752,626 Facebook ads analyzed, a case study on the growth of e-commerce, new social media tools and much more!

752,626 Facebook ads analyzed, a case study on the growth of e-commerce, new social media tools and much more!

There is still in the social media marketing industry that it can be difficult to keep abreast of the latest news and information.

Constant changes on Facebook and Instagram algorithms for the silent growth of LinkedIn and the launch of IGTV on Instagram, marketers and businesses have their hands full.

That's why we created what we call " Minisodes ". social media. The episodes are 10 to 15 minute shows where we cover all the latest news on social media marketing that you need to know as a business. Join more than 16,000 merchant colleagues and business owners every week to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, trends and ideas!

This week we cover a large study that analyzed over 750,000 listings on Facebook. an electronic trademark has generated thousands of emails and subscribers, our new favorite social media tools and many more.

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 Episode 104 of Podcast Buffer Social Media News

What You'll Learn in This Episode

What follows is a slightly modified transcript of the conversation between Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters. Running out of time? No problem! Here are four points to keep in mind:

  • How social media contests can help your brand get the boost you're looking for
  • Top 5 ads from over 750,000 Facebook ads
  • social media tools you can try today in 2018

Essential resources of the episode

  • How an ecommerce company has generated more than 41,000 emails and 10K social media subscribers – Viper
  • Results and Reviews from over 75,000 Facebook Ads – AdEspresso
  • 26 Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers – Social Media Examiner

How to Sell on Instagram [complete podcast transcript]

Brian : Hello everyone! I am Brian Peters and here is the science of social media, a podcast of Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for stories, ideas, experimentation and learning on social media.

Hailley : Welcome to the episode # 104! I am Hailley Griffis and today we have a packed show. Really excited for this one. Many great articles have been published in the marketing industry this week and we share the most important points of all these articles.

Brian : Facebook ads to the favorite email generation social media tools on the market, it's the one you will not want to miss.

Let's start the show!

Hailley : A marketing strategy that seems to thrive in so many different industries fields and withstands the constant changes in user behavior is …. E-mail.

So, one of the best ways to reach your customers or your target audience in a consistent way is to develop your mailing lists. Which is, of course, easier said than done.

However, we came across a case study of Viper, which offered an e-commerce company capable of generating more than 41,000 e-mail registrations and 10,000 social media subscribers. 19659002] Brian : And with a title like that, how could we not read it!

In diving into this article, I thought we were going with another marketing tactic. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the case study and tactics used by this ecommerce company were actually very interesting.

And that's something we have not talked much about here in the series and that this contest is a marketing strategy. .

Hailley : You're right, we have not talked much about competitions in the series.

One thing that I found interesting is that if you cancel the available marketing channels for businesses, there really are so many things you can do. Content marketing, email marketing and social media marketing.

They mention a fourth segment and growth and viral marketing, in which competitions would participate.

Brian I think viral marketing has a bad reputation because we all had a bad experience with a marketing campaign.

But when it is well done (and ethically), virality can really blow up a specific campaign. ] So this specific case study was about the e-commerce company called Brevite. Which is a backpacking company created specifically for photographers.

Hailley : What Brevite offered, it's two awards for the people who participated in the contest.

The first prize was a Mavic drone a backpack for photographers.

And we should stop for a moment to talk about the importance of quality awards when you run a contest.

Brian : 100% agree. Always remember that the closer your price is to the interests of your target markets, the more successful your competition will be.

You want people to really want to win your prize to share the contest, refer other people and accomplish tasks

Hailley : In this case, a Mavic drone and a bag backpacks are incredible prices.

In any case, the e-commerce company requested an e-mail address, a follow-up on social networks and the participants had to share the content, ie a Retweet , a Facebook share, a re-gram, etc.)

Brian : It does a lot for any business!

But I think that comes down to offering a quality award. So, overall, Brevite invested about $ 3,000 in the prizes and advertising contest and ran the campaign for 15 days.

In the end, they saw a conversion rate of about 65%. Which is just great.

Hailley : Yes, I would love to have a 65% conversion rate on everything!

After quality contest and scrubbing, their mailing list went from 1,700 to 37,000, or about 8 cents per email address. And they have won more than 10,000 subscribers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Brian : And of course, we will not let you down. Here are the exact steps they took to promote the content.

As we have already said, they chose a very good price that matched their target audience – and they did not do cheap. social networks and in some social media groups.

They added the contest to their website – so this contest was prominently featured on every landing page – which I think was a defining issue.

Hailley : Agreement – this brought hundreds of people to see the content.

They sent their list by email several times to remind them of the contest. So, for example, they sent an update of the contest to the launch, during the first week, showing the first 5 participants up to now, halfway and then again they added bonuses, etc.

The contest was almost over, they were sending emails to create a sense of urgency with 48 hours and 24 hours.

Brian : Yes, then number 5, they spent a lot of time and effort creating great images for the contest to share on the networks.

helped 1) make the contest seem legitimate and then 2) make the participants feel comfortable sharing it with their friends.

