2018 Holiday Marketing Campaign Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching. It's time to close your seasonal email marketing campaigns. Why? Take a look at this figure: nothing that in the United States, the online retail trade expenses of desktop computers during the 2016 holiday season have reached 63.1 billions of dollars. (source) We are not talking about pocket money here! We have therefore concocted this guide to help you better understand email marketing . campaigns - everything is there. Continue reading, or use the links below to access inspiring ideas and examples for your favorite vacation. Preparation Halloween Movember Thanksgiving Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday Christmas Get Ready for Your Holiday Campaigns ] Starting a successful marketing campaign for the holidays is a bit like organizing a family dinner. Getting ready before everyone arrives (or lands on your site) means you can enjoy the day (of your campaign) without a hitch. A checklist can help you. So, stay on track and remember what needs to be done. The four steps below will help you better plan your campaigns - and get ready in a hurry. Four Steps to Preparing Your Vacation Marketing Campaigns 1. Look at what worked First, take a look at all the tactics and channels you've used before. What worked well? Asking these questions can help you make better business decisions and allocate resources appropriately. Here is an example: A few years ago, everyone was talking about Snapchat as an essential tool to reach your audience. But since then, users have abandoned the platform and have turned to other tactics such as Instagram Stories. So, if you do not think about your past efforts, you could end up investing in a tactic or channel that just does not work. - or under-invest in a tool that could bring you the best results. 2. Check Your Customers Next, examine your customer segments. Who do you attract? Who buys often at home - and who spends the most? When digging a hole, you can spot potential segments - or find out more about the people you are already serving. The use of an RFM (Recency, Frequency, Recency, Frequency, etc.) is a common way to do this. and monetary value) to focus on your most lucrative buyers. Facebook Audience Insights is another great tool you can link to RFM. Simply import your email database segment into Facebook to get a report on their lifestyle, their…

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Q4 Content Calendar: Important Dates and Campaign Ideas for Small Businesses

The last quarter of the year is still very busy for marketers. Between October and the end of December, we have the end of the year holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and many more. dates allows your company to communicate with your audience and your target customers. And while there may seem to be too much to keep in mind, with a little bit of advance planning, it's possible to not miss a beat in the fourth quarter. To help you, we've gathered this content Q4. Calendar to break down some key dates and events from October 1 to December 31, giving you important data and some marketing ideas for everyone. Ready to jump? Content calendar Q4 [Downloadable] [Download full-size image] Key dates and campaign examples for the fourth quarter Note: You may not want to incorporate your brand into each event, but choose opportunities that arise. Meaning for your business can help make Q4 extremely rewarding. October 31 - Halloween When people come together to celebrate Halloween, they like to share their experiences on social media. Overall, more than 500,000 Halloween events were planned on Facebook in 2017. And in 2016, there were more than 41 million tweets on Halloween - in In fact, more than half of all Halloween online conversations took place on Twitter. for Halloween 2017 is expected to reach $ 9.1 billion in the United States alone, with more than 179 million Americans planning to participate in the Halloween festivities. When it comes to marketing during Halloween, it can be fun 1945 9007] think about how your brand could improve the celebrations for consumers . For example, Guinness published Shadow Coasters for Halloween 2015: Spirit by Creating an Online Center Focused on Ideas, Foods, and Cocktails Halloween party: As Nikki Gilliland explains on Econsultancy: on Halloween in the future, with its wide selection of products likely to satisfy customers who go to stores or who buy online. Professional Advice: Sharing DIY and Holiday Tips Creating Costumes and Decorations at Home Making sweets and planning parties, there's a lot of DIY going on during Halloween. People are often looking for content that will help them get ready for the day and make their vacation fun for all their friends and family. November 1 - Beginning of Holiday Planning Holiday begins on November 1st. The majority of people are not yet in buying mode at this point,…

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