content promotion to get more traffic

content promotion to get more traffic


content promotion strategies

In its 2018 study, the Content Marketing Institute found that 37% of brands planned to increase their content marketing spend.

As small businesses continue to invest heavily in content marketing, content creation has grown exponentially. The average length of a blog article to display “strong” results now exceeds 1000 words

. However, most content is always in the deepest recesses of the Internet and go unnoticed. According to Ahrefs, 91% of the content does not get organic Google traffic.

You do not have to be discouraged, though.

You need to create an impeccable content delivery strategy that ensures visibility. For each article you publish.

Aaron Orendorff, Forbes’s top 10 B2B marketer, spends 25% of his time promoting his content. For the success of your content marketing campaigns, you need to take content distribution seriously for 2018.

Today, let’s look at how to create a distribution strategy from scratch.

The Digital Trifecta: Three main types of content distribution channels

There are three main types of channels for obtaining visibility after creating your content:

  1. Multimedia Support – The platforms you own give the initial exposure to your content.
  2. Gained Media – Once you broadcast your content on clean channels, people use it on social media and on other platforms. This results in a more organic exposure of your content.
  3. Paid Media – In today’s social media landscape, your updates are viewed by a smaller percentage of your subscribers. To get more visibility, you have to pay for advertisements.

Here is a visual illustration of the trifecta.

digital marketing strategies

. Image Source: [19659003] Now, let’s look at four ways of dealing with all three types of channels. The first four channels belong to the media, the next four are acquired media and the last four are paid media.

1. E-mail Information Bulletin

Once a reader has shown an interest in your brand, you can share your latest content with him via e-mail. A list is a valuable asset for content creators because you have complete control over it.

Unlike social media platforms, you do not need to catch up with algorithmic changes to reach your audience.

In addition to generating direct traffic to your blog post, your list can also get social media sharing and trigger a snowball effect.

social media sharing

Start collecting e-mails from visitors to your website by giving them a valuable magnet.

Confused to choose your marketing suite by e-mail?

Go with MailChimp – it offers a free package of up to 2000 e-mail subscribers.

2. Social Network Planning

After you have e-mailed your article to your subscribers, you can also share it with your existing social media audience.

Buffer is a robust suite of social media management that allows you to schedule your posts on multiple social media platforms. You can even know your ideal publishing hours through application scans.

social network

Most social media updates reach a limited number of your subscribers. Therefore, sharing your content once is not enough. To extract the full juice, you need to recycle your updates. An operation as simple as retweeting your best tweets can help you generate 90% more clicks on a link.

3. Reddit

Although it’s a social bookmarking site, Reddit is also one of the smartest Internet communities. You can not just delete a link and expect thousands of visitors to appear on your website. You will be banned if you only put a link.

The best way to promote your content on Reddit is to “do not try to promote your content”. Instead, become a real Redditor and add value to communities by starting conversations. .

Here is an example of an article I shared in a relevant subdirectory that won eight positive votes. Note that the description of the article itself looks like a short 300 word blog post.

 reddit for content promotion strategies

To get started, find a relevant subreddit for your content from the list here. If you’re lucky, Reddit can get you tens of thousands of page views and even win you a high-level backlink.

4. Execute Content Content Strategy

King of Social Networks Gary Vaynerchuk derives great value from every piece of content that he creates.


 Pillar Content for Content Promotion Strategies

He begins by publishing a long piece of “Pillar Content” on YouTube.

He then creates several pieces of “micro-contents” of each episode. And let his team of 16 people use it to fill his feeds on social networks.

Here is his content pyramid:

 Content pyramid for content promotion strategies

You can mimic the strategy by reusing your content in Slideshare slides. Otherwise, republish your articles with minimal changes at Medium, Quora and LinkedIn. Indeed, to quickly convert posts from your blog to videos, you can use a tool such as Lumen5.

A more personalized strategy, like Aaron Orendorff, comes to the camera. He sometimes uses promotional videos like this to announce the launch of your epic content.

Another option is to reassign your content in Kindle eBooks to catch a few email subscribers.

5. Social Locker

You may have installed a social sharing plug-in like Sumo to share your content on social networks.

There are two other ways to gain support via social media. social media. The first is to publish snippets of your article in the areas “Click to tweet” .  Click to tweet for content promotion strategies Brian Dean has used it with great success for his content on the Backlinko. blog.

The second way to gain media is to manage certain parts of your content. Tim Ferriss does this in some of his popular blogs in exchange for emails from his readers.

 protocol for content promotion strategies

You can do the same by asking your readers to share your content. on social media to access “bonus content”. To perform the same thing, you can use the OnePress Social Locker plugin.

6. Personalized e-mail communication

When writing your article, it is wise to involve experts in the content of your article. You can email them and ask for their quotes, personal data and expertise to add credibility to your content.