Mini Influence Strategy They also ran ads on social media on Facebook and Instagram aimed at photographers.

Any really, really strategic and thoughtful promotion of what has been a very successful contest.

Hailley : Speaking of a topic is a little more marketing for business than for social media, we had the chance to meet the team behind the Rocketship podcast. fm.

They have just launched their fifth season where they spent more than three months discussing

So if you are looking for a stellar podcast with interesting ideas from entrepreneurs who have a lot talked about this show, take a look at Rocketship.fm. 19659002] Brian : In fact, I was fortunate enough to see some episodes of the new season and I was really impressed by the amount of solid information that I had. they contain in each episode.

A real testament to how successful products are built. And the cool thing, they do not just share the highs, they also talk about business struggles, personal struggles and everything between them.

Whatever it is, just a little bit of love for some people who are doing beautiful things. Hailley : The next step is an interesting study conducted by our friends at AdEspresso.

In 2015, they analyzed the text of 37,259 Facebook ads to find out how the best Facebook advertisers are collecting their ads.

Today, nearly three years later, the study has been more than 20 times larger. Today, we are dividing the results of 752,626 ads!

Although some of their original results have remained the same, a LOT has changed.

Brian : The treasure hunt. Their top five results are as follows:

  1. The length of the ad text has increased.
  2. Link descriptions are shorter.
  3. Trademarks associated with specific landing pages have increased.
  4. Companies use a wider variety of types of ads.

Hailley : So for the first, the length of the ad text increases. What they found was that (and I quote):

A clear, no-frills, five-word title paired with 20 words of ad text is the recipe for a perfect sponsored post.

Yes, there is a science to it. Title in 5 words and 20 words of actual text or legend, as you know

Brian : Looking at their second finding, the description of the links is shorter.

In 2015, the average description of the link was a whopping 18 words. Three years later, it was reduced to 13.

This proves that less is really more when describing your articles. Try to create a sense of urgency in as few words as possible and be very clear about your offer.

Hailley : Their third finding is that a greater number of ads use specific landing pages.

Including landing pages makes a message more direct and removes the extra search effort for the viewer.

Brian : Yes, it is very frustrating to click on an ad and be directed to a generic landing page. This is also a very simple solution for businesses.

Hailley : Their fourth observation is really decisive, which I adore. It is that the 5 best CTAs are: Read More, None (So No Button), Buy Now, Register, Book Travel.

Brian : So what does this refer to? buttons that you can choose with each Facebook.

And Facebook created them because choosing the perfect CTA is harder than you think, which is a major reason why this category has seen so much change over the years.

Marketers have experimented with several types of CTAs (none of them). At the same time, Facebook is constantly deploying new options to test.

Hailley : What AdEspresso recommends here, is to go out of the generics we listed above and try something new. CTAs like:

  • Listen now
  • Get directions
  • Donate Now
  • and send a message
  • Like you said, you will not know what works unless you experiment.

Brian : Last but not least, they found that businesses were using a wider variety of types of ads.

Links and photos still dominate ads, but video ads have grown in popularity.

in video ads since their always the minority. With regard to video ads, many professionals suggest putting all the good stuff in the first 5 to 10 seconds, working in primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and scrolling through the text.

Hailley : Okay, before we leave, we're halfway to 2018 and we thought we'd share some awesome social media tools since our last episode on social tools in the # Episode 88

We are going to make a quick fire on this one and then let you go and check it yourself.

And Brian, I thought it would be fun to come and go and we would each name a tool plus a quick description. We can even make it a regular segment of our show!

Brian : I adore that. Good, I'll go first!

My first tool is called Handlescout.

Handlescout regularly checks the availability of the Twitter user name and notifies you by email as soon as a handful is available.

Hailley : That looks awesome. Alright Mine is the new grammatical keyboard

With the grammar keyboard, you can add a native keyboard to your smartphone that helps you check the spelling and grammar while you are on the go.

Brian a good one.

Well, the next one is called SparkScore, a new tool from Rand Fishkin's new company.

SparkScore determines the influence of a Twitter account using a wide range of settings, such as the average engagement with each tweet.

Hailley : So good. What is your score, Brian, do you know?

Brian : 19.

Hailley : It was fast.

Brian : I just launched it as you said your last tool! What is your Hailley score?

Hailley : 24. I tried it yesterday. Okay, all our listeners, go check your score now and see if you can beat me or Brian!

My last tool is Let us improve.

Let's Enhance is a free online tool that can scale images up to 4x degrade image quality. What I have definitely experienced before!

Brian : Well – I love it!

Thank you for choosing the science of social media today. The introductory notes for this episode are available on iTunes, Soundcloud or wherever you receive your podcasts. We will include links to all the resources we have covered in the show today.

If you ever want to get in touch with me or Hailley, we're always there for your social media using the hashtag #bufferpodcast. You can also say hello anytime and [email protected]

Hailley : As always, thank you very much for your iTunes reviews! It's so great to read all your nice comments – and we read them all, so thank you.

Do not miss the episode of next week where we talk about old social media tactics that still work! [19659002] Until next Monday, everyone!

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