Beginner's Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Business

Beginner's Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Business

Are you looking for other ways to promote your business online? Look no further: YouTube is one of the largest and most popular websites in the world, making it an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

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In this YouTube Marketing Guide, you will learn:

  • That YouTube is the Ideal Solution for Your Business and Promotional Strategy
  • How to Create a YouTube Video Marketing Strategy
  • How to Start Your Strategy With Ideas and Video Tips
  • How to Manage Your YouTube Channel
  • How to Optimize Your Videos for the YouTube Search Engine

your business?

As I mentioned, YouTube is one of the largest web sites in the world – to be more precise, it is currently the world's second most popular site . And while most people do not see YouTube as a search engine, that's exactly what most visitors to the site do. YouTube is not just the second most popular website. It's also the second most popular search engine – only on Google. This means that the platform has huge development potential for your business.

The fact that YouTube is an extremely popular platform also means that there is a lot of competition. According to Statista, in July 2015, 400 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. So, if you want to succeed on YouTube, you need to make sure that you have the time and resources to publish consistent quality content consistently. In other words, you will need a good marketing plan for YouTube.

Another great reason why YouTube is such an attractive option for marketing purposes is that it's all about video and video marketing is all the rage now. Video has always proven itself as the most engaging form of content in terms of engagement, and just because you create them for YouTube does not mean you can not reuse your videos. These videos would be ideal for your other social profiles, your email marketing campaigns, your website and landing pages, as well as for any other platforms or channels you use.

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When it comes to video production, it's not as difficult to create marketing videos. You do not need a huge budget and you do not even need to make substantial investments in equipment – but we will discuss video production and all that this involves further in this guide.

In short, is YouTube the right solution for your business? Yes, in most cases. If you sell products, it's a great way to showcase and promote them, as well as all their uses. If you're a B2B company, it's a great platform to expand your reach and generate more leads.

Developing a YouTube Marketing Strategy

Marketing on YouTube is like marketing on other social platforms: the first step is to create your strategy. To create your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to start by defining your goals.

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Note the specific goals you want to achieve, such as:

  • Hits / Traffic [19659006] Engagement
  • Access Numbers / Subscriber

Use the SMART model to help you set good goals: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This will help ensure that your goals are specific, have a deadline and are achievable.

Of course, you must also be able to measure your progress accurately. At this stage of the strategy, determine what your key performance indicators are to help you measure your results.

Getting into a Program

Consistency is very important on YouTube if you want to continue developing your channel. As with blogs, the more content you broadcast, the better your chances of reaching a wider audience.

Most successful YouTubers have a very strict release schedule – and they respect it. These YouTubers also promote new videos to their audience on other social media platforms, so even those who do not subscribe to their channel can still know when a new video will be released. As you set up a YouTube marketing strategy for your business, think about how often you can realistically commit to publishing new content and stick to it.

when you publish your videos. According to Oberlo, most viewers watch YouTube videos at night and on weekends. The best time to post your content is the first few afternoons of the week or early on Saturday and Sunday morning, so your videos are indexed when searching for your potential visitors.

<img src = " WNObqL0S1AcE._JkXlPBjIGyyz8sjqYD & itok = XHQlKXUd "width =" 800 "height =" 834 "alt =" 19659032] In addition, at this point, note all holidays and upcoming events of interest to your audience, so that you know for sure. What are the possibilities of creating special content.

Types of Marketing Videos

So, now that you know what your goals are and when you want to publish, the question is what types of videos can you

It is important to keep things varied to keep your audience entertained and to come back for more, and it is useful to experiment early with different types of videos to understand which ones work best. and those who are not.

Here are some ideas to help you :

  • Listicles : Listicles are a very popular content format, both as a blog and media (videos, images, computer graphics, etc.). You can create mailing lists that showcase your products or services, such as "The 10 Most Innovative Ways to Use (Your Product)" – they can be educational, informative, or entertaining. Remember that lists should always match the interests of your audience and your market niche.
  • How-to Videos : Videos tend to work very well because they bring a lot to the viewer. For example, if you sell social media software, you could create explanatory videos showing your viewers how to get started with Twitter marketing or how to evolve your Facebook profile. You can search for better performing blog posts for these videos or develop a plan for a recurring series. JetBlue offers a series of videos on "theft label" that point out that do not travel :
  • Backstage Videos : YouTube is a social network – the key word being "social". One of the ways to humanize your brand and show that you are more than just a product or service is to share videos behind the scenes. For example, Sprout Social has a whole collection of videos with members of his team:
  Members of the YouTube Marketing Team
  • Product Videos Your Own Products or services. These product videos can help users to use certain features, highlight new product updates, or announce new offers for your business. Mailchimp often publishes videos on its products:
  • Case Studies : You can also promote video case studies of your clients. These case studies do not necessarily have to deal exclusively with your product: they can focus on customers' original stories, recent accomplishments, or plans for the future. Hootsuite publishes videos of his work with various brands:
  YouTube Marketing Testimonials from Hootsuite Customers
  • Interviews : Interview leading experts and influencers. These experts will have their own features. Therefore, if they promote video, they can also drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Manage Your YouTube Channel

Now that you have a YouTube marketing strategy and video ideas to get started, you want to focus on managing your channel. Engagement is an important part of YouTube, so it's extremely important to take the time not only to respond to the feedback you receive, but also to engage others in other ways.

