You are doing your marketing incorrectly (and I have the data to prove it)

You know what's interesting about having an advertising agency? You can talk to companies of all sizes and learn what drives them to grow. And I know what you think ... "Neil, should not you be the one who tells businesses how to cultivate"? Technically, yes. And Me But at the same time, I have to analyze what a company has done up to now to find the best marketing strategy for it. And the sad reality is that most traders and companies are focusing on the wrong things. (I'll come back on how to solve this problem later in this post.) In the last 7 months, I've talked to 208 companies to find out where they were spending their marketing efforts and what was working. And most importantly, I had the permission to share their data with you. I talked to companies generating between $ 1 million in annual revenue and $ 291 million. I avoided talking to businesses with less than a million revenues because most did not do a lot of marketing. And I've avoided talking to companies generating more than one billion in revenue because you would not be able to replicate what they do. As for the industry, I have discussed with B2B and B2C space companies. From e-commerce to software generation as a service and everything in between. The first question I asked each of these companies was: Where do you spend your marketing budget? breakdown of marketing expenses by channel. It was obvious that most businesses were spending their money on Google and Facebook ads. Even if they did not share this data with me, you can see it by simply looking at the market capitalization of Google and Facebook. They are worth $ 790 billion and $ 554 billion respectively because of the paid ads. Now, divide the data by company size. Are channel marketing expenditures changing according to the size of the business? divided them into three groups. The first figure was less than $ 5 million a year (with a minimum of $ 1 million a year). The second group was $ 5 to $ 100 million and the third was over $ 100 million. <img src = "" alt = " Do You See a Trend? Whatever the size of a company, most of its marketing budget is devoted to paid advertisements. When j & # I asked why…

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