The best inspirational websites

The best inspirational websites

the best personal websites to inspire yours

Some speak of a full-time job in itself. Others compare it to dating. And many cats at BuzzFeed think it’s just bad taste.But this is not necessarily the case.When applying for a job, you are typically asked to submit a resume and cover letter, or perhaps your LinkedIn profile. But there are better ways to stand out from the competition and creating a the best personal websit is one.

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Why You Need a Personal Website [19659006] Here's What You Need to Know About Resumes and Resumes cover letters: so unique that you try to create your own, they tend to read dry. And there's a good reason for that: it's supposed to be a single page, no frills, that documents your work experience. Although brevity is a good thing, there is very little opportunity to convey your uniqueness or make your personality shine.

Although a resume is a single, largely immutable document, a personal website can be customized and updated based on what you are working on or what you want to showcase. It is both fluid and current.

Overall, a personal websit may serve different purposes, but what it does best is perhaps to give you the opportunity to tell your story. And with 53% of employers stating that the resume alone did not provide enough information to determine if the candidate would be a good candidate, this storytelling element can really help improve your chances.

If you plan to create a personal website profile of your own, check out the examples below that hit the skull.


Whether you are creating a single page site or a larger one Portfolio, the Web CV is more personalized. ability to share information and demonstrate your technological skills – and it can be used by all types of job seekers.

Even if you have very little professional experience, you can use a website to better understand your abilities and yourself as a candidate, while relying on your traditional resume to provide the information of based.

1. Gary Sheng

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Unlike a standard resume document, the Sheng website facilitates Inclusion of logos and clickable links. enable his software engineering and Web development skills to shine.

We like visitors to choose to scroll down to see all categories of the site (“About me”, “My passion”, etc.) a specific page using the top navigation.

The “My System” section reads as a mission statement of the company, and this personal touch helps to humanize his work and make it more memorable.

2. Raf Derolez

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The CV of Derolez is modern, cool and informative. This shows his personality, his branding and his development skills in a very simple and clear way. Not to mention that its use of unique fonts and geometric overlays attributes an attractive personality to its name.

Would you like to get in touch with Derolez? Simply click on the CTA located at the bottom of the page to open an email sent directly to it. Or select one of the social media links to connect with him on platforms such as Twitter – where the look and feel of visual resources perfectly match the # 39, the image of his website. Well done, Derolez.

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3. Brandon Johnson

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Beloved . Beautiful images of planets complete his planetary science experience, and animations make his resume more an experience than a document.

In terms of design, the textured multilayer background adds depth to the page in two dimensions. a way which evokes the feelings of space and the planetary systems, on which the work of Johnson is concentrated.

4. Quinton Harris

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Harris’ CV uses photos to tell his personal story. It covers all the basics of a curriculum vitae, then some, discussing in a very visual way his school career, his professional experience and his skills.

Not to mention that the copy is fantastic. It is clear that Harris took the time to carefully choose the right words to describe each step of his personal and professional journey. For example, the narrative section reads:

NYC, my new home, is full of secrets necessary not only to advance my craft, but also for my artist identity. With each objective taken and each pixel put, I become myself.

Finally, at the final navigation point (note the scrolling circles on the left of the page), users are redirected to, where they continue to tell their story in more detail.

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5. Sean Halpin

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Halpin’s CV is short, sweet and precise, authentic for his voice and branding . the site. The white space allows his designs and his prints to stand out and attract the attention of the reader, which helps to improve readability, especially on mobile devices:


Best practices for website recovery

  1. Code your resume so that it can be analyzed by the search engines.
  2. Submit a button to upload your resume in PDF format so that the hiring manager can add it
  3. Maintain a consistent brand image between the website and document versions: use fonts, colors and similar images so you can recognize them easily.
  4. Be creative and authentic for yourself. Think about the colors, images and media you want to include in your story.


Building an online portfolio is a very useful marketing and personal branding tool if your work experience and skills require content creation. In fact, photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, writers and content marking can all use web portfolios to present their skills in a more user-friendly way than a portfolio of resumes or hard copies.

6. Tony D’Orio


It is important to keep the design of your visual portfolio simple to attract the attention of visitors, and D & # 39; Orio achieves this by presenting bold photographs on his site Web. His logo and navigation menu are clear and not distracting from his work. And it makes it easy for potential customers to download their work for free.

Want to try? Click the burger menu in the upper left corner, and then select + Create a PDF to select as many images as you want to download.

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Once the PDF opened, you’ll notice that # 39; it is fully equipped with the business card of D & # 39; Orio. in case you need it.

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7. Gari Cruze

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Cruze is a copywriter. But by transforming his website into a portfolio containing images of different campaigns he has worked on, he urges visitors to continue clicking to find out more about him. There is also an excellent CTA at the top of the page that leads visitors to his last post.

The humorous copy of his site – especially in the sections “17 Random Things” and “Oh Yes, They Talk” – serves to show off his skills, while making himself more memorable too. These pages also include his contact information on the right side, making it easy to make contact and connect at any time:

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8. Melanie Daveid

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Daveid’s Web Site is an Excellent Example of ” less is more. ” 19659002] This developer’s portfolio includes clear, well-identified images of the campaigns and applications that Daveid worked on, and she shows her coding skills when you click to see the details of her work.

