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video marketing trends Can you quantify the impact of your video content on your digital marketing goals? The most common answer: "No". If you do not understand the performance of your video resources, you'll You will miss opportunities to do more of what works and less of what does not work. After being immersed in online video before YouTube, I do not think digital marketers have pushed this wonderful medium as hard as they could in the last few years. Out of concern for the marketing budget, public. commitment and experience, and return on investment, go forward. Let me qualify that. I'm not talking about tactics (for example, interactive, personalized and social videos are growing fast) or quality (there is a lot of amazing work). I'm talking about something more fundamental - something that can help this good video work to have the impact that every distributor and every brand want on their investment. I am talking about rethinking the very model of video marketing. As an agency owner, I analyzed hundreds of YouTube channels and thousands of videos. over the years using the old model. Old Video Marketing Model A brand wants to produce piece of video content. If he does not have internal capabilities, he hires an agency to manufacture and deliver it. This video is shown on YouTube and sometimes embedded in a webpage. Video promotion tactics include e-mailing and promoting via a social media activity. Many videos are simply downloaded without deliberate promotion. If this old model seems familiar to you, it is very likely that your investment in video is not optimal and will not be easily measurable, if at all. The failure of the old video marketing model Let's examine the main weaknesses of the old model and examine their impact on a video marketing project. and the brand itself. No Strategic Approach In the old model, there was no built-in mechanism to guide the production of the appropriate content type for a given purpose. A good video strategy provides guidance and a framework for creating and distributing powerful content. This will also make it easier to measure the impact of this video. Goals like "educating our audience" or "raising awareness" seem valid. But the lack of specificity is prejudicial because these objectives are almost impossible to measure accurately. If you can not measure accurately, you will not know if the video was successful.…

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How to become famous Instagram

How to become a famous Instagram Instagram is no longer limited to connecting with friends - in 2018, it has become an incredibly powerful platform for finding your voice and creating a business. In fact, Instagram's estimated ad revenue is expected to reach $ 6.8 billion in 2018, up from $ 1.8 billion two years ago.Today,Instagram is able to turn homemakers into hat designers. woman working in business wealth management in a world traveler and How to make money and marketing in Instagram. It is therefore not surprising that you want to become a famous Instagram and reach a wide audience with your own personal brand. I'm not an Instagram Influencer (I think an average of 60 "I like" per post is a little inferior to the minimum of most brands for sponsorship opportunities) I so I spoke with real Instagram influencers. During my conversations with these influencers, one thing became clear: the term "famous" makes most people feel uncomfortable. Apparently, "famous" denotes something less substantial than most of these people pursue. As Emma Hoareau (@emmahoareau), a beauty and travel influencer who has nearly 40,000 subscribers, says, "Do not go crazy on Instagram! Create great work and use the app as inspiration ... the competition of numbers. " If you think about it," fame "and" influence "are two radically different measures of success.When fame is measured to a certain number, the influence is measured at something little less quantitative - a deep and authentic connection to your audience Here we have compiled some critical tips from fourteen Instagram influencers - a step closer to sharing your brand with the world and influencing your own audience. become a famous Instagram Make sure your content is authentic and authentic Stay flexible and authentic as your brand changes.] Focus on your audience. Find micro- Refine Your Photography Skills Be Persuasive 1. Make sure your content is authentic and authentic All the influencers in this list have insisted on a proven practice: authentic content. Emily Roberts (@thelipstickfever), a fashion and beauty influencer with more than 57k followers, said, "Focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to your content. is better to display higher quality images less often than to display something very frequently. " For me become a famous Instagram, that makes sense. content creation. A public prefers to read a high quality Facebook status than a hundred less interesting ones. At…

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Key and Important Guide

The role of keyword difficulty in the search This article is talk  about the following: What is the keyword difficulty? SEO Research Volume Intention in PPC In a world where large and impressive numbers have fame, the volume of research is often a betthref="" target="_blank" rel="noopenerword difficulty. While it's important to know how often, in a given month, your keyword is usually entered as a query, it's equally important to understand the level of competition involved to gain the supremacy of ranking on this keyword. Find the strong inverse relationship between search volume and keyword difficulty - a high difficulty keyword with a low level of difficulty - with the help of a keyword research tool . using PPC) or create organic content around (using SEO). But there is a third ingredient to the secret sauce when it comes to finding impactful keywords for your business. A keyword with high volume and low difficulty is useless if it does not match your marketing goal - so it's essential to understand not what research, but why looking for it Is the keyword relevant enough to merit an offer? Does it apply enough to your business to deserve a blog post? This guide aims to thoroughly examine the importance of keyword difficulty in conducting an effective search on key words it relates to the search volume and the number of keywords. research intent. We will also examine the nuances associated with the use of complex keywords for disparate purposes - find keywords PPC and find keywords SEO . What is the keyword difficulty? Keyword difficulty (or "competition") is a measure used to determine the difficulty of ranking a keyword. Assessing the difficulty of keywords can help you determine whether or not you want to: 1. Optimize an organic page for that keyword, or 2. Bid on that keyword in a Google Ads campaign. A number of factors come into play in determining the competitiveness of a keyword and a number of nuances to integrate keyword competition into various marketing campaigns. Let's start with how you can use keyword difficulty to optimize SEO. Difficulty of Keywords: Through the Lens of SEO The difficulty of keywords in SEO is largely a measure of the number and quality of backlinks to the top ten pages of the page of search ngi e results (SERP). these pages are based on the strength of their backlinks. The…

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