best examples of product page design

best examples of product page design

product website examples

If you look at how product pages are showing up in different companies, it’s clear that they cover the whole gamut. Some opt for the direct approach, displaying the image of a product and explaining why someone buys it.

Other companies create elaborate pages with moving elements and fancy and interactive elements.

Still others create attractive product pages that give users an authentic experience by browsing the company’s offerings.


Believe it or not, all the most compelling product pages are not accompanied by any company programming. To give you an idea of ​​what is possible – from small business to family name – we have identified 18 examples that we find truly admirable.

The pages below have mastered their messages, value propositions, and general descriptions of products as these sites resonate with their unique buyer personality.

 Best Models of product return pages

1. Bellroy

Bellroy sells thinner portfolios than usual.

To answer these questions, Bellroy divided his product page into three stages of the buyer’s journey: understand the problem, how to proceed. correct the problem and how Bellroy can solve it.

There is even an interactive section that shows how the lean portfolio will fill up against a different portfolio. When users move a slider along a line, both wallets are filled with cards and money, thus displaying the very problem that Bellroy ‘s skinny wallet solves.

2. Wistia

Wistia is a video analytics and hosting company that provides users with detailed video performance statistics.This may seem like a rehearsal party, but let’s see what really distinguishes this product page.

First, we receive five colorful charts illustrating the value propositions of their tools.And if that is all the user really needed, these graphics are followed by two calls to action.

But if you keep scrolling through the screen, you’ll see a video with information about the capabilities Wistia és for this video – calls to action, email collectors, video thermal cards and visualization trends.

One of the best ways to explain the features of a visual platform is to demonstrate it on a product page. It presents day by day all the features of Wistia and their operation.

product page


3. Square

Square is a mobile transaction company that merchants can use to collect payments from their customers, anywhere, at any time, provided they have a phone or phone number. a compatible tablet.

The challenge of product marketing is to show why Square is an easier alternative than a conventional cash register – and its product page displays these reasons in a visually captivating way.

product page design

Product Description

The main title of each section of this product page is bold and succinct:“Small credit card reader, great possibilities.”

The rest of the page contains clearly organized titles – which read like answers to frequently asked questions – a lot of white space, a succinct copy and appropriate images. Anyone who examines each section can understand exactly how Square works at every stage of a transaction.

4. Rent the Runway

Some companies, especially in e-commerce , may have thousands of product pages. Rent the Runway, an online dresses rental company, is one of them.

Rent the Runway offers an individual product page for each proposed dress, with all the information a customer might need – images, measurements, fabric, price, etc. and critics. While what distinguishes them? Exceptional detail of the sections “Stylist notes” and “Size and adjustment”.

Product Description

These details have been carefully and carefully organized by stylists and reviewers. They do not just explain what a dress is made of and what it looks like – they describe how it fits on every part of the body, what underwear should be worn with it and for which body types it is best. This type of information not only delights customers and encourages them to gain trust, but also contributes to a safer purchase decision.

Also note that there is a lot of white space around the pictures and the product description. According to ConversionXL research, this space creates greater perceived value – in this case, the price – of the product in the user’s mind.

5. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest develops superfoods in the form of smoothies, soups, etc., and delivers them at home. What makes the product pages of these foods so remarkable? They show you exactly what makes these foods super in a format both clear and digestible – no pun intended.

Check out one of Daily Harvest’s smoothie pages, below. Not only can you see what the smoothie looks like, but by hovering over the left preview icon, under the main picture, shows you the foods used to create that drink. Scroll down the list and you will see each ingredient and a simple description of each one of them.

product website ideas

Product Description

The description of this smoothie is as creative as the landing page itself.

“Kicks tired at the curb, leaves the inflammation in the dust, makes bloating a thing of the past, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s 39; is ginger + greens! “

6. Oreo

If you have ever seen Oreo marketing, you should not be surprised that they are on this list. But sometimes, being well known can actually make more difficult creating a product page. So, how did they do it?

The Oreo product page focuses on how these simple and classic cookies can help people unleash their imagination, dare to wonder and become generally happier. It features a series of videos, one after the other. One is accompanied by the lyrics “It’s so easy to let go of one’s imagination when playing with Oreo”, paying homage to the secular debate about the “best” way to eat them. The page takes a creative and bold approach to marketing, with what might otherwise be considered an ordinary snack.

