How to be an agent of change: examples from the best content marketing prize winners

How to be an agent of change: examples from the best content marketing prize winners


"What are the next steps for content marketing?" As modern marketing practitioners, can not m & # 39; to keep an eye on what the future holds.

The dynamic nature of the digital industry means that we can never feel too comfortable or too complacent to create meaningful content experiences. Consumer trends, behaviors and information needs are constantly changing. Our role is not only to build strong and confident customer relationships, but to serve as agents of change, enabling our brands, strategies and stories to evolve with them.

] When it comes to creating a new, forward-looking course, we can all learn from the winners and finalists of this year's Content Marketing Awards. Each has demonstrated the important role that content can play in change, whether it is to attract new audiences, to look for new business opportunities or to share a new vision for tomorrow.

Content marketers in the categories that cover strategy, distribution, editorial and design. In all, 92 winners were selected from a total of more than 1,100 applications.

In addition to the winners of the category, four prizes were awarded on September 5 at Content Marketing World:

  • Year Project
  • Year Agency (less than 100 employees)
  • Agency of the Year (more than 100 employees)
  • Content Marketer of the Year

If you are looking for inspiration to advance your content marketing practices I highly recommend Check out some of the notable efforts of this year's Project Winner and Finalists:

Ideas of Order Magazine

(Winner: Project of the Year, Best New Print – Editorial). Agency of the Year <100 employees)   Order Ideas

California Closets is a high-end guard space management company anchored in the belief that a well-organized environment characterized by quality, impeccable style and personalized functionality – promotes creativity, relaxation and beneficial concentration. But despite the brand's strong vision for chaos, the message did not reach its demanding and demanding luxury members who strove to distinguish the brand and recognize its brand. unique value.

In an increasingly competitive industry, California Closets is committed to making its brand a company that elegantly designs better lives. With the help of his Redbird agency, he launched Ideas of Order – a rich and tangible content experience that turns the brand's assets into a celebratory showcase of how an organized personal environment can create a sense of ownership. Harmony and promote positive feelings of calm and confidence. , and joy.

Four weeks after launching his magazine, @caclosets generated $ 42 for every $ spent. @EditorStahl #CMWorld
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This effort has exceeded all expectations of society. Four weeks after its initial draw, the book generated $ 42 in revenue for every dollar spent; and the immediate increase in demand resulted in two additional draws and a corresponding microsite. Prior to winning the CMA Project of the Year honors, the press and industry media praised her, as well as the Pearl Council Awards and the Muse Creative Award.

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Healthcare IT News Australia

(Winner: Best New Digital Publication – Editorial, Best Editorial – Digital. year-round; Best Publication on Health Care / Medicine)   IT News HIMSS is a global nonprofit organization that sought to strengthen its leadership position as an influential advocate for health care. patients. By identifying a critical information gap in the healthcare IT sector in Australia, he took the opportunity to start the conversation by launching Healthcare IT News Australia (HITN), an authoritative resource on People, Politics and Technology

HITN Australia's daily content helps its audience implement cutting-edge technologies, implement best practice cyber security and manage more profitable organizations, contributing to optimize patient care and improve outcomes. But that's the way HIMSS approaches content enhancement through analytics that truly stand out, allowing it to continually refine its audience segments, its content pillars and its topics. keys, as well as its distribution channels such as social media.

The launch of the HITN site in 2017, HIMSS and its content agency, Mahlab, created a Facebook audience from scratch, surpassing growth targets and the size of its main Australian competitor by 267%. Collectively, HITN's content hub has attracted more than 90,000 users; generated thousands of reactions, comments and actions; and even put the HITN editor on the map as an influential speaker at industry round tables and conferences.

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19659030] Best series of videos or motivational videos. Finalist: Project of the Year)

 Make your voice heard

via Be Vocal: Speak for Mental Health. The nonprofit organization has partnered with award-winning documentary maker Shaul Schwarz to launch Beyond Silence, a 29-minute documentary that looks at mental health from a new angle. The film follows three people with mental illness, honestly describing their personal struggles, while putting more emphasis on how their lives have been positively transformed by their decision to talk about these struggles.

