752,626 Facebook ads analyzed, a case study on the growth of e-commerce, new social media tools and much more!

There is still in the social media marketing industry that it can be difficult to keep abreast of the latest news and information. Constant changes on Facebook and Instagram algorithms for the silent growth of LinkedIn and the launch of IGTV on Instagram, marketers and businesses have their hands full. That's why we created what we call " Minisodes ". social media. The episodes are 10 to 15 minute shows where we cover all the latest news on social media marketing that you need to know as a business. Join more than 16,000 merchant colleagues and business owners every week to keep you up-to-date on the latest news, trends and ideas! This week we cover a large study that analyzed over 750,000 listings on Facebook. an electronic trademark has generated thousands of emails and subscribers, our new favorite social media tools and many more. Let's Enter Live How to listen : iTunes | Google Play | SoundCloud | Stitcher | RSS What You'll Learn in This Episode What follows is a slightly modified transcript of the conversation between Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters. Running out of time? No problem! Here are four points to keep in mind: How social media contests can help your brand get the boost you're looking for Top 5 ads from over 750,000 Facebook ads social media tools you can try today in 2018 Essential resources of the episode How an ecommerce company has generated more than 41,000 emails and 10K social media subscribers - Viper Results and Reviews from over 75,000 Facebook Ads - AdEspresso 26 Tools and Apps for Social Media Marketers - Social Media Examiner How to Sell on Instagram [complete podcast transcript] Brian : Hello everyone! I am Brian Peters and here is the science of social media, a podcast of Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for stories, ideas, experimentation and learning on social media. Hailley : Welcome to the episode # 104! I am Hailley Griffis and today we have a packed show. Really excited for this one. Many great articles have been published in the marketing industry this week and we share the most important points of all these articles. Brian : Facebook ads to the favorite email generation social media tools on the market, it's the one you will not want to miss. Let's start the show! Hailley : A marketing strategy that seems to thrive in so many different…

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We analyzed 43 million Facebook messages among the top 20,000 brands (new search)

What year for business pages on Facebook! One feels every time we, merchants and business owners think to our marketing strategy the major algorithm change is announced or a new tactic becomes the latest trend. Over the years, we have learned that the best way to reach our audiences on Facebook is to study the data, to constantly experiment, to be open to it. Learning and In the spirit of learning, in partnership with BuzzSumo, analyzed more than 43 million messages from the top 20,000 brands on Facebook in the United States. one of the most important studies of 2018. Today, we are delighted to share the revealing research with you ( hint: The commitment of the page continues to decline ) as well that the way your business or brand can reorganize your marketing strategy is a success story on the platform. Table of Contents Principal Findings of 43 Million Publications on the Facebook Page more 39, global commitment to the page decreases The Facebook engagement for videos, images and links The publication of 5 times a day is translated by a higher commitment [19659010] 5 Reasons Why the Engagement of the Facebook Page is Down [1945900] How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy Today Lessons from the 43 Million Analysis Facebook page posts to some of the world's most robust Facebook data, which feeds incredible research studies like this one where they have analyzed more than 100 million videos on Facebook. Earlier this month, we contacted their team with) question: How do the professional Facebook pages perform in 2018? Here is what we learned ... 1. The best pages show a lot more One wonders for a long time if the publication of your Facebook page does not lead to more results. Many brands report a positive increase in their results when they display more, while others know the opposite. In any case, as shown in the graph below, the number of posts per quarter increased from 6.5 million to 24%. posts to 8.1 million messages in the past year. This figure rose from 72,000 messages per day in the first quarter of 2017 to 90,032 messages per day in Q2 2018 . In other words, nearly 20,000 additional pieces of content are published by the world's leading brands ... every day . the first 20,000 Facebook pages published on average 135 messages per month or a little…

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