How can content capture a better retail experience?

How can content capture a better retail experience?

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If you want to dramatically disrupt consumers' buying habits, it's not a pain to invent a public holiday. sale.

Learn from the success of one of the most powerful forces of nature: Amazon. The so-called "all-store" has launched its one-day shopping spree, Prime Day, in 2015 and has continually destroyed the supremacy of Black Friday sales post-Thanksgiving.

[19659003] Fortunately, you do not have to change the calendar to influence the buying process of your audience members or convert them into customers. In fact, the retail landscape is so rich in opportunities that you only need the content experience – and a bit of creative ingenuity.

The #retail landscape is rich in joderama content experiences.
Let's look at some of the key forces impacting retail and e-commerce businesses, as well as some content opportunities that you need to explore to stay competitive and prepare for the next wave of challenges .

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Retail Content is a Mixed Bag (Shopping)

According to Deloitte 2018 Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Perspectives : US retailers expected to benefit from strong economic prospects and reliable spending throughout 2018 thanks to strong labor market, low unemployment rate, healthy stock market and revenue growth rate However, recent economic tensions between the United States and some of its largest trading partners – including China, Canada and Mexico – could lead to trade wars. And this could lead to a sharp rise in the cost of goods and services in the near future, affecting almost all segments of the distribution.

Cost control becomes increasingly critical

Even without a trade war, profit margins notoriously thin. Every retail brand must continue to be highly strategic in terms of marketing spend – including the breakdown of your content marketing budget and your team's resources.

Fortunately, the overall profitability of content marketing makes it a very affordable technique for budget level brands – an important selling point for getting the executive membership you need to succeed.

# Contentmarketing's profitability makes it an affordable technique for #retail at all budget levels. @joderama
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In addition, Casandra Campbell, Shopify's leader in content marketing and co-host of Content Marketing World 2018's e-commerce and retail lab, can even help brands drive traffic acquisition costs and create more sustainable businesses. "By using tactics such as blogs, you can create market traffic with a much lower CAC than cold traffic," she adds.

#Content tactics generate traffic to @Casandra_Camp
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Execs are not the only authorization you need

Even if you manage to secure connections to create connections more powerful client through content, you have to overcome many obstacles. For example, the European Union General Data Regulations (GDPR) are at the root of data-related complications and the influx of derivatives traders. In a sector such as distribution, where success depends on the brand's ability to continually re-engage interested consumers, content marketers are particularly affected by the new standards and data collection practices introduced by GDPR.

the implications of vaguely written rules of GDPR for the aggregation of personal data and transparency of the opt-in may not be fully visible for years. But for now, he advises marketers to consider the new data privacy regulations as an important opportunity to rely on the information provided by consumers who decide to stay on your contact lists.

decade for content marketers to become strategic. @Robert_Rose
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A Fragmented Public Still Requires Frugal Experiences

Beyond the issues of cost, executive support and consumer permission, it is necessary to continually adapt your strategy to Content Marketing Marketers have to contend with the fast pace of digital innovation.

As new devices, media channels, and other technology trends emerge, they provide retailers with remarkable opportunities to deliver desirable and even personalized content experiences. But in fragmented landscapes like this, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the consistency and quality of your content experience across all possible touch points, not to mention all interactions.

To maintain some control, Casandra recommends tracking and measuring each piece of customer data that your content can help you generate. "You never know what data will provide useful information in the future," she says. The more accurately you measure performance, the easier it will be for you to make smart decisions about how to iterate and scale your content marketing.

Track and measure each customer data generated by your content, advises @Casandra_Camp

The rapid pace of technological advances has also increased the expectations of demanding retail customers for services. Although not everyone is convinced that man's attention is shorter than that of a goldfish, the evidence shows that tolerance to digital frustration has become alarming, especially on the mobile. If the experience you offer on the channel or the preferred device of a consumer is not as impeccable and frictionless as possible, you run the risk of losing interest and, even worse, his activity – maybe for good. the funnel

Despite all the complications in the modern retail world, producing an out of the ordinary content experience can have a lasting impact on the buying habits of your audience. But to attract the right consumers at the right time and translate their commitment into quantifiable sales, you may need to be more creative, more inventive in the way you deliver that content and better suited to the customer's needs and preferences. the purchase process.

