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More than ever, companies are focusing on creating great experiences on mobile websites. After all, Google has long favored mobile-friendly websites, where it updated its ranking algorithm in April 2015, and then began indexing mobile devices. sites in March 2018. And this is crucial because there are more Google search queries on smartphones than on desktops and tablets for over a year. In the future, Google will only continue to raise the bar for what it considers to be compatible with mobile devices (including page loading time) and that it reflects in the bets update of its algorithm. So, if you do not focus on improving your mobile experience, you'd better prioritize it now, otherwise your search ranking might suffer. In addition, javaheritage research revealed that half of US consumers are more connected to their phone than to their computer or tablet. To help you find ideas for mobile website design, here is a list of 19 companies that have really nailed their mobile Web experience. Best Mobile Websites Shutterfly Google Maps Typeform Etsy Adrian Zumbrunnen Elf on the Plate BuzzFeed Huffington Post Express National Insurance Squaredot Zappos ABC Lean Labs SAP KISSmetrics kigmetrics idig Marketing IndiaMART ┬áShutterfly is an online service that allows users to create photo albums, personalized cards, stationery, and more. As more and more people take photos and then access them using their smart phones, Shutterfly has recognized the need to create an exceptional mobile experience for its customers - and they've got it. book.Shutterfly fulfills two key objectives on its mobile website: It is easy for users to find information about their offers. When you get to their mobile site, you'll see the latest Shutterfly promotion in the foreground, as well as a big finger-sized login button for members who come back - which does not interfere with the user experience. Scroll down, and users will see large buttons that allow users to quickly select the type of product that interests them. Once users have clicked on one of these options, they are greeted with great photos illustrating Shutterfly's capabilities for easy navigation. 2. Google Maps Everyone has their favorite map or guide app. Mine is Google Maps, which I use for walking, driving, cycling or public transport. The peculiarity of their mobile website is that it is virtually impossible to distinguish them from their downloadable mobile application. The screenshots below are for their mobile…

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5 ways to increase your mobile conversion rate

Are you tired of hearing this statistic again? Mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic in 2016 and increased only by But many advertisers still treat their campaigns with an office approach: Optimize your campaigns, ad groups, and landing pages for the desktop first. You can then begin to generate mobile traffic on the side. It does not work anymore. Mobile users have a behavior very different from that of desktop researchers. Using the same strategy between devices is not viable. Yesterday, WordStream released new data on the average conversion rate of mobile ads and, as you can see, conversion rates vary widely look. You can not even generalize all mobile ads. the ad type you use also makes a big difference. Today's PPC marketers need to optimize for mobile users and improve the conversion experience on smaller devices. Here are five tips for maximizing conversions on your targeted mobile search ads starting today. 1. Diversify your advertisements Sitelink extensions are one of the most used ad extension types for PPC. They allow you to extend your ad copy beyond normal character limits and to diversify your link offer rather than having a single landing page. But these are mostly optimized for desktop users who can easily open multiple tabs on their browser without harming their experience. With regard to mobile devices, some extension choices specifically designed for a smaller screen and the way people search and communicate with their phone, such as easy to people reach your business as soon as advertising. One of the best extensions for the most recent mobile ads is : With message extensions, researchers can send text messages to your company to get more information rather than read all the content of your website. ] So they perform? Much better than standard text ads, and almost as good as call extensions for CTR mobile search: When creating message extensions, you have a few key options to modify and personalize your experience: The "Text Telephone Number" field is your company number that will answer and receive text messages from interested researchers. The text of your extension matches what is displayed in the ad that prompts users to click, such as "send us a message." The message text is an element that really gets interesting and allows you to really optimize things like micro-moments and customization. This pre-written message fills the user's email application when he clicks on…

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