19 of the best landing page design examples to discover in 2018

How to convince your visitors to take the plunge on your website? There are so many elements that a high-end landing page requires, and making it as best as possible often depends on your landing page goals are Take the length of the form, for example. This is only one of the many components that you need to optimize, but best practices will tell you that short and long forms work well, it all depends if you want to generate a lot of (potentially) form submissions. lower quality. So, if you are looking to improve your landing page, useful to find out what's going on in a good landing page and see some examples of these nuanced elements in action. Surprisingly, when I started doing some research on this last point, I realized that there were virtually no sites with examples of modern landing pages and impressive ones that were not just a simple registration form on a front page. So we decided to compile a list of landing pages that we like ourselves. A big caveat here: I do not have access to statistics for these pages, so I can not tell you which point they convert visitors, prospects and customers. However, these examples - even those no longer active on the company's website - present some of the best combinations of nuanced landing page elements I've ever seen. Obviously, if you are inspired to try any of these tactics on your own site, the only way to know if they will work for you for sure is to test them for yourself. Examples of landing Shopify Muzzle TransferWise Airbnb Teambit Wistia Webflow Nauto Commercialization of industrial force [19659011] Incoming Emotion Velaro Live Chat IMPACT Branding & Design Unbounce Bills. com Trulia Landbot Webprofits H.BLOOM Conversion Laboratory Registry Entry Pages 1. Shopify Like most other display pages in this article, the Shopify homepage simplifies things. The user-centric title contains only a few words, for example, and the page relies on simple bullets, not paragraphs, to communicate the details and benefits of the test. There are only a few fields to complete before starting. All this allows you to better understand the point: sell online with their tool. 2. Muzzle Landing pages help users decide if your product or service is really worth their time and energy. What better way to communicate clearly and directly your value proposition than to…

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Could Breadcrumb help boost your landing page conversions?

We have all heard the term "less is more". And we were told that this also applies to landing pages. That is to say. your forms should be short and ask only the bare minimum of information required if you want to perform a conversion. However, when it is used at all levels, this notice can turn around. Someone usually faces a landing page is how much your offer costs. But if the offer on your landing page is for a free quote, you may not necessarily disclose the prices on the page. When there is no price, but a form requiring a name, a phone number and an e-mail, the visitor knows: They will have to talk to someone to get an answer to their question (they are well aware). can not give a personalized quote from this limited information, and in addition, prospects are very reluctant to give their information to anyone. They can click the Back button and find a competitor who will give them what they want faster. So why should we expect a form with super generic fields to be convincing enough that someone can contact us in any case? As we discovered in our KlientBoost agency, increasing the number of steps and the amount of form fields, we could actually increase the conversion rates. The key here for us has been the order in which we present our steps and what information we ask first. Can more form fields really increase conversions? The fields go against all that we have generally been asked to do: You can find the sources of the above here, here and here. And while are certainly cases where less form the fields are better, we found by adding more straight form fields in progression can help mitigate the conversion anxiety . When done correctly, it can bring your free quote landing pages / free lead generation to a higher level. In our agency, we call our multi-step approach the Breadcrumb technique - think about Hansel and Gretel Experiment with the Breadcrumb Technique This is the sales page version of the sales technique called " Yes Ladder ". It's the art of finally reaching what you want (the conversion) as a marketer, asking visitors to say yes to much smaller requests. Click above to see the enlarged image of our form. As each step progresses, the questions become more personal…

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Are AMP Landing Pages All That They Are? A look at the speed of the page

For a moment, you may have heard the buzz around Google's accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), and if you have not done any research yet, you may be wondering the problem is at about (or wondering why a landing page and a conversion platform as we have not yet mentioned this trendy subject). Well, we'll get to all this! Today, we will explain everything you need to know about AMP as a marketer and why your Google representative has probably praised this tool. First up: What is the AMP? AMP is a project first announced by Google in 2015 under the name of a way to provide mobile pages faster . Accelerated mobile pages use a restrictive HTML format to deliver web pages almost instantly to your visitors, with the added benefit that pages are cached and rendered by third parties (such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing News, and others). Cloudflare). It's not a matter of waiting for every element of your page to be in charge, and basically it's a way to develop simple web pages that follow strict guidelines for slow loading times. How AMP Pages Look in Mobile Search Results. Newspaper. Like Facebook snapshots, AMP has allowed these publishers to reach audiences almost instantaneously (which is critical to reducing the bounce rate and notifying Google that content is satisfying for visitors). . Since publishers run their business on pages, it was a natural and ideal starting point for AMP. Google then created an additional incentive for publishers by giving priority to AMP articles in their "top stories" carousel. You can currently locate AMP items in your own mobile search results by searching for the AMP Lightning Symbol. Image via the Google Developer Guide. Some AMP myths, demystified way since 2015, but he still struggles to shake some roots. Here are some of the myths that circulate: Myth 1: AMP is only for online publishers AMP landing pages are perfect for publishers, but use cases . Believe it or not, even e-commerce brands increase their revenues with the same traffic by converting their product pages to AMP. Although this giant conversion to AMP may seem like a huge undertaking, remember: you do not need to create a complete AMP mobile website like Aliexpress. You can start with a single landing page that many customers access through organic or paid search . Simply decreasing your bounce rate on the visitor's…

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