Agility, anticipation and preparation are key

Deloitte's report recommends retailers find ways to modernize their digital presence Recommendations:

  • Implementation of a content strategy focused more on smartphones
  • Investing in automation
  • Experimenting voice response tools and connectivity to the Internet of Things

Do not just apply to brand interactions digital. As the Deloitte report points out, now that consumers can shop online, it's critical that your retail business gives them compelling reasons to visit your physical stores – a goal that content marketing is well placed.

Take for example the pop-up experience of Amazon Treasure Truck. Amazon Prime customers who wish to take advantage of a discounted offer (delivered via text messages) must collect the merchandise in person at a designated location in their city. Upon arrival, they are rewarded for their extra effort with an exclusive experience – live performance, movie screenings and other fun surprises.


partnerships with complementary online players – such as social media networks, video, music or game brands – to expand your ecosystem retail. Not only can these offers help you generate new revenue streams, they will also help you deliver a differentiated experience that your consumers will appreciate.

Consider the benefits that the JCPenney retailer can offer to beauty-conscious buyers through a partnership with Sephora. According to Deloitte, JCPenney online shoppers can browse a wide range of Sephora products and order them online for same-day pickup at the Penney site. In addition, exclusive in-store events, such as group makeovers, beauty classes and other special experiences, have increased traffic in both brands' outlets.

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Content that sells the benefits of a brand

Need a little inspiration for your next effort of content? Take a look at the different ways in which your resellers use content to gain a brand advantage:

Grace & Lace cultivates inspiring space on Instagram

Storytelling can help users connect to a link that might Encourage a new retail therapy session. Take the example of Grace & Lace, a clothing retailer appeared on the ABC Shark Tank. The company keeps members of its Instagram community (61,000 people) engaged by sharing engaging stories, real-life experiences, and behind-the-scenes moments to which its audience can identify and feel inspired.

. @ GraceandLaceCo succeeds on Instagram with w / motivational anecdotes and behind-the-scenes moments, says @joderama.
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 Instagram of Grace and Lace

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Dunkin Donuts Offers Fans a Little Feast for AR

Augmented Reality (AR) features allow fans to express their passion for their favorite brands. For example, to promote National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts sponsored a goal on Snapchat that allows users to turn their faces into donuts – with animated nuggets that fall into pretty jaws of donuts.

Ikea's ReadMe Magazine Sets High Standards for Employee Engagement

With respect to retail marketing, your integrated army of brand, ie your employees, is one of your most important audiences. The magazine Ime Readme print aims to raise awareness and mobilize company employees around the brand by ensuring that they are the first to know the strategies, policies and business practices of the company. # 39; company. The magazine reaches all employees and is produced in 23 languages. It is also available digitally, and video resources are included to expand products or important issues, such as durability.


Bed Bath and Beyond

This big box store for bedding and bathing items has added an "off-level" feature to its mobile app : the ability to shop outside the store using visual search. Throughout the day, app users can take photos of inspirations they encounter or products that interest them. The application uses a photo recognition technology to identify and categorize image elements and instantly offers Bed Bath & Beyond products that could fit their needs. As a test, I took a picture of my favorite cup of coffee. Not only did the application correctly identify the cup, but it offered a product close to the mark:

. @BodBathBeyond uses photo recognition technology to suggest products tailored to the needs of the user, says @joderama.
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Apple Today prepares its customers for the future of computer

Apple has always had his Genius Bar in retail stores; But in 2017, the company expanded its educational content by offering extensive training in the 495 stores under the Today at Apple brand. Check out the nearest Apple site and find 30- to 90-minute sessions on programming and editing videos on a Mac.


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Patagonia Wins A Great Success In Public opinion

If a cause is appropriate for your brand, it is worth some customers against the attention and loyalty that you could win in return. A concrete example: the Patagonia outdoor clothing brand has felt comfortable taking a stand on important environmental issues, as evidenced by some of the most controversial articles that she shared on his blog The Cleanest Line and other media. Fortunately, its risks seem to be bearing fruit: the company's efforts to denounce the US president's decision to exploit protected national monuments – including a posting on Instagram stating that "The President stole your land" and a 360-degree interactive video experience, This is Bears Ears – sparked a wave of support for Patagonia on Twitter around the hashtag #MonmentalMistake as well as a rise in sales.


Like what you have read and would like practical help to improve the experience of your brand's content? Do we have a business for you! Join Casandra Campbell and Leslie Carruthers of the Research Guru for their extensive Content Marketing World retail and e-commerce lab on September 7th. experts, and a ton of ideas that you can set up in your own business. Register today .

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