6 Rules for Recovering Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

6 Rules for Recovering Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned baskets cost your business thousands of dollars each month. But that does not have to be like that. With an effective email sequence, these sales will come back to you.

It is neither easy nor free to bring customers to your site.

You create sales funnels with landing pages and email sequences. paid strategies or ads to drive traffic to your site. You struggle with code, website creators or you pay a designer to make everything happen the way you want.

And when they finally arrive, you have to sell them your product, which is a different set of optimization challenges.

But you did it. All this work finally pays off when the customer clicks the "Add to Cart" button.

Or do you think …

Suddenly, they darken. Your analyzes show that they left your site without having made their purchase, and without explanation.

Maybe they got a call from their parents. Maybe they've found a better deal on another site. Maybe your shipping costs were too high.

The fact is they are gone.

In other words, unless you know how to bring them back to your site and make the purchase in a profitable and personal way.

you're lucky because today, I'm going to show you how to do this using effective abandoned cart e-mails.

But before, you have to understand exactly what is happening with your customers and why this problem is so critical. for your business

Abandoned carts cost you thousands.

70% of online shopping baskets are abandoned. Seventy percent. More than two-thirds. This is the final number that researchers have found after reviewing dozens of studies in recent years.

Think about your sales numbers right now. How much do abandoned carts cost in a month? In a year? Hundreds, thousands, millions?

What's worse? Using this same data, Bigcommerce estimates that about 41% of customers who abandon their shopping cart are actually ready to buy now:

 Availability of abandoned carts

[19659003] a little tricky here (giving me flashbacks to my class of Statistics 101 in college), but let me help you:
Let's say you have 100 buyers are adding items to their cart. ] 30 of them will complete their purchases (success !!).

But 70 of them (boo !!). [19659003] Now, 41 of them ( 59% out of 70) have a real excuse for not buying. Maybe they were just "window shopping" to have fun or were looking for gift ideas.

But that leaves 29 of them ready to buy, but for whatever reason. ] Yeah. You read correctly. For every 100 consumers, 30 will become customers, but 29 will not, even if they are willing to do so.

In other words, abandoned carts could cost you almost 100% of your current income (97% if you want to be difficult). Think about it. If you could convert all of them into buyers, you would double your income overnight.

Of course, some sales are more difficult than others, and you probably will not save them . 19659033] But that should not stop you from trying to recover as much lost sales as possible. And with almost no investment or additional advertising, you can.

Abandoned cart e-mails will recover lost income.

What distinguishes abandoned e-mails, with the exception of cold email or even promotional e-mails customers have already expressed a keen interest in your product by adding it to their basket.

It's a bit like asking that pretty girl or this boy to go out with them after telling them, "Hey, you look like my guy, here's my number." 19659003] I do not want to assume. But I think the odds are good that they will say yes.

Examining 3,127 emails sent to more than 9 million customers, Klaviyo found that the initial number of e-mails abandoned was 62 % and the awesome click of 14.5%. .

 Open rate and click rate of abandoned carts

And this is not just them. There are tons of results like these . Peak Design managed to recover 12% of the abandoned carts through a simple email campaign . This is a conversion rate compared to the competitive opening rates of the industry . A 12% lift on the autopilot.

 PeakDesign Basket Abandonment Strategy

Speaking of Revenue – Klaviyo found that these initial salvage emails [19659023] generated an average of $ 10.75 per recipient . This may seem like little, but since they account for 70% of buyers, it would be like adding $ 22 to every order placed this month. He adds quickly.

And this is only the average. If you follow the advice in this article and organize a high-quality e-mail campaign, you may even see results like this e-commerce store, which has recovered $ 350,000 in revenue in five months

] This should not even be complicated. Systems such as GetResponse have Marketing Automation Features that will help you create, send, and track these campaigns effectively.

With as much efficiency as possible. And now, I'm going to show you how to seize this opportunity and make it a gold mine.

Rule # 1: Effective Email Design Improves Efficiency

The first step towards an effective abandoned e-mail is a good design of electronic mail . And I'm not just talking about sophisticated graphics and pretty fonts. I mean:

  • A Strong Subject
  • A Convincing Content
  • A Powerful Call to Action.

The average clerical worker receives 121 emails a day and many are probably ignored.

If your email is not open, it has a 0% chance to finish its mission. To stand out, you need to take advantage of psychological triggers in a strong subject line to motivate the reader to open your message.

