The key to productivity is not your mind, it's your body

Welcome to The Science Behind Success - a new series of blogs that explores the best ways to help our brains perform better at work. Through psychological research and interviews with leaders in the field, we show you how psychology can help you overcome barriers in the workplace and excel in your career. Because a small change in mentality can go very far. If you are like me, you do not think the day is over until your to-do list is complete. You wake up in the morning with a long list of everything you need to do and move on the autopilot throughout the day, checking the tasks as you go. When you think you have taken a break (after a few hours of work), you eat quickly and second cup of coffee. Then we go back to work. You finish most days around 5 pm or 6 pm, wishing you have more hours to tackle your projects. You go to the gym for an hour, then come home for a quick dinner and maybe a little TV. Often the only real break you give yourself is when your head hits the pillow. Here's the problem: in our quest for optimal productivity, we often ignore the needs of our body. But, without our knowledge, it makes us much less productive. Josh Davis, Ph.D., Director of Research and Senior Professor at the NeuroLeadership Institute, discusses this paradox in his international best-seller, Two Great Hours: Science-based Strategies to Master Your Best Time and do your most important work . In his book, Davis writes, "Staying at work without interruption and working longer hours a computer or machine. But ... we are biological creatures. We continually ask for a type of work - and a constant level of efficiency - from our brains, that is as if we are continually asking for the same speed from a runner under any circumstances. Davis argues that we do not take sufficient account of our biological factors to make decisions about our efficiency and productivity at work. It's not wrong - what was the last time you stopped and said :, I bet I would be better in this meeting if my blood sugar level went up in a snack? Or, when did you last consider jogging on your desk, just to relieve your stress? Probably never. Davis's research is based on the theory of…

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Turn Up The Volume for this article – It's Audio Content

Listen carefully: the time has come to add audio content to your content marketing strategy. If you want to keep your audience engaged, you have to think about your ears and eyes. According to Edison Research podcasts are becoming more and more popular. The "share of the audience" on mobile devices is almost tied to traditional radio and podcasts. Even though we are not yet ready to give up the article, there is an on-line trend toward a fair balance between Why choose audio content to create audio content? First, the traditional visual and the text. Genders are not enough to engender engagement in 2018. To succeed in a saturated content environment, where the overall shares of have dropped by 50% marketers have to think outside the box. The audio content makes sense because is the second preferred format of the video, according to Activate. The average American consumes five hours of video a day and two hours of audio content. BuzzSumo can help you determine if your audience is interested in audio content. See the most popular podcasts in the industry found that people spend seven hours a day on non-work-related activities. With limited free time, the audio becomes even more important as people can listen to podcasts and audio lessons when they do something else: running, walking, playing sports or doing chores. Video content, because it requires two meanings instead of one, is more limiting. Thus, audio content stimulates engagement and (or even because) it is easy to use by your audience during multiple tasks. Audio content is also becoming incredibly lucrative. Three years later, podcast advertising revenue is expected to double from $ 237 million in 2017 to as much as $ 642 million in 2021. [19659015Arecentstudy published by IAB almost two-thirds of listeners admit that they are inclined to buy or search for a product based on the recommendations of podcasts or advertisements broadcast during podcasts they like. Finally, according to IAB research, audio content has become more relevant in today's context because of the flexibility and control that It offers listeners. To summarize, you must choose to create and publish audio content because: It is easier for people to perform multiple tasks with podcasts than to read multiple articles or to watch a video. The number of marketers using audio content is increasing every year. The budget allocated to audio ads is growing faster than…

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How to set up multiple blogs and why it's worth it

Blogs have skyrocketed in recent decades. From its rise in the 1990s to its legendary fall in the early 2000s, we saw it as a trend and a source of revenue. Nowadays, the digital world is taking over and blogs have come back as a viable profession. There are now millions of blogs dealing with every niche and every subject, no matter how obscure or strange it may be. The beauty of running a blog is that you can turn your passion and your leisure into income. You can truly generate a living wage by writing about what you love, as long as you are good and pay attention to certain technical details. But in this difficult situation, it is difficult to see how you can distinguish yourself as content. creator with a single blog. Have you thought about creating a second blog? Your first blog may be great, but if you want to develop your writing, you must understand that you will have to change your voice. A new niche requires a different way to approach your audience. Think well and hard if you are ready to develop another voice for your writing and if you can keep up. If you fail, it will not exhaust you. Before you start a new business, you need to determine why people should read your content. Unless you propose an innovative topic that few people discuss, you will have fierce competition. Before creating multiple blogs, remember that you will have to create something new and become someone's favorite inspiration source. Remember to create another blog, do not forget that you are human and that there are not many hours in the day. You will need to post regularly, write in all categories, take care of the promotion of social media, with emails and newsletters. It's quite difficult with just one blog, so consider the time and energy you will need to invest in half. Passion drives him, and he refuses to let those flames go out before we burn. So, know when you have too much, and never sacrifice quality for quantity. If you can hack it, you will find that there are many benefits to setting up and managing multiple blogs. This is not an easy route to take, but the destination will be worth it. You'll be on the right track to build an "empire" as they say, where you'll…

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