How to plan a year of content with an original research inquiry

When you view the content library that you publish, is there a series of blog posts, videos and the like - or do all the elements work together? to tell a larger story? Of course (to paraphrase Robert Rose), you want your editorial to tell a story instead of each piece being disconnected from the rest. Your editorial should tell 1 story instead of several disconnected pieces, says @MicheleLinn. Click for Tweet Although there are several ways to proceed, one approach that works well is to use a research project based on surveys to put the focus on your entire editorial. This article guides you through the steps of designing and publishing original survey-based research to make it the cornerstone of your editorial plan. But before you begin, an important note: the purpose of your research is to be able to tell a compelling story validated with data. The quality of your data is obviously important, but it must be related to a broader story. Ask yourself constantly: why will anyone care? RELATED CONTENT TO HANDING : Planning to create an original search? 8 Things to Consider Step 1: Choose a Subject It is even more important to choose the targeted area when you plan to use your survey as an editorial reference. . They should: Interest Your Audience (Note: This, of course, requires you to define your audience.) Customer Perspectives Media or Influencers Align with Your Brand Story Focus on an area yet covered by research If you are in a new space or if you are trying to create a new category, an original research project on the state of the industry might be ideal. YOU become the source of authority and you are what people are related to because you have statistics - especially if you repeat this study each year to show trends. If you're in a busy industry, ] content marketing, focus on a niche. This is a challenge that Brody Dorland and her team faced during their research project in 2017. Their tool, Divvy HQ, helps content marketers, but as the Brody explains: We did not want to do a marketing report on the status of the content because others had already done so. Instead, we decided to focus specifically on content planning, which was something that had not been covered - and it's something that our company directly helps with the marketers .…

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How to create and publish original research: answers to questions from marketers

Marketing trends come and go, so when one type of content defies the trend, it's important to note it. That's what the original research does. When Steve Rayson recently analyzed 100 million items he found that: [traduction] "Search and authoritative reference content are the two types of content that get links and shares "-Steve Rayson, Director and Co-Founder The Point to Take: The publication of original research is a substantial opportunity for marketers right now. We recently partnered with BuzzSumo to study if and how marketers are using research and we found that about half of them are. Another quarter (26%) did not conduct research but plans to do so in the next 12 months. The bad news? Those who are thinking about research think that the biggest challenge will be understanding how to approach a project like this. Publishing your own survey-based study takes time, in part because it's a multi-step process, but also because it's a new "muscle" for many marketers . But, you can do it if you inquire about the process. At a recent webinar with BuzzSumo, I shared the main findings of our joint research and answered the most common (and most difficult) questions of respondents and interviewees who study or lead researches. If you prefer a more detailed version, you may view the webinar on this topic or view the slides. To check the performance of search content in your area, use the BuzzSumo instructions. Most shared section to search for the topics you are writing about. Add the word "Search" about you content. Frequently Asked Questions about original research, answer! What is an original research project? research projects go through four stages: Strategy and Planning: Similar to what you would do at the beginning of any new project, answer key questions such as: cover, and how you will use the search. Data Science: When conducting a poll search, you must decide which questions to ask (and how to ask them); schedule and test the survey; get answers and analyze the data. (Note: This is where the marketers have the most questions because it is there that they have the least experience.Most of the questions below are below relate to data science.) need to create the results of your search. We consciously use the word journalism because it insists on the importance of covering the story as a journalist. Above all, your research must…

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