Oreo has also adopted a unique design for this page. Even if the cookies are monochrome, the page is wonderfully colorful, videos with backgrounds and graphics.

online marketing

7. Fitbit Charge

When I read this blog post, I asked a few people to suggest their favorite product page suggestions. I was amazed at the number of people who immediately recommended Fitbit – and after consulting the site, I understand why.

The page below has revealed the original version of Fitbit Charge – now replaced by the Fitbit 3 – and begins with a value proposition, rather than a list of features. It’s an image of mountain hikers’ heroes who wear Fitbits, with the “Energize Your Day” print.

When you scroll down the page, four quick steps explain how the product works. Plus, many of them are interactive – the “Everything you need, in one place” section allows users to browse different features to see how they appear on the Fitbit mobile app.

But the page also explains why. these features are valuable. For example, we follow everything you do, from walking to running to sleep Why is it important? Well, you can have your current records on hand and try to beat them.

Knowing that users might not remember all the details when they left the page, Fitbit was sure to focus on how these features would make a difference. in the lives of visitors. Good game.

website design

8. Volkswagen

Volkswagen takes an interactive approach to marketing its products. Instead of listing all the features you can have in a car, the company guides you step by step in the process of building your car . During this process, Volkswagen highlights the different features that you can choose from, then gives you an overview of what the car will look like and its impact on the price.

Although I am not currently on the market for a new car, I personally had fun tinkering with the different customization features of the page. What color do I want? Do I want superior audio quality? (Yes.) This is an interesting way for the brand to eliminate the notorious connotations of “car salesmen” by allowing users to know and select features independently.

Plus, there’s a clever mapping feature that lets you see the surrounding dealers have the car with all your preferences in its inventory.

volkswagen marketing estrategies

9. Seattle Cider

Seattle Cider people claim that their cider is “not your standard cider”. Well, the product page either. It reads like a story, starting with attractive, high-definition images of the cider selection that feature some really cool label creations. As you hover over, an explanation appears to explain what sets Seattle Cider products apart from each other, and what makes each variation so special.

But what I prefer is what follows: a really cool interactive display of cider making from start to finish. , which plays for the users when they parade. It’s a surprising and pleasant user experience that goes beyond the typical product page because it does not just display the products. It shows where they come from and how.

best product page design

10. OfficeSpace Software

OfficeSpace sells facilities management software to help people manage, as well, office spaces. Like the name, the product page is very clear and direct.

Each section of this product page is dedicated to a different feature of the software. The title explains the functionality and the subtitle explains why this feature is important when you evaluate different software.

This allows prospects to quickly digest what the product offers, but also to read more details about its value proposition, if they wish. choose from. Plus, if anyone wants to know more about a particular feature, the procedure to follow is clear.

website product design

11. Orangina

This carbonated citrus drink has existed since 1935 and contains exactly four products: the original, the red orange, the light and the tropical. So, how does Orangina keep its current and special product page?

It’s fun to explore. When you hover over one of the blocks, the picture or the icon animates: the bottles dance, the orange slices in half and the thermometer down. Moving images and vivid colors perfectly match the bold and fun personality of the Orangina brand.

Also, you may notice that some of the blocks are real products, while others are just tips and details on their products. If you do not have a lot of products to sell, consider inserting them with tips and information on available products.

digital marketing

12. Mango Languages ​​

Mango Languages ​​creates “sweet” learning experiences for libraries, schools, businesses, government agencies and individuals. His home page illustrated calls for action for each of these buyers, from public libraries to government offices, to those who do school at home. Each of these calls to action leads to a different product page, colorful, clearly written and very complete.

Take a look at the example below for home teachers. Like all other parts of the website, it reflects the friendly, accessible and useful personality of the Mango brand. The video could not be more delicious. I mean, a mango on guitar in a top hat? Yes, please.

When you scroll through the screen, you are greeted with clear value propositions that use playful and brand-loyal language. Everything on the page said “simple to use”, “fun” and “effective”.

examples of product websites

13. Helix Mattress

It’s one thing to sell a mattress, it’s another thing to sell a good night’s sleep. Helix Mattresses focuses on the latter, after designing a product page that organizes each mattress according to its degree of comfort and support.

By examining the Helix product line as a graph, website visitors are not required to examine each mattress. individually to find the attributes they are looking for. Just find the row and column for your bedding needs, then click on your mattress’s product page to learn more.

