention to what others have done in the past to create their own influence. Encourage creativity and personal development and look for people who want to become true experts in their fields and not just writers.

Also remember that not all success factors are measurable, such as relationship building. But pay attention to the value of solo bloggers and make sure your marketing culture incorporates these ideas.

Guest author: Brian Liang is the founder of the blog Small Business Ideas and Web Developers Etc. offers website, hosting and design services. Sign up for his newsletter for more articles and ideas on business, marketing and success. [5] The book 5 Lessons That Companies Can Learn from Top Solo Bloggers About Generating Influence has appeared on Jeffbullas's blog. ]

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