Daveid included only three examples of his work, and made his portfolio a service by incorporating his best and most outstanding campaigns. In the end, it is better to have fewer examples of excellence in your portfolio than many examples of mediocrity.

9. The Beast Is Back

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Christopher Lee’s portfolio is loaded and colorful. When you learn more about Lee on his easily navigable site, you realize that a homepage as fun and vibrant is perfect for an illustrator and a toy designer.

Known by his name, “The Beast Is Back” attractive designs with recognizable brands, such as Target and Mario, as well as links to buy his work. This is another gallery-style portfolio with touches of color that make it fun and gives it personality, making it more memorable.

10. Daniel Grindrod

This independent videographer is another example of a simple but elegant portfolio, organizing the many types of media that Daniel has used in categories in which his potential clients would likely want to navigate. The opening video on the home page – titled “Daniel Grindrod 2018”, as shown on the still image – also ensures visitors to his site that he is actively creating beautiful works.

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Best Practices for Portfolio Websites

  1. Mainly use elements visuals. Even if you present your written work, the use of logos or other brands is more attractive to your visitors.
  2. Do not be afraid to be yourself. Your personality, your style and your sense of humor could be what sets you apart from other sites!
  3. The organization is the key. If your portfolio is filled with photos, logos and other images, make sure it’s easy for visitors to navigate until they can contact you.
  4. Mark you. Choose a logo or icon to make your information easily identifiable.


The constant publication on a blog is a great way to attract attention on social media and search engines, and to drive traffic to your site. The blog is a smart way to give a personality to your work, to tell your experiences and to stretch your writing muscles. You can write a personal blog if you are a professional writer, but virtually everyone can benefit from adding a blog on their site and providing useful content to their audience.

11. Everywhereist

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This blog seems a bit more loaded, but its consistent branding helps visitors to easily navigate the site. The travel blog uses the iconography of the globe to move visitors to the site, which facilitates the exploration of sections beyond the blog.

It also includes a “Best Of” section allowing new visitors to acclimate. The color palette is warm, neutral and has no excessive clutter that can distract attention from the content.

create free website and earn money

12. fifty coffees

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Website About fifty cafes chronicle the series of work meetings of the author looking for his next job opportunity and make an excellent use of photography and visual to help tell his long stories.

The best part? Each article ends with numbered excerpts of its meetings for easy reading. The high quality photography used to complete the stories is like the icing on the cake.

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13. Minimalist Baker

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I do not emphasize Dana’s blog simply because the food is delicious and I’m not happy. I’m hungry. His blog uses a simple white background to give free rein to his culinary photography, a unique brand to make it memorable and a mini-biography to personalize his websit.

14. Kendra Schaefer

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Kendra’s blog is full of information about his life, background, and professional experience, but avoids overwhelming visitors by using a clear background and minimize clutter. She also shares links to additional writing samples, which strengthens her writing authority and credibility.

15. Mr. Money Mustache

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Mr. Money Mustache could take an old-fashioned Gangs of New York style facade, but his blog design – and blog tips – could not be cooler (he does not really look like that) .

This financial blog is a fun and searchable websit that offers sound advice on financial management for the uninitiated. While her personal stories help support the legitimacy of her advice, the navigation links surrounding her logo facilitate direct access to her content without any prior context around her brand.

Best practices for blogs

  1. without clutter to avoid additional distractions beyond blog posts.
  2. Publish often. Company blogs that publish more than 16 publications per month get nearly 3.5 times the web traffic of blogs that publish less than four articles per month.
  3. Experiment with different blog styles, such as lists, interviews, graphics, and bullets. ] Use visual elements to break down text and add context to your discussion.


Another way to promote your skills is to create a personal websit that also serves as a demonstration of your coding, design, illustration, or developer skills. These sites can be interactive and animated in a way that provides information about you and also shows recruiting managers why they need to work with you. This is an excellent websit option for creative technical and artistic content creators such as developers, animators, UX designers, websit content managers and illustrators.

16. Albino Tonnina

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Tonnina presents advanced and complex skills in web development, but images and icons that he uses are always clear and easy to understand. It also offers a simple option to post his resume at the beginning of his site, for those who do not want to scroll through the animation.

17. Robby Leonardi


The Incredible Leonardi Demo site uses animation and web development skills to turn its portfolio and resume into a video game for site visitors. The whimsical brand and the unique way of sharing information guarantee the memorization of its site by the visitors.

18. Samuel Reed

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Reed uses his page as a complete demonstration of how to code a websit. His website starts with a blank white page and ends with a fully interactive site that visitors can watch himself code. The cool factor makes this site memorable and makes its skills extremely marketable

19. Devon Stank

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The Stank demo site shows very well that it has the qualities of web design and that it must be one step further by saying to visitors all about him, his agency and his passions. It’s the perfect balance between a demo and a mini-resume.

In addition, we love the video summary. It’s a consumable summary that captures both Stank’s personality and credentials.

Best Practices for Demonstration Websites

  1. Use consistent logos and colors to identify your name and skills from the many visual elements.
  2. Do not overload your visitors with too many visuals at a time. – especially if your demo is animated. Make sure the images are easy to understand so that visitors are not bombarded when they visit your site.

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