When creating your title, try to use as many of these triggers as possible:

  1. Curiosity – Users want to know more by referring to whatever something that would interest them in, but keeping the details juicy for the body.
  2. Scarcity – Play on the fear of disappearance (FOMO) with exclusivity offers or sensitivity to time.
  3. Social Proof – Use case studies or customer numbers to show them that others like your products.
  4. Brevity – A short subject implies a short and simple message rather than a long-term selling point.
  5. Great Offers – corrupt them to open your email by promising them something of value
  6. Personalization – include their name or product names to personalize the message.

Here is an excellent example that combines five of them …

 Title example strong


email, you must follow the compelling content of .

For abandoned e-mails, the most important thing is to remind them of what they are missing by listing specific products in their shopping cart and including clear photos . But do not stop there. If you can, point out the key benefits for which they also buy.

Although the above example lists specific product names, this e-mail from Victoria's Secret using clear benefits and photos: [19659003]

 Abandoned secret email secret from victoria

You should already have great product pictures for your ecommerce site. So, this little extra work will make emails much more personal and attractive without costing you a lot.

Once you've hired them, you have to get them to buy with a powerful call to action .

Two persons are invited to speak. When you start, it's best to push for a unique action like this. Chubbies email:

 chubbies email abandon cart


In some cases, you may want to increase the chances that they will act by including several options such as "Order" and "Shop" like this:

 example of an abandoned e-mail cart in e-commerce


Learn more about choosing a method to use based on customer data later in this article.

Rule # 2: Conduct Action by Creating Urgency

Scarcity is not just a tool for your subject. The best abandoned basket e-mails create a shortage by creating a sense of urgency .

The most common way to create urgency is to limit the offers you create to solve your customers' problems, usually with free delivery or product discounts.

 reasons for abandonment during the controls


Stacks two emotional factors : the relief of a burden (money spent) and FOMO (missing their chance).

But do not be so quick to offer discounts. You can also create urgency without sacrificing your margins. In fact, Bigcommerce found that 39% of abandoned "Ready to Buy" trucks had not left because of price .

 The influence of the final price on the abandonment of the carriage

Offering them a discount would amount to giving the 39 money you could have kept if you created a different shortage. As if you were temporarily reserving products and this meant that they might run out of stock in your first email.

 shopping cart shopping abandoning

This email was converted to 9.4% even though it did not offer discounts .

BOOM! continued to send some emails like this before issuing a rebate to those who have not been moved:

 Boom e-mail delivery

] Even Although this is the 4th email in the sequence, it still converted 5% more consumers (compared to 1% in email # 3), suggesting that some were actually sensitive to the price at the time. end.

But this sequence of e-mails allowed them to process multiple customer segments and maximize their profits by converting most price sensitive customers before offering a discount . 19659003]

Rule # 3: Synchronization is Essential for Conversion Rates

If you want to maximize the value of this sequence, you must pay attention to the timing.

at the right time may be the difference between a conversion rate of 5.2% and a conversion rate of 2.6% . Get Elastic has seen a 50% drop in the conversion rate of cart abandonment emails sent after 24 hours compared to those sent in less than 20 minutes.

 Timed e-mail of the abandoned cart

Do not forget your follow-ups. According to Remarkety, you can recover 50% more abandoned trolleys with two follow-ups at the right time, approximately 24 and 48 hours after the first.

The BOOM! The example in the previous section is an excellent example of the effectiveness of a multi-email sequence.

Nowadays, it is easy to configure powerful marketing automation tools such as GetResponse to automatically handle all delays and triggers:

] 19659015] Rule # 4: Include contact information for support

Imagine this: You are in the market for new shoes. You see excellent advertising for a new brand that you have not tried yet and are selling. You head to the site and find the color and size you want. You add them to your basket.

Now you will check. Enter your e-mail address, billing address, credit card information and …

 Online payment issues as a reason for abandoning the cart [19659137] (Source) </p>
<p>  times try before you give up? </span><i><span style= Especially if it's the first time you connect with the brand.

Looks like you are coming back to your old brand of trust.

This happens more often than you think. Let's take a look at Baymard's research one more time:

 reasons for dropping out during the payment issues of the fund

( Source)

cart because of a website error. 1-en-5.

Although your first priority is to reduce or eliminate these errors, once they occur, you can not go back. What you can do is offer a service and support to help customers solve the problem …

 Help Customers with Website Problems in an E Abandoned Mail

While a contact form or an email address downstairs is better than nothing, you really want to include several touch points like Huckberry above.

Today, 63% expect that would have a choice of communication channels when it is customer support issue. And another 26% would like to have it even if they do not expect it. In fact, if you remove obvious desires – a user-friendly representation solution and fast resolution – Zendesk points out that it's the most requested feature of customer service.

