The 8 Instagram accounts with the most subscribers – and what marketers can learn from them

After Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the app went from a fun social network for selfies and brunch pics to something much more important: the best marketing platform for the visual content. and IGTV, Instagram now has more than one billion active users a month who spend nearly an hour going through the app every day they log on. The popularity of Instagram allows most brands to establish an emotional connection with a massive audience. so good for Instagram users that they attracted tens of millions of followers. Let's take a look at this list of the eight most followed Instagram brands and look at their content to find out exactly how they were built. following of worship. Quick Note: This article pertains to professional accounts with the most Instagram followers. The eight Instagram accounts with the most followers all belong to celebrities. As we write primarily about marketing, we thought this would be a more relevant topic. Top Instagram Accounts Instagram National Geographic Nike Real Madrid 9GAG NASA NBA Chanel Instagram 1. Instagram Followers: 246 million Instagram is a great example for brands that really want to engage an audience on their application. By organizing and reposting the most engaging content of their users on their own profile, Instagram shows their subscribers that ordinary people can meet their creative and artistic potential on the platform. This encourages brands and normal users of Instagram to devote the time and effort required to create compelling content that will instantly attract the attention of an audience. Photo by @george_and_troja Hello, world! Meet today #WeeklyFluff: Troja (@george_and_troja), an Irish Setter who can often be discovered outdoors in Norway. "We live near the countryside with the forest as a backyard, so she runs between the trees since she's little," says George, the Troja man. "Troja was not the most social puppy or the strongest, but after years of challenging her to explore new things, see new places and meet other dogs and people, she became a mischievous dog with equal passion for adventure and snacks. " An article shared by Instagram (@instagram) on August 9, 2018 at 11:09 Pacific Time Instagram is also doing a good job of promoting their stories and the IGTV show about celebrities, wildlife and other topics. They publish original content that highlights the upcoming episodes, but the articles are read more as a report than as an advertisement, which…

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How to create and publish original research: answers to questions from marketers

Marketing trends come and go, so when one type of content defies the trend, it's important to note it. That's what the original research does. When Steve Rayson recently analyzed 100 million items he found that: [traduction] "Search and authoritative reference content are the two types of content that get links and shares "-Steve Rayson, Director and Co-Founder The Point to Take: The publication of original research is a substantial opportunity for marketers right now. We recently partnered with BuzzSumo to study if and how marketers are using research and we found that about half of them are. Another quarter (26%) did not conduct research but plans to do so in the next 12 months. The bad news? Those who are thinking about research think that the biggest challenge will be understanding how to approach a project like this. Publishing your own survey-based study takes time, in part because it's a multi-step process, but also because it's a new "muscle" for many marketers . But, you can do it if you inquire about the process. At a recent webinar with BuzzSumo, I shared the main findings of our joint research and answered the most common (and most difficult) questions of respondents and interviewees who study or lead researches. If you prefer a more detailed version, you may view the webinar on this topic or view the slides. To check the performance of search content in your area, use the BuzzSumo instructions. Most shared section to search for the topics you are writing about. Add the word "Search" about you content. Frequently Asked Questions about original research, answer! What is an original research project? research projects go through four stages: Strategy and Planning: Similar to what you would do at the beginning of any new project, answer key questions such as: cover, and how you will use the search. Data Science: When conducting a poll search, you must decide which questions to ask (and how to ask them); schedule and test the survey; get answers and analyze the data. (Note: This is where the marketers have the most questions because it is there that they have the least experience.Most of the questions below are below relate to data science.) need to create the results of your search. We consciously use the word journalism because it insists on the importance of covering the story as a journalist. Above all, your research must…

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50 of the Best Social Media Tools Selected by Top Marketers

Editor's Note: You may have missed this article when CMI published it in 2016. It was updated because we know that our readers still love the media tool. Let's be honest, social media is a jungle. Forget the flow of applications, integrations and add-ons, just figuring out which network you need to invest in is impressive. And if you could ask a question to today's online marketers:, desert island, can not I live without a favorite? " That's what I did, along with their main social media tool and their reason for loving it." 1. Instagram [19659006] Ann Handley, c Hief Content Officer, MarketingProfs "Instagram is my favorite social network because of its simplicity of social narration. From fun personal accounts - such as Small Chalk and Adam Padilla - to corporate brands, it connects more immediately and more deeply than other platforms. I still have not forgiven them the introduction of an algorithm. (Chronological was so much more in line with the philosophy of the platform.) But I can not leave you, Insta. " . @ Instagram is my favorite social network because of its social simplicity, says @annhandley Click to tweet RELATED CONTENT: 4 tips to engage Instagram Content [Examples] 2. Twitter Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute "I use social media as a simple vehicle of response. And I will not launch any new apps, platforms, or social media tools until I get 100% committed. My goal with Twitter is to stay in touch and convey my appreciation to the people who support me. Once my audience is established on these platforms, my goals and execution have changed. " 3. Stamp Joanna Wiebe, creator, Copy Hackers " Buffer. Three Reasons (1) You can install a browser widget that allows you to buffer any page or image you encounter to be sent immediately or later. (2) his inbox content: I can grab the URL of a favorite blog and Buffer instantly creates a huge list of tweets from this blog. (3) The company is transparent. I do not expect each company to publish what it earns compared to what it pays for, but it's a warm-hearted approach to helping disconnected people like me to see the humans behind a software company. " 4. BuzzSumo Neil Patel, entrepreneur and influencer, " With BuzzSumo, you can see what's hot in your space on social media and what is not.…

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