Product Description

It can be difficult to know which “plush”, “firm” or “good” “support” really means in a mattress – they all seem so subjective. For this reason, Helix favors brevity in its product descriptions, using evocative explanations of each category to which a mattress could belong.

“Plush Feel: The soft top of your mattress allows you to sink like a cloud.”

“Balanced support: not too much, not too little.” Ideal for sleepers lateral to thin body medium. “

” Firm feeling: firm from the top of your mattress without sink or gift. “

14. Minwax

Minwax manufactures products to help people maintain their furniture and wood surfaces. Riveting, no? But the brand has managed to create a product page not only relevant, but also that helps users find quickly and easily what they’re looking for.

This is partly thanks to the Minwax Product Finder module. It works like a quiz, asking a series of multiple-choice questions, such as “What kind of project is it?” and “What are you looking to do?” Once you have answered the questions, the quiz generates the recommended products, which include a convenient “Do not Forget” list with the tools needed to do the job, including goggles, gloves and sandpaper . Useful tips like this go beyond a normal e-commerce product page.

online store

15. Ministry of Supply

The Department of Supply specializes in nice formal wear and shows you just how the landing pages of any of his clothes are at ease.

Take the product page for the Juno blouse below. Below the photo gallery of a woman modeling the product, Ministry of Supply provides visitors with “proofs”, revealing the number of yarns, material and other key qualities of the blouse that make the product unique.

The best feature of the product page may actually be its animated graphics, using basic loop videos that demonstrate the resilience and flexibility of the garment.

Product Description

The Ministry of Supply describes the technical benefits of its products, without sacrificing the friendly tone: is designed for everyday performance, no frills. It wicks sweat, is breathable and does not wrinkle, so you can dress your best without specialized care. ”

16. Liulishuo

Liulishuo is a Chinese-based start-up that designs English learning tools for personal development and development. test preparation The product page of the company’s mobile application offers a clear but rich media preview of its program

As you can see below, the bottom of the page broadcasts an excerpt Animated video of the course in video on a smartphone.This is essentially an application demonstration even before users download the application.

At the top of the page, Liulishuo fun uses QR codes by allowing users to download the QR code. application simply by scanning the app’s QR code on their mobile device. Presenting a software product in this way is a smart effort to increase customer acquisition simply by facilitating the product’s attainment.

e-commerce website

17. Metavrse VR Photobooth

Metavrse, a virtual reality (VR) product consulting and developer company, has the most immersive product page ever seen. The company sells not only information about virtual reality, but also virtual reality tools to help modern businesses engage their customers in their products and services.

One of these tools, endowed with a formidable reminder page, is the VR Photobooth ™.

The Metavrse VR Photobooth ™ includes both a VR headset and a cube-shaped piece in which people enter when they wear it for a 360-degree brand experience. And what better way to demonstrate this experience than just in the center of the product page? Take a look below.

Metavrse places his headset in virtual reality in front of the visitor to the website, with a moving panoramic background that gives companies a first-hand demonstration of what awaits them (or more precisely their customers). ] Product Description

Metavrse gives details of its VR Photobooth ™ via a full PDF file, which visitors to the website can download for free at the bottom of the product page. With regard to the cube-shaped room itself, the company has some tantalizing but informative copies of products:

“Up to 4 guests can enter the booth at once to get caught their photo among a dazzling display of video images and magic mirrors. “

online store

18. Nfant®Nipple

Nfant®, an infant care product, takes the transition from breastfeeding to oral nutrition seriously – as shown on the Nfant® product page of the company. nipple.

What sets this small business apart from others Nursing and parenting services use data to attract clients.

The product page below shows several types of bottle cap teats, each with a different flow rate when the baby is drinking. . However, the product page provides the information with elegance through color coordination, a video demonstration and even a graph comparing the flow rate range of each product that breastfeeding mothers can refer to.

Breastfeeding mothers continually educate themselves about the resources they have to keep their children healthy throughout their development. Keeping this in mind, Nfant’s detailed but easy-to-understand product page is familiar with his buyer personality.

 Best practices for product pages

What did these brands tell us about the product pages? It boils down to a few essentials:

  • Make it interesting and fun, especially if you have an unattractive product.
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Make it personal. Allow users to “create their own” product, to show them that you can respect their preferences.
  • Make it informative. Without getting bogged down in details, be sure to include the right information that will show users what sets your products apart.





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