How to set up multiple blogs and why it's worth it

How to set up multiple blogs and why it's worth it


Blogs have skyrocketed in recent decades.

From its rise in the 1990s to its legendary fall in the early 2000s, we saw it as a trend and a source of revenue.

Nowadays, the digital world is taking over and blogs have come back as a viable profession. There are now millions of blogs dealing with every niche and every subject, no matter how obscure or strange it may be.

The beauty of running a blog is that you can turn your passion and your leisure into income. You can truly generate a living wage by writing about what you love, as long as you are good and pay attention to certain technical details.

But in this difficult situation, it is difficult to see how you can distinguish yourself as content. creator with a single blog.

Have you thought about creating a second blog?

Your first blog may be great, but if you want to develop your writing, you must understand that you will have to change your voice.

A new niche requires a different way to approach your audience. Think well and hard if you are ready to develop another voice for your writing and if you can keep up. If you fail, it will not exhaust you.

Before you start a new business, you need to determine why people should read your content. Unless you propose an innovative topic that few people discuss, you will have fierce competition.

Before creating multiple blogs, remember that you will have to create something new and become someone's favorite inspiration source.

Remember to create another blog, do not forget that you are human and that there are not many hours in the day.

You will need to post regularly, write in all categories, take care of the promotion of social media, with emails and newsletters. It's quite difficult with just one blog, so consider the time and energy you will need to invest in half. Passion drives him, and he refuses to let those flames go out before we burn. So, know when you have too much, and never sacrifice quality for quantity.

If you can hack it, you will find that there are many benefits to setting up and managing multiple blogs. This is not an easy route to take, but the destination will be worth it.

You'll be on the right track to build an "empire" as they say, where you'll have a vast online presence. Many say that they simply do not have the time to manage more than one blog. However, this may be simply because they do not understand the benefits.

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Several blogs are easier to manage

You may have heard the pancakes rule. This implies that the first pancake almost always ends up burning, having a strange shape and failure.

The same goes for blogs. Your first blog may not be a failure, but many mistakes were probably made after a long period of trial and error. In fact, you can go to your old articles and report the number of nonsense you have committed.

At the same time, you also understand how much you have learned.

By increasing the influence of your new blog, you will notice a different pace that will be faster and more effective.

Your second blog will incorporate all the wisdom and knowledge that the years have given you. It will not be your first draft, but a high quality source that shows that someone with experience is behind the wheel.

Viewers will feel this confidence in your writing. This will create more credibility for your new blog and, as a result, your visibility will skyrocket.

They help you to avoid compromises

This can be part of life, but sometimes it can be satisfying to avoid your writing. There are many niches and categories to sort your content, but a subject may not be the right one. It's interesting, trendy, and can actually increase your traffic, but it barely has a place on your site. They say that the Miscellaneous / Others category is the real weak link in any website, so you do not want your articles to appear there.

Instead, you can create multiple blogs that will have an appropriate place for them. A site can not cover everything without compromising credibility. So, you can avoid it by managing several blogs dealing with different niches.

Major publications such as The New York Times have supplements like the New York Times Magazine in which they are more focused on fashion, lifestyle and design. This takes away the serious edge of writing about world events and truly impacting stories. It's a clever tactic to maintain their reputation without doing anything like adding a style section to their existing publication.


You can apply the same thing to your blog. This will give you time to develop your skills and broaden your horizons. Most importantly, you will be able to write without the dreaded need of the business world that is a compromise.

You can keep one for work, one for the game.

Several blogs will take off. It looks like they will require a lot of work, and they will do it. However, they may allow you to create support for your lighter passions.

If you're a writer at heart, sometimes you do not want to live on a schedule. Managing multiple blogs means you can have one for yourself, write what you like and when you want without keeping an eye on the numbers.

This could improve the quality of your other blogs and keep you from getting tired. Staying on schedule and searching for perfect keywords can be exhausting. By creating a separate blog that is only for yourself, without any waiting or pressure, your other sites will benefit.

