Facebook redraws pages as scopes go down, 5 fascinating facts about Generation Z, return on investment of current accounts and more!

Want to follow the news of social media, but shortly? We have you covered! Join more than 17,000 weekly listeners for the Buffer podcast, The Science of Social Media, where we feature the latest in social marketing, news, stories, ideas, and actionable music. [19659002] This week we are offering a very interesting episode, starting with specific details about Facebook's project to rethink professional pages from top to bottom for "utility". What You'll Learn in This Episode What follows is a slightly modified transcript of the conversation between Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters. Running out of time? No problem! Here are four points to remember: Facebook tries to redefine the business pages not just as a marketing tool via News Feed, but as a destination for customers. Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are among the best social media platforms for Generation Z although most teenagers continue to consume it daily. Many agencies and brands divert their attention from influencers to accounts even to broadcast native ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. LinkedIn encourages people and pages to use hashtags in their content in the news feed. Facebook is redrawing the pages as the range goes down, 5 fascinating facts about the Z generation, the return on investment of the current accounts and more! [complete podcast transcript] Part One: Facebook Redesigns Business Pages as Scope Declines Part II: 5 Fascinating Marketing Facts About Generation Z Part III: The ROI of Accounts hashtags to maximize exposure to content Brian: Hello everyone! I am Brian Peters and here is the science of social media, a podcast of Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for stories, ideas, experimentation and learning on social media. Hailley: Welcome to the episode # 108! I'm Hailley Griffis and this week we have a great episode for you, starting with the fact that Facebook has basically redesigned Business pages from the top down. We also discuss some interesting facts about social media about the Generation Z in 2018, the return on investment on the same accounts, and more! Brian: I've already talked about the same accounts in the series, but I'd venture to say they're one of the biggest social media players in recent years . It should be fun! Let's start the series. Part I: Facebook redraws business pages as the scope decreases Ressource: Why the news feed becomes less important for Facebook pages Hailley: A fact The staple of…

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The 8 Instagram accounts with the most subscribers – and what marketers can learn from them

After Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the app went from a fun social network for selfies and brunch pics to something much more important: the best marketing platform for the visual content. and IGTV, Instagram now has more than one billion active users a month who spend nearly an hour going through the app every day they log on. The popularity of Instagram allows most brands to establish an emotional connection with a massive audience. so good for Instagram users that they attracted tens of millions of followers. Let's take a look at this list of the eight most followed Instagram brands and look at their content to find out exactly how they were built. following of worship. Quick Note: This article pertains to professional accounts with the most Instagram followers. The eight Instagram accounts with the most followers all belong to celebrities. As we write primarily about marketing, we thought this would be a more relevant topic. Top Instagram Accounts Instagram National Geographic Nike Real Madrid 9GAG NASA NBA Chanel Instagram 1. Instagram Followers: 246 million Instagram is a great example for brands that really want to engage an audience on their application. By organizing and reposting the most engaging content of their users on their own profile, Instagram shows their subscribers that ordinary people can meet their creative and artistic potential on the platform. This encourages brands and normal users of Instagram to devote the time and effort required to create compelling content that will instantly attract the attention of an audience. Photo by @george_and_troja Hello, world! Meet today #WeeklyFluff: Troja (@george_and_troja), an Irish Setter who can often be discovered outdoors in Norway. "We live near the countryside with the forest as a backyard, so she runs between the trees since she's little," says George, the Troja man. "Troja was not the most social puppy or the strongest, but after years of challenging her to explore new things, see new places and meet other dogs and people, she became a mischievous dog with equal passion for adventure and snacks. " An article shared by Instagram (@instagram) on August 9, 2018 at 11:09 Pacific Time Instagram is also doing a good job of promoting their stories and the IGTV show about celebrities, wildlife and other topics. They publish original content that highlights the upcoming episodes, but the articles are read more as a report than as an advertisement, which…

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The 27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

Instagram has become a very neat destination for beautiful photos, videos and visual content that claim all the best Likes and comments. It's as if the urge to visit a modern art museum could now be satisfied in the comfort of our home - or bus seats or lunch breaks. That is, if you follow the right people. As social media generally provide a platform for individuals to become brands, so do artists and designers who have found Instagram as a method of building a gallery of artists. Miniature art - a social portfolio, if you will. And for people looking for a remarkable design work? Jackpot. But to help you refine your search, we proceeded to our own curation of the best Instagram accounts to follow to find the inspiration. We have divided the list into categories: illustration, graphics, pop art and installation, color palettes, street art, photography, typography and calligraphy - although you may notice that some of the works below a list. note that some of their work could be in different lists. Find out how these artists share their work with the world - we're sure you'll find them as inspiring as we are. 27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design Click a category below to access this section: Illustration Graphic Design Pop Art & Installation Color Palettes Street Art Photography Typography Calligraphy Illustration 1) Steve Harrington: @s_harrington Steve Harrington is a Los Angeles-based designer who describes his own style as having an "aesthetic psychedelic-pop. " His Instagram is full of his colorful and playful illustrations, which he has created for several brands - including Nike, for which he designed sportswear, including shoes. 2) Rachel Ryle: @rachelryle Rachel Ryle is an illustrator, animator and storyteller - and she combines the three on her Instagram account. Most of his articles are beautiful, intelligent videos, often super cute, like the one below. She told Mashable that each animation takes 15-20 hours from initial concept to final editing, on average. If you like his work, Instagram is the place to go: it's his most dedicated channel for presenting his work. 3) Mikey Burton: @mikeyburton Mikey Burton, based in Chicago, describes himself as a "design illustrator" - his way of saying that he works part-time in both. Burton has worked for clients such as Converse, ESPN, Target, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and Esquire. Recently he has worked on many…

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