Beyond Silence was able to extend the reach of the Be Vocal message and have a significant impact as an agent of change in mental health care:

Beyond Silence, a film from #BeVocalSpeakUp had a huge impact on mental health. @EditorStahl
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  • The media coverage has resulted in 242 articles and 416 million estimated impressions, with a high level coverage of The Ellen Show, Allure and Vanity Fair.
  • 138,000 users Projection of silence and broadcast questions and answers about Huffington Post Live.
  • More than 38,000 tweets included the Be Vocal hashtag: #BeVocalSpeakUp.
  • The website of the initiative, BeVocalSpeakUp, has received 102,000 visitors since its launch.
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) integrates Beyond Silence into its training program on mental health and suicide prevention for 63,000 people at 130 sites.
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Play Magazine

(Winner: Integrated Content Marketing Program – Print / Digital Integration. Finalist: Project of the year) [19659003]   Virgin media Despite its famous pedigree, Virgin Media was considered an outsider in the world of Irish entertainment, having long struggled to gain a foothold in a crowded market dominated by other actors well established. Part of the problem was a disconnect in communication: the brand has always believed in talking to fans of entertainment, but its strong content focused on updating prices has become to .

Clutter and start repairing customer relationships, Virgin joined forces with Zahra Media Group to launch PLAY – a quarterly entertainment magazine packed with quality editorials, artist interviews, interactive elements

The shift to more audience-centered content has paid off. Distributed in both digital and print versions, PLAY exceeded the brand's expectations in several ways, including:

  • Driver Commitment: Reader Survey indicates that 47% of readers visited the website from Virgin Media Ireland. after consuming PLAY content, 20% said they shared something that they had read in the magazine. In addition, the average messaging commitment for PLAY is well above the industry average with an open rate of 40.5% and a click rate of 5%.

47% of PLAY players visited @VirginMediaIE after consuming #content. #CMWorld
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  • Increasing interest in Virgin Media products: 35% of readers surveyed said they watched a new program on Virgin TV and 47% visited the Virgin website Media Ireland to learn about a product after reading in the magazine.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 62% of readers surveyed said that PLAY Magazine was a valuable benefit as a Virgin Media customer and 83% how it keeps them abreast of Virgin products and services Media. In addition, 30% of customers believed that Virgin Media was better paying (compared to 24.1% the year before).
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AWOL Inspired by Qantas

(Winner: Best Tourism / Travel Content Marketing Program Finalist: Project of the Year)


Qantas is the Australian airline, as well as one of its most appreciated and appreciated brands. While attention to high-end business and travelers has been a success for the brand for many years, the marketing team has recognized the need to connect with a new audience: generation Y, the next generation Qantas customers.

his rejuvenation efforts by partnering with Junkee Media, a leading digital publisher for millennial audiences. Through his research and experience, the Junkee team has discovered an open opportunity for Qantas to create content around the intersection of travel and experience while playing on two of the most big fears of the Y generation: FOMO (fear of missing) know).

AWOL was born – a social media-driven, social media-driven social media title designed to inspire young Australians to explore the world. AWOL publishes a mix of content types and topics, all designed to get young Australians to stop scrolling through their Facebook feeds and start planning their next travel adventure. But what really sets AWOL apart is its cooperative business model: AWOL is 100% owned by Qantas, but it is fully managed, licensed and operated by Junkee Media, which drives its commercial success.

is already helping to put the brand in touch with a young audience, as studies have found more than possessions. As reported by the Junkee Media Team:

  • AWOL beat all of its performance indicators over a 12-month period, gaining more than 2.9 million unique hits.
  • have received more than 4 million views on Facebook and Instagram, with a social reach of 11 million and 171,000 "likes", comments and actions.
  • Together, AWOL's content marketing initiatives resulted in 27% growth and 24% revenue growth.
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More Winning Content Creators

The CMI team would also like to take a minute to congratulate the incredible agencies that have won honors this year, as well as inspiring marketers who have been recognized as finalists for Content Marketer of the Year:

Agency of the Year (less than 100 employees)

Winner: mediji doo

Final ist:

  • Imprint
  • Influence & Co.
  • Storying
  • Redbird
  • 256 Media

Agency of the year (more than 100 employees)

MSP-C (a division of MSP communications)


  • New Content
  • VERB Interactive, Inc. [19659008] Stein IAS [19659008] Yesler
  • Marcus Thomas LLC

Sales Agent Commercialization of the Year

Winner : Venetta Linas Paris, Aon

Finalists: [19659094] [19659007] Randi Bartelmie, Symantec Corp.

  • Bertrand Cerisier, Xerox Corp.
  • Beverly Jackson, MGM International Resorts
  • Glenn LaFollette, JLL
  • Jason Miller, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions] Evan Parker, NASCAR
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