16 of the best job interview questions to ask candidates (and what to look for in their answers)

How lucky are you and why? How often is an elephant heavier than a mouse? How many square feet of pizzas are consumed in the United States each year? Hiring managers have heard of using these "curved" questions to identify the best candidates. Fortunately, for smart and skilled candidates around the world, studies have shown that the puzzle interview questions made famous by Silicon Valley and Wall Street are as stupid as they seem. (In fact, Google started eliminating the headaches of his interviews several years ago.) But when you interview people to join your team, you have to be creative. After all, there are so many questions like "What is your biggest weakness?" and "Are you a team player?" reveal who are really your candidates. To give you some ideas for next time. When meeting a candidate, here are some of the best interview questions to ask and the right answers to each question. Good Interview Questions Tell me about once where you set yourself some tough goals. Tell me about the relationship you had with the people you worked with. Which project do you consider to be your greatest professional achievement to date? What did you do professionally and that is not an experience you would like to repeat? Is it better to be perfect and late, or well and on schedule? me it's complicated but you know? What is your definition of hard work? I If I had to interview everyone you worked with, what percentage would not be a fan of you? Tell me about one time you have messed up. Why? What would you be happy to do every day for the rest of your career? What would you do if you had $ 40,000 to start your own business? Had to do last year? Why was it so big? What surprised you about this interview process so far? Do you have questions for me? 1. "Tell me about once where you set tough goals." If you're looking for a goal-oriented and results-oriented candidate - like most recruiters - this question will help you determine we'll be able to handle the bold goals that you propose them. Ask additional questions such as: "What did you do to achieve them?" Ask the candidate to explain the process and purpose of the goals they have set for themselves. A good answer to this question: A good answer…

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12 questions to social media experts at Sendible

If you publish as much as possible, the content of your social media will be more visible. Right? According to Veronika Baranovska, Inbound Marketing Manager at Sendible, most social platforms will penalize you for your frequent publications. Frequent publication does not translate into higher commitment. In fact, by adopting some key tactics, you can see more social success by posting less, says Baranovska. Veronika and the Sendible team - a social media management solution - shared these tactics, as well as ways to creatively couple your social media strategy with your email marketing, during our recent interview with them. . 1. What's a "rule" in social life that people still follow but probably not? Social media networks are still mainly used as channels of content distribution. Do not get me wrong - you can always use social media to encourage people to visit your website and promote a new product. However, if we follow the trends and see how platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn change their algorithms, we can see that they much prefer the content that allows users to stay on their platforms. To take advantage of this, include a combination of publications that encourage people to stay on the social platform and post messages that redirect people to your site. Social networks also implement ways for users to shop without leaving the platform. Instagram Collection ads and Facebook dynamic ads are growing, and Pinterest buying pins are also gaining popularity. These are paid options, but social media is becoming more and more lucrative. It is therefore worthwhile to experiment with and review these types of ads early, especially for e-commerce businesses. 2. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to strengthen their presence in social media? The social media market is increasingly crowded. To break through, you have to stand out from the crowd. It will take time to learn how your brand can do it, but you can start with these four basic principles: Set goals for your social media plan and align it with the goals of your business . Always focus on one goal at a time to get the best results. Decide which networks to focus on. Less, that's more, and it's impossible to have multiple flawless flows without a great team or agency behind you. Stay true to your brand. The wrong tone can alienate your target…

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How to create and publish original research: answers to questions from marketers

Marketing trends come and go, so when one type of content defies the trend, it's important to note it. That's what the original research does. When Steve Rayson recently analyzed 100 million items he found that: [traduction] "Search and authoritative reference content are the two types of content that get links and shares "-Steve Rayson, Director and Co-Founder The Point to Take: The publication of original research is a substantial opportunity for marketers right now. We recently partnered with BuzzSumo to study if and how marketers are using research and we found that about half of them are. Another quarter (26%) did not conduct research but plans to do so in the next 12 months. The bad news? Those who are thinking about research think that the biggest challenge will be understanding how to approach a project like this. Publishing your own survey-based study takes time, in part because it's a multi-step process, but also because it's a new "muscle" for many marketers . But, you can do it if you inquire about the process. At a recent webinar with BuzzSumo, I shared the main findings of our joint research and answered the most common (and most difficult) questions of respondents and interviewees who study or lead researches. If you prefer a more detailed version, you may view the webinar on this topic or view the slides. To check the performance of search content in your area, use the BuzzSumo instructions. Most shared section to search for the topics you are writing about. Add the word "Search" about you content. Frequently Asked Questions about original research, answer! What is an original research project? research projects go through four stages: Strategy and Planning: Similar to what you would do at the beginning of any new project, answer key questions such as: cover, and how you will use the search. Data Science: When conducting a poll search, you must decide which questions to ask (and how to ask them); schedule and test the survey; get answers and analyze the data. (Note: This is where the marketers have the most questions because it is there that they have the least experience.Most of the questions below are below relate to data science.) need to create the results of your search. We consciously use the word journalism because it insists on the importance of covering the story as a journalist. Above all, your research must…

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