13 examples of successful co-branding partnerships (and why they are so good)

There is a good chance that your favorite consumer products are the result of two distinct brands working together. One of my adored childhood memories was a co-branding product: Betty Crocker's is associated with Hershey to include chocolate syrup in her signature brownie recipe. This co-branded product has something great: it's a fun way to marry two classic brands into a unique experience for fans of cooking and chocolate. In fact, these brands continue to create new co-branded products to date. Co-branding is a strategic marketing and advertising partnership between two brands in which the success of a brand also brings success to its brand partner. Co-branding can be an effective way to build business connections, build brand awareness and penetrate new markets. For a partnership to really work, it must be beneficial to all players in the game. Both audiences have to find chocolate lovers like Betty Crocker and Hershey. There is a ton excellent examples of co-branding partnerships out there. To show you what has worked so well, we have listed 13 examples of co-branding partnerships to inspire you. Examples of Commercial Partnerships GoPro & Red Bull Pottery Barn & Sherwin-Williams Casper & West Elm Bonne Belle and Dr. Pepper BMW and Louis Vuitton Uber and Spotify Apple and MasterCard Airbnb & Flipboard BuzzFeed and Best Friends Animal Society Alexander Wang & H & M CoverGirl & Lucasfilm UNICEF and Target Nike & Apple 1. GoPro & Red Bull Co-branding campaign: Stratos GoPro not only sells portable cameras and Red Bull does not just sell energy drinks. Instead, both have established themselves as lifestyle brands - in particular, an action-packed lifestyle, adventurous, intrepid and generally quite extreme. These shared values ​​make it an ideal companion for co-branding campaigns, especially those related to action sports. For the partnership to work, GoPro equips athletes and adventurers from around the world and action sports events on video - from an athlete's point of view. At the same time, Red Bull uses its experience and reputation to manage and sponsor these events. "GoPro camera technology allows us to complete programming by providing new perspectives for previously unseen athletes," said Sean Eggert. Director of Sport Marketing at Red Bull. The collaboration allows GoPro's exclusive content to increase the growth of both companies. While GoPro and Red Bull have collaborated on many events and projects, their biggest collaboration may have been "Stratos". a space…

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Better than basics: customize your SEO approach (with concrete examples)

Posted by Laura.Lippay Like people, websites come in all shapes and sizes. They have different ages, with different backgrounds, stories, motivations and resources. So, when it comes to approaching a site's SEO, best practices are not usually the most effective way to achieve it (besides, you're better than that). An analogy might be you were a fitness trainer. You have three customers. One of them is a 105-pound high school student who wants to get a little stronger. One of them is a 65 year old librarian who wants to improve his heart health. One is a heavyweight lumberjack who works to be the best stepping stone chopper in the world. Would you consider giving each of them the same diet and the same training routine? Probably not. You will probably go to: Learn all you can about their current diet, their health and their physical condition. Propose the best approach and the best tactics for each situation. and optimize, learning what works and what does not work. In SEO, consider how your priorities might be different if you see similar symptoms - say problems to rank something on the first page - for: New Sites vs Existing Sites New Content vs. Old Content Enterprise vs. small biz Local vs. Global Type of market - for example, a news site, an ecommerce site, a photo, or a parent community A new site might need to more work space or previous domain spam problems, while an older site might have years of technical problems to solve. New content may require an appropriate promotional key, while old content may simply be out of date. The approach of the company is often to make sure that different parts of the organization work together on things that they do not normally do, while the approach for them Small businesses are generally more piecemeal and more entrepreneurial. With the lack of trust in SEO today, people want to know if you can actually help them and how. Getting to know the client or projecting intimately and proposing customized solutions shows that you have taken the time to get to know the details and that you can suggest an effective solution. And let's not forget that your SEO gaming plan is not only important for customer success - it's important to build your own success, trust and reputation in this niche. How to Customize an Approach…

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