This is a common practice among writers, even the best known. Agatha Christie, for example, was an exceptional author, with an impressive collection of 66 crime novels that delighted the world. However, fewer people know that she also wrote six love novels under the pseudonym, Mary Westmacott.

They posed as his outlet, a change of pace and a release of the pressure that his name had created because of people's expectations, style and theme. This can be beautifully translated into your own writing experience, namely blogs. Keep a second site where you can relax and write whatever you want, regardless of its importance or popularity.

You could have your own brand

Several blogs open up new perspectives, like your own brand This involves creating a common name for all but with a slight change that fits their niche perfectly.

This is a great way to use your already existing online presence to boost your new content. Thus, you can create a brand for yourself or a chain of websites whose name is linked but not the subject. This will allow you to develop your content while maintaining your influence online and adding more.

Managing multiple blogs allows you to interconnect them. This is a good way to reassure your viewers that they can expect the same high quality content that you have already delivered. This will increase traffic and help you create a brand for yourself. However, never lose sight of the fact that it involves the responsibility to respect the usual standards regarding the quality of the content and the frequency of publication.

A good example would be National Geographic. While their publication is known around the world for its exquisite writing and thirst for adventure, the same thing could be directed towards children.


So they created National Geographic Kids and inspire them to explore the world. The topics are quite different because some may not be suitable for children and the approach is easier for young people to understand. However, the famous name persists.


They are a great way to do cross promotion.

Several blogs are a great way to enter the field is "cross promotion".

As long as this is applicable, it is entirely acceptable that you help promote one site with the other and vice versa. This will create several backlinks that will increase your traffic and influence.

It is important to keep in mind that you do not become spam. While Google is a fan of blogs that actively use links to other content, too many promotional links could penalize you.

The best thing is that it's free, you know the policies and styles of both sites. definitely trust the information. Consider the strength of the domain and the authority of your site in the eyes of Google. The more links you have, the better the reputation. The credibility of your blog will increase.

Just be careful not to overuse this feature as it is frowned upon by search engines. The ongoing promotion of a site will attract attention and you may end up with one of your penalized sites.

Stay balanced and practical. Do not just do it for promotional reasons.

You can get more ads

A blog that generates traffic will definitely attract advertisers. However, most do not know the true value of multiple websites for advertisers. They have a limited number of ads for each site, which means you can only benefit from a certain number of transactions.

By having several blogs, the potential is increased tenfold because you can establish partnerships. with the same advertiser but for more sites. This means that you can double the benefits of a fake connection, which will increase your income.

You have already made contact, half of the work will be done. Not to mention that several blogs will increase your online presence on search engines and that more and more advertisers will find your website. This, in turn, will increase your credibility in the eyes of Google and attract more visitors.

So, if you are writing in order to monetize your work, it is certainly more convenient to manage more than one blog. [19659003] WordPress has a useful plug-in that can help you manage multiple ads.


All That Exceeds the Usual Advantages of Managing Multiple Blogs and Challenges:

  • Increasing Revenue
  • Diverse Content
  • Larger social media reach
  • Exploration of several niches
  • More traffic
  • Easier to classify

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If you are convinced that you are ready to set up and manage multiple blogs, you will need to understand how to proceed.

The most popular tool for setting up multiple WordPress blogs is MU WordPress, now easier to continue your experience with something you are probably already familiar with. However, you will also need to decide how you want to handle them.

The installation process of WordPress should already be familiar after setup However, the wp-config.php file should be slightly different for each type of database.

There is a simpler way, by creating separate blogs on a single WordPress installation. However, it is indisputable that you will not really separate the two. In the end, this fits your preferences and your SEO management capabilities.

Bonus: Learn how to set up a WordPress blog in 5 minutes here.


Blogging is not an easy task, and some people often do it without knowing the burdens that result. However, understanding the benefits will reduce tension.

This may be a challenge that will double your workload, but can also give excellent results in a few months. Once you have had a taste of potential success, you might even be tempted to build more and more.

Just remember to control yourself and know when to stop and when it's out of control. As with everything in life, moderation is the key.

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