Are AMP Landing Pages All That They Are? A look at the speed of the page

For a moment, you may have heard the buzz around Google's accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), and if you have not done any research yet, you may be wondering the problem is at about (or wondering why a landing page and a conversion platform as we have not yet mentioned this trendy subject). Well, we'll get to all this! Today, we will explain everything you need to know about AMP as a marketer and why your Google representative has probably praised this tool. First up: What is the AMP? AMP is a project first announced by Google in 2015 under the name of a way to provide mobile pages faster . Accelerated mobile pages use a restrictive HTML format to deliver web pages almost instantly to your visitors, with the added benefit that pages are cached and rendered by third parties (such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Bing News, and others). Cloudflare). It's not a matter of waiting for every element of your page to be in charge, and basically it's a way to develop simple web pages that follow strict guidelines for slow loading times. How AMP Pages Look in Mobile Search Results. Newspaper. Like Facebook snapshots, AMP has allowed these publishers to reach audiences almost instantaneously (which is critical to reducing the bounce rate and notifying Google that content is satisfying for visitors). . Since publishers run their business on pages, it was a natural and ideal starting point for AMP. Google then created an additional incentive for publishers by giving priority to AMP articles in their "top stories" carousel. You can currently locate AMP items in your own mobile search results by searching for the AMP Lightning Symbol. Image via the Google Developer Guide. Some AMP myths, demystified way since 2015, but he still struggles to shake some roots. Here are some of the myths that circulate: Myth 1: AMP is only for online publishers AMP landing pages are perfect for publishers, but use cases . Believe it or not, even e-commerce brands increase their revenues with the same traffic by converting their product pages to AMP. Although this giant conversion to AMP may seem like a huge undertaking, remember: you do not need to create a complete AMP mobile website like Aliexpress. You can start with a single landing page that many customers access through organic or paid search . Simply decreasing your bounce rate on the visitor's…

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20 call-to-action phrases that will speed up conversion rates

Conversion optimization has always been a hot topic in Internet marketing. To be honest, we all already know the best call for action phrases or marketing techniques! Still, you are reading this article in hopes of improving your conversion rates. What are you missing? There are many ways to improve your conversion rates, but we can not emphasize it enough. A call to targeted action sentences has been proven. HubSpot conducted a study of 93,000 calls for marketing actions (CTA). Based on their results, there is a significant increase in the number of conversions with targeted call-to-action phrases, or what they call "Smart CTAs" rather than call-in phrases. action. we can actively engage visitors to act on a desired action on a website. If we want them to subscribe to our newsletters, download this PDF guide, contact us for any questions, or just watch a video tutorial, we just tell them what to do. The hard part is to convince them that they have to do what they need. This seems rather easy; but we know that it's complicated, is not it? The best call to action phrases Let's go hunting! Here are some calls to action phrases that you can use for your marketing campaigns: Add to Cart Buy Today Call Now Click Here Contact Now Donate Today Register Now Learn More Get a Free Quote Today Download Now Register To know more Register now Book now ] Register here Start starting now Go around Talk to an expert View our tutorial The psychology behind CTA marketing Now. Today & # 39; hui. Right here. More information. These are just a few words that have been used again and again, but they are as effective as ever in driving conversions in the funnel. Why are these words and phrases so good for giving us the action we need? To be honest, these phrases above mean nothing to consumers if they are not used properly. HubSpot has garnered remarkably enough data to support targeted call-to-action phrases as the most effective way to convince your audience to become a leader. Using HubSpot as a prime example, we will guide you in the psychology of CTA marketing. Drive Your Prospects to Take Action Words and Phrases are not Used Only for Buttons of your page. It covers all the aspects that make a visitor click on the button for the desired action.…

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