If you write a high quality article, these influencers will also share it with pleasure (and possibly a link to

Suppose you have not received a quote from the influencers, but have referred to their advice Then you can always contact them and talk to them about the mention, preferably send a personal e-mail to your recipients rather than using any pending contact forms on their websites.

Here is an example of email that I sent to Mr. Jeff (three years ago) to promote one of my articles.
 Custom Campaign for Content Promotion Strategies

En Depending on your area of ​​activity, your influence and the quality of your room, your influence may require you to share your article, Jeff was kind enough to respond to my email and share the article. ; article.

 Influencer for content promotion strategies

However, before making a direct request (like sharing your article), always focus on adding value. to their audience. This can be as simple as sharing their articles on social media and leaving insightful comments on their articles.

7. Guest post

If you have written a fundamental piece of the content of your website, it takes a lot of time to promote it.

A simple way to do this is to post comments on related topics in other publications and in context. Link to your article from the body of the article.

However, most websites only allow you to use organic links from authors to draw your attention to your brand.

In this case, you can change the content of your cornerstone. a lead magnet. Then, offer it in exchange for emails on a landing page.

You can also create an infographic and custom images to accompany them in your guest article. This enhances the reading experience of the article.

In addition, you can create a link to your website in order to credit the computer graphics. It’s something we’ve done regularly with my articles on Wise Startup Blog.

Content Promotion Strategies

Although this article does not receive any traffic today, computer graphics has earned a sufficient number of backlinks.

 about me content page promotion strategies

8. Take stock of weekly roundups

In most sectors, publications make weekly roundups of the best articles.

You can find them using a search query of the type: [your industry keyword] + “roundup”, [your industry keyword] + “best blog updates”. , “[your industry keyword] +” monthly roundup “or similar

Links from popular roundups can directly increase the visibility of your content, and in the long run, such backlinks will improve the authority of your domain, increasing your chances of getting Google’s organic traffic.

When you send such requests for arrangement, you can also receive reciprocal link placement requests on your blog.For example, I’ve received the following e-mail from a company:

what is content promotion

You must make a call to find out if there is It makes sense for your company to pursue such a reciprocal approach, linking opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

Bonus: Similar to roundups, you can also submit your article to republish on other sites. Web. Here is a list of the 46 main publications with coordinates (courtesy of Sumo).

9. Promote your content on Facebook

Now enter the paid world

It’s a little annoying for content creators to pay for the visibility of their content.

However, with the explosion of content creation, relatively cheap social media ads are an excellent tactic to get social proofs of your articles.

On Facebook, you can start by simply targeting similar branded audiences. However, to get the most out of it, you need to test your ads in a few times. This can mean the difference between a CPC of $ 0.17 and $ 0.57.

 Promote Your Content on Facebook from Containing Promotional Strategies

Do you want to quickly create social proof of your content?

Then take the easiest path: broadcast engagement ads targeting non-Western countries.

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, use this guide.

10. Quuu Promote

Quuu is a paid and unique marketing community. It helps to win organic actions and endorsements for your content.

His model includes two types of people:

  1. Experienced social media users who want to share updates to engage their audience.
  2. Content creators who want to win. visibility of their content.

Aaron Orendorff explained how his content performance had improved by using Quuu to distribute his content:

“My impressions on Twitter grew by 169.4%,” says 218%, retweets and likes 167%, and link clicks at 467.5%. “

I have experienced Quuu many times. Although you may not see many clicks and direct traffic to your content, you can get action and start the process.

Here is an overview of the performance of one of my last active campaigns.

 Quuu Promote for Active Promotions for Content Promotion Strategies

11. Outbrain and Taboola

Outbrain and Taboola are two pay channels that offer a pay-per-click model show for your content on major media websites.

Here is an example of how your content might appear at the end of an article. .

content promotion plan

These platforms are generally less expensive than Facebook ads. However, the quality of their traffic could be debatable.

In his experiments, content strategist Jacob McMillen was able to generate clicks for $ 30 to $ 35. He was unsure of the quality of the traffic and the conversion because the traffic sources were questionable.

You can read more about these two platforms here

. Hire a Consultant

If you run out of time and want to reach your target audience quickly, you should consider hiring a professional.

You can hire a consultant to work with your content marketing team. Alternatively, you can call on a marketing agency  specializing in your area of ​​activity.

With consultants, you can leverage their existing audience to amplify your content.

For example, Ryan Robinson was working as a content marketing consultant and in addition, Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré built a SaaS audience engaged with more than 100,000 connections across social media.

If your content is actionable and relevant to its audience, you can hire it to become an extension of your content marketing team.

what is content marketing

Final Thoughts

and acquired media are two great ways to launch your content distribution. They can put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

However, if you start today, you may not be able to achieve your business goals of content marketing without paid marketing.

experiment with the three channels to find the ideal solution for your brand. In any case, if you see powerful content, adjust its distribution with pay channels.

Are there specific ways to make your content distribution successful? 


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