A good way to manage your account is to use a tool to automate the process. Agorapulse allows you to pre-modulate your comments, check and respond to comments from the social inbox of your dashboard (which you can do as a team + you can assign tasks), your brand in videos and comments. Other useful management features include recorded responses (to respond to comments in a few clicks) and a social customer relationship management tool to track your subscribers and connections.

 Agorapulse Dashboard for YouTube Marketing

Another good option for channel management is VidIQ, which you can use to track your feedback and meet the needs of your teams . Keywords and tags to optimize your videos.

Here are some tips on YouTube to reinforce your commitment and your views:

  • Check your comments every day to be able to respond quickly
  • find other mentions of your brand and identify opportunities for 39, engagement
  • Ask your viewers questions in your videos, as well as in your video descriptions to encourage them to leave a comment
  • Use the "Community" main page tab) to post pictures, GIF and video previews, as well as to poll your subscribers. For example, Evan Carmichael regularly publishes surveys asking subscribers what they want to see in his next videos:
  YouTube Marketing Evan Carmichael

SEO on YouTube: What You should know

I mentioned earlier that YouTube is one of the major search engines in the world, which partly explains why this promotional tool is so attractive to businesses. Imagine the full potential reach with nearly two billion users a month!

This simply means that if you take the time to optimize your videos and regularly produce quality video content, you can greatly increase your chances of reaching a wide and targeted audience.

How do you optimize exactly your YouTube videos?

Several important factors are taken into account in the ranking of your search results. some are entirely under your control – like the keywords you use and the way you use them – while with others, you do not have as much power (like how many people subscribe immediately after viewing one of your videos). SEO Video Titles on YouTube ” />

Here are some of the most important video ranking factors to know:

  • Keywords for your channel : Use the correct tags to make sure YouTube
  • Titles and Description for Videos : Search for keywords to find what your audience is looking for and use these keywords in your video titles and descriptions. (Tip: the closer the keyword is to the beginning of the title, the better!)
  • Video tags : In addition to keywords, you must add tags to your videos – Search for tags to find
  • Video Transcript : Including a video transcript is a great way to make your video more readable with search robots. This is also good for viewers: if they have to check the spelling of a word or can not increase the volume to hear the video, they can still access the content.
  • Time of Watch : Your Total Video Watch The time (how many minutes / hours / etc. of people watched on your videos) also counts in your rating. The longer the watch is, the better!
  • Thumbnail Image : The thumbnail will be visible at each indexing of your video, which should be convincing and relevant.
  • Engagement : YouTube also looks at your channel's commitment, including the number of "likes / dislikes" as well as the number of comments and shares.
  • Number of subscribers does not just mean how many YouTube subscribers you have. As I mentioned earlier, how many people subscribe after viewing one of your videos are also important.

In terms of useful SEO tools, TubeBuddy is one of the best options as it features many video SEO features, including: [19659005] Word Search Tools to help you find long-tail keywords

  Keyword Search Explorer YouTube
  • Keyword Explorer to discover your tags and videos
  • ranking and success of your videos [19659006] A / B test for videos
  • View and copy video tags

This last feature allows you to check the videos and see the used tags. This is very useful because you can check the very popular videos that rank highly (and that are relevant to your own niches / videos) and see which tags helped them reach that stage.

When you use your YouTube content on your other channels or on your website, make sure the video is the page feature for the best chances of ranking. Search bots do not search for a hidden video on a page and Google usually indexes the first video.

Optimizing your video content is important to establishing your YouTube marketing strategy. It can also help you manage your content when you start. Keyword search is a great tool for finding video ideas. Before creating new videos, take the time to search for keywords and create videos based on the keywords you want to target.

Next Step: YouTube Marketing Success

If used correctly, YouTube can be a great way to promote brand awareness and reach more potential customers. You can ensure that your YouTube marketing strategy will be successful by familiarizing yourself with these key steps:

  • Strategize your YouTube presence in advance and plan your videos in advance to make sure you regularly publish new content
  • videos to appeal to a wider audience
  • Take the time to interact with your subscribers and viewers and try to stimulate engagement with each video
  • Optimize your channel and your videos for the YouTube search engine to increase your reach

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