Highlights and best tweets from HubSpot's annual INBOUND conference – # INBOUND18

Leading marketing automation platform, HubSpot just held its annual epic convention called INBOUND in Boston, MA last week. HubSpot is a developer and distributor of software for inbound marketing and sales. It was founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. Each year, INBOUND attracts an even larger crowd and 2018 is certainly no exception. # INBOUND18 had 24,000 participants from around the world! The growth trajectory for HubSpot and INBOUND has been incredible. I remember only 14,000 participants in 2015! INBOUND is one of my favorite professional conferences. It is extremely well organized. The caliber of speakers and sessions is always high. The range of topics is always varied and relevant. Celebrity stars are always competent and great speakers with a mass appeal that I personally want to see anyway! With Michelle Obama last year and Deepak Chopra, Shonda Rhimes, Scott Harrison and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie this year. Takeaway of @HubSpot s @INBOUND 2018 https://t.co/wPm1vA6cTk via @cmswire | Excellent reading. I adore this one: "Video is the way of victory for marketers." Yes! ???? # INBOUND18 - Husband Smith ?? Top Facebook Marketing Expert (@MariSmith) September 10, 2018 PLUS, HubSpot continues to find ways to think outside the box. What a pleasure to see spaces dedicated to prayer for meditation, sweat-less yoga, massages and more! Yoga, meditation, HIIT workouts, massages and more! ? Delighted to see so many options for #wellness to # INBOUND18 #MoveAtInbound pic.twitter.com/gsjTaH4OwE - InfinityHR (@ InfinityHR1 ) September 6, 2018 Twitter's most influential users # INBOUND18 This was my fourth consecutive year at INBOUND, leading two sessions on Facebook marketing. I'm delighted to be the most important contributor to hashtag # INBOUND18 on Twitter, with 124 million impressions. Wowee! Screenshot below of TweetBinder. See the Twitter report for # INBOUND18. The Top 20 Most Important Impacts INBOUND18 Twitter Users Top 20 taken from the Metricool hashtag analysis report below. ] marismith 124M @ deepakchopra 52M @ hubspot 33M @ larrykim 20M @ entering 17M @ dharmesh 8.8M @ byshondaland 8.3M @ genepetrovlmc 8.2M @ shondarhimes 7.1M @ isocialfanz 6.8M @ aiaddysonzhang 6.5M @ ELTIEMPO 6.4M [19659018] @ HollyChessman 6.1M @ GuyKawasaki 5.8M @ Pistachio 5.4M @ MikeSchiemer 5.4 M @ dgingiss 5.0M @ SEMrush 4.1M @ briansolis 3.7M @ keenan 2.4M HubS pot # INBOUND18 Highest impact on Twitter Contributors of Mari Smith Congratulations to top ten most active tweeters (contributors With most tweets):…

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How to use Snapchat: a detailed overview of HubSpot's Snapchat strategy

In 2011, Snapchat was synonymous with risky teen behavior. The media coverage repeatedly warned parents of the adverse effects of the platform and, as a result, Snapchat's success did not look good. Since that time, Snapchat has evolved. And while this is certainly not the cornerstone of every marketing strategy, the chain has forged a reputation for rapid growth and innovation. Snapchat is now known as a platform for the 19459003 and 19459 brands allows users to create fast, lightweight and educational video content without using valuable production resources. For brands, this means a new opportunity to showcase their corporate culture, share their industry knowledge and communicate with their audience in new and exciting ways. Get our Snapchat User Guide for Business here. More than 100 million active users a day and 8 billion video views a day, we decided to try it: the HubSpot Snapchat official account was launched in March 2016. Since then, we have learned a lot about Execution and iteration strategy To get you started, we detailed everything we learned below. In this guide we will review: How to set up your Snapchat account. How to create, send and view Snapchats. How to use Snapchat Goals and Geofilters. How to add and acquire friends or subscribers. How to improve your use of Snapchat for businesses. How to set up your Snapchat account The first thing to do is to download the Snapchat mobile app - available for iOS and Android - and create an account by entering your email address, a name of your mobile account. user and password. This will be your personal account and you will be able to use it to create a Snapchat business account. 1. Sign up on Snapchat's home screen. Once you have downloaded the Snapchat mobile app, open it and the screen below appears. Press "Registration" and the application will take you to the registration page, starting by your name and first name. Then you will enter your Birthday. Username and password. Email address. Phone number. Friends to add. Add friends from the registration screen will help you find Snapchat friends are also in your phone's contact list. You can skip this for the moment if you wish - we will talk more about adding friends in step 4. However, do not forget that during of creating a user name, Snapchat does not allow you to change your user…

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How the flywheel destroyed HubSpot's funnel

I will be honest. When Brian Halligan (CEO of HubSpot) began talking about the removal of the funnel and the adoption of the flywheel as a model for thinking about our activities, I did not think about it. I was not very happy. See, I love the funnel. He's my trusted sidekick for years. That's what gave me the feedback I needed, celebrated my team's success and allowed me to get out of more growth problems than I would have liked to admit. I love the funnel to such an extent that my HubSpot team literally called the Funnel team, and the opening slide of my shot of sending the 39th world team this year was a photo of about 25 funnels. So, do not disrespect Brian funnel "Yes, well until I start learning the ruffles. The funnels lose the energy you put in them once at the bottom, but the flywheels are remarkable for storing and releasing energy. Invented by James Watt (Yes, the name More than 200 years ago, a steering wheel of 39, inertia is a wheel or disc on an axis, which is incredibly energy efficient.The amount of energy stored depends on the speed of rotation, the friction and the composition of the wheel itself - the size and weight of flywheels are used in cars, trains and power plants Here's why this model changed its mind. Although the funnel is my first love, I must admit that his linear approach to measuring growth The funnels produce customers, but do not do not consider how these customers can help you grow. And all the dynamism you have built to acquire this customer? Faded away. Every day, every month and every quarter, we have to start from scratch. It's not only inefficient, it's a major problem. Ignoring how customers can help you grow is dangerous in today's world. Word of mouth has always been fundamental to good marketing, but look at the world we live in today. Confidence is at its lowest, it is harder to get a distribution on Google and Facebook, and prospects do much more independent research than ever. Word of mouth is crucial, the loss of momentum that you generate to create a new customer weighs heavily on your growth. In addition, because they preserve movement so well, any extra energy you add to make it spin faster adds to the overall capacity.…

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