How to become famous Instagram

How to become a famous Instagram

Instagram is no longer limited to connecting with friends – in 2018, it has become an incredibly powerful platform for finding your voice and creating a business. In fact, Instagram’s estimated ad revenue is expected to reach $ 6.8 billion in 2018, up from $ 1.8 billion two years ago.Today,Instagram is able to turn homemakers into hat designers. woman working in business wealth management in a world traveler and How to make money and marketing in Instagram. It is therefore not surprising that you want to become a famous Instagram and reach a wide audience with your own personal brand. modern marketing model

I’m not an Instagram Influencer (I think an average of 60 “I like” per post is a little inferior to the minimum of most brands for sponsorship opportunities) I so I spoke with real Instagram influencers. marketing model

During my conversations with these influencers, one thing became clear: the term “famous” makes most people feel uncomfortable. Apparently, “famous” denotes something less substantial than most of these people pursue. As Emma Hoareau (@emmahoareau), a beauty and travel influencer who has nearly 40,000 subscribers, says, “Do not go crazy on Instagram! Create great work and use the app as inspiration … the competition of numbers. ”

If you think about it,” fame “and” influence “are two radically different measures of success.When fame is measured to a certain number, the influence is measured at something little less quantitative – a deep and authentic connection to your audience

Here we have compiled some critical tips from fourteen Instagram influencers – a step closer to sharing your brand with the world and influencing your own audience.

1. Make sure your content is authentic and authentic

All the influencers in this list have insisted on a proven practice: authentic content.

Emily Roberts (@thelipstickfever), a fashion and beauty influencer with more than 57k followers, said, “Focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to your content. is better to display higher quality images less often than to display something very frequently. ”

For me become a famous Instagram, that makes sense. content creation. A public prefers to read a high quality Facebook status than a hundred less interesting ones. At HubSpot, we would prefer to publish a few outstanding content items per day, rather than working to produce hundreds of barely average pieces.

Of course, authenticity is more easy to say what to do, especially when you follow other accounts and feel the urge for their publications or branding. You might, at times, doubt your ability to stay honest about your life when it is tempting to present something a little brighter.

Finally, Chelsea Martin (@passporttofriday), a blogger and tour operator with over 17,000 subscribers, says that commitment to your brand is essential -” do not take any offer of collaboration that you arrive. Stay true to your personal brand and your subscribers will remain faithful to you. ”

While it may be tempting to take the first sponsorship offer you receive, long-term growth is to remain engaged in a partnership with brands that can provide significant value to your business.”

2. Stay flexible and authentic as your brand evolves.

When you follow Instagram influencers , you may feel like you have joined the app with an inherent and instant understanding of their brand – at least that’s what I’ve always felt.To check it out, I asked Nicole Loher (@nicoleloher), a health influencer and fitness with over 14,000 subscribers, if she knew what she wanted from her brand when creating her Instagram account.

I’ve always had a very pure goal of sharing a very authentic insight of my life – no matter if it’s good or my uvais – because I finally moved to New York without knowing anyone … And do it I think that when my successors started to amass, I realized that I was a real platform to advocate for projects, communities and brands whose passion is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. About three years ago, my brand started to change: I went from a girl who worked in fashion and beauty to a competitive triathlete, it ‘s not something that I’ d like. I decided to do. ”

An influencer does not become a famous Instagram without creating a strong community and developing a connection with its audience Emily Roberts (@thelipstickfever) says, “Always make sure you focus on creating value for your audience and focus on what makes you truly unique.”

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An become a famous Instagram is a professional role as anything else, so it’s important to consider what you can offer your audience. Lauren Caruso (@laurencaruso_), a fashion influencer with nearly 35,000 subscribers, advises: “The first step is definitely to find your niche and then come up with some kind of service to the public. Creative leadership ideas, or help them discover new brands – just make sure to stay true to your aesthetic, rather than trying to be everything for everyone.

4. Find micro-brands to work with.

Once you have created a brand and developed a loyal customer base, you may feel ready to reach out to certain brands. But Nike or L’Oréal direct messaging may not be your best initial strategy.

Instead, Puno (@punodostres), become a famous Instagram and founder of more than 14,000 subscribers, highlights the importance of micro-brands: The brands on Instagram are great, especially because they are of small businesses open to trade. Like you, they are looking to develop their products. If you’re an influencer with less than 10,000 followers, the product for commerce is a great place to start creating content for which you want to get paid, especially if you find brands you like and you’re in the same boat (socially). In addition, they are more likely to mention you and register you.

marketing on instagram In addition,Jackson and Graham Buoy (@ thebrothersbuoy]), two culinary influencers with over 11k subscribers, have said: “One of our favorite activities is to work with smaller brands or new restaurants that find always their voice and help them tell their story. our stream that we really care about or use … we simply do not see the point behind content that is obviously paid for and that does not fit the personal mark of someone, as that goes to the against the idea of ​​influencing.

For more information on referrals, see “How to be sponsored on Instagram (even if you currently have 0 subscribers).”

5. Refine Your Photography Skills

Often, it’s easy to think that your filters for iPhone and Instagram are sufficient – and sometimes they are – but to differentiate yourself as an influencer, compared to an Instagram user, it may be worthwhile to find out. investing in better photography and publishing equipment.

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Chelsea Martin A professional camera and an excellent lens can make the difference between a good photo and an amazing photo – which is more likely to be republished by other accounts, thus increasing your audience. ”

go the extra mile. Invest in photography equipment or classes to improve your skills.

Jackson Buoy (@thebrothersbuoy), advises: “Investing in hardware is a great idea, but if you do not know how to use it, it will not get you anywhere. We recommend that you spend money on sites such as Skillshare, or even invest time in YouTube tutorials on the basics of photography and editing Once you feel at home there is no way to get started. comfortable and that you know how to take a good photo, go to a better equipment. ”

In the end, you want to provide your audience with something valuable, as with any service, using the right tools and taking classes online could lead to greater long-term profitability.”

6. Being Persistent

As with any profession, one of the most critical elements for success on Instagram is persistence.

Morgan Raphael (@bun_undone) says: “I preach patience and self-love. Do not give up, continue to write or post consistently and over time, the comparison game can easily interest you if you focus on the numbers, so focus on the meaningful content you share, stay proud of your work and continue. ”

Becoming an influencer is not easy, and while it may be incredibly rewarding, it’s only possible if you’re ready to take the time.” Being passionate about your content will help you get through the difficult moments.

Christina, Jeannie & Eli (@fitcityblonde), three influential people in the fitness field with more than 8,000 followers, advise you: Authentic connections and GRIND Do not be afraid to contact your interlocutors to create your network, especially in person The Instagrammers often hide behind their pages, which makes them unique when you want to establish real human connections.I think we can all agree, that you are looking for the 39 Influence or celebrity, commendable efforts are never easy – but, hopefully, these tips from become a famous Instagram will make your experience a little easier.

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