 Customer Service Expectations

Rule # 5 Use These Strategies to Collect More E-mails

Most Big challenge with abandoned basket e-mails address before you can contact them. We can sit here and talk about how to design effective email campaigns all day, but unless we have their contact information, all of this is questionable.

For returning customers, this is not really a problem. But for new customers, this can be your biggest hurdle.

A common strategy used by stores is to ask their customers to create an account before checking. That's fine too, because if they stay logged in to their account, it's easier to know which items are in their shopping cart during future sessions.

The problem is that e-mail addresses of customers who have placed the ordering process.

 Reasons to Give Up During the Audit

In fact, forcing customers to create an account can actually cause serious problems Cart abandonment. This is the second most common reason for cart abandonment. And the third is a complicated cash process.

There are two ways to solve this problem. First, always include a guest verification process. There you can request an email address, but do not force them to create a password or something.

 Guest verification process

This should prevent most of the abandonment problems caused by creating an account and complicated extraction. But he does not give you his e-mail address before starting the payment process.

To do this, you must focus your efforts on your list creation efforts . You can easily do this on your existing e-commerce store by adding pop-up windows to collect e-mail addresses.

In addition to these pop-up windows presented to your existing traffic, you can build an advertising campaign on Facebook that encourages customers to target landing pages ] promoting special offers, giveaways or hosting a webinar that your target audience would find useful. ]

Rule # 6: Segment Your Customers to Maximize Revenue

Although segmentation is attracting a lot of attention for e-mail marketing, it does not appeal not enough attention when people discuss the abandonment. ] Different people respond to different messages and incentives. They are also worth different degrees of attention and effort.

The click-through rate of segmented e-mails is much higher than that of unsegmented campaigns. So why not want to use segmentation with these high-value campaigns?

There are four main ways to segment your abandoned customers:

  1. Product Type
  2. Cart Size
  3. Basket Value
  4. Repetition vs. first customer

Product type

Segmentation by product type allows you to offer better recommendations. You would not want to show dresses to a guy who filled his cart with men's shirts and men's shoes.

This also helps you to provide more relevant support by linking them to relevant purchasing guides or useful content that promotes your products in a useful way .

Remember BOOM! D & # 39; before? The complete email sequence also includes a targeted content item showing the benefits of the product that the customer plans to buy …

 Boom dropped the segmented emails with tips


Cart Size

Often, shopping carts with many items indicate that the customer is looking around or even "wickets" online. If they did not do it, it 's probably because they could not decide which product to buy or did not find the one that' s right for them. they loved.

Recognize that it's an opportunity to show them other suggested products like the ones they've added to their shopping cart. This will increase the chances that they will find something that suits their needs and tastes to motivate a purchase.

 you may also like - Segment the size of the basket of emails


Basket value

Segmentation by total value of the cart can bring you two major benefits. First, higher spenders can respond to different incentives. For example, a person spending $ 600 may not be as convinced as someone who spends only $ 80 You may be able to motivate them better with a discount percentage or a free gift.

But the second benefit is that it allows you to allocate your energy to those customers with higher value. If you follow your sales pipeline for these customers, you can ask a sales representative to give them a call and offer to help them with their purchase.

Repetition vs. customers for the first time

This segmentation becomes particularly important for the actualization. Although discounts can be very useful in attracting new customers, you do not want customers to get used to leaving items in their shopping cart for a few days just to get lower prices.

from their positive experiences with your brand up to now and thank them for their loyalty. Offer incentives and cross-sell offers to try to increase customer value instead of discounting it


You could lose thousands of dollars sales every month for abandoned trolleys. But this does not mean that these sales are lost forever. 19659003] With efficient cart recovery emails, you can still enjoy the customers you have spent so much on attracting. Make sure they are well designed to mobilize buyers and take advantage of psychological triggers such as the urgency of pushing them to the limit.

Stay informed by sending a well-framed sequence of e-mails and make sure to provide support at every step of the process. And do not forget to segment them to meet their specific needs and maximize your profits.

The stakes are enormous. Obtaining this first sale can produce a loyal customer to whom you can continue to market more easily. Your persistence will pay off in the long run.

But he begins by recovering this first sale. So do not be afraid to send abandoned emails.

Remember that these are customers who have already expressed interest in your product – there is no reason not to sell them!

Author: David Zheng. David Helps Fortune 500 Enterprises and E-Businesses Create and Implement 10X Online Revenue Growth Strategies on WiseMerchant.com

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