Viewing Time: Project Management Procedure Using Google Sheets

Posted by R0bin_L0rd The short version of this post: Project management is an essential part of our marketing work, but planning and visualization of projects over time is difficult. this job easier for you. I found this system useful in several ways. So I share my models here in case it would reduce your day. I will begin with a brief overview of what the sheets do, but in the last part of this article, I will also expand on them so that you can modify them according to your needs. If you want to skip this publication and go directly to the templates, you can access it here (but I recommend you read a bit on how they work first): Planner Version (All You Need to Know, plus Gantts) Stakeholder Version (a cleaner version for bosses, customers, or people doing the work but not managing a project) Missed version (combined view of many different projects, telling you if you forgot to talk about work to someone, deadline or planning) It should be mentioned that I do not consider these leaves as the only solution. It's a free solution that I found very useful, but I have colleagues who swear by Smartsheet and Teamwork. It should also be noted that different tools work better or worse with different styles. My goal with these cards is to have a pretty concrete plan for the next three or four months, then a broader set of ideas to go further. When I complete these sheets, I also focus on results rather than processes - this helps to reduce the time spent updating sheets and makes everything that people can read more clearly. The long version of this article looks a lot like the short version above, but I'm talking in more detail about some of the principles I'm trying to follow and how this configuration fills them (shocker, huh?). As promised, the last section will describe how the leaves work, for anyone who has problems or wants to do something. Table of Contents (if you simply want to move to a specific section): The 3 Principles (Concerning Both People and Leaves) An Early Conclusion Appendices & Instructions How to Add Tasks to the List Splitting Tasks over Multiple Periods Using the Monthly View Tab (Scheduler and Stakeholder Versions) How to Operate the Gantt Charts ( and add categories) How to Operate Gantt Charts…

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The 27 best websites to waste time on the Internet in 2018

There is a lot of content on productivity - from hacks to shortcuts, tips to get more results in less time. It's all about sprinting, checking the list and downloading software that will block all distractions. But what about times when you just want to surf the Internet aimlessly? No one can be hyper-productive all the time, and studies have shown that taking deliberate breaks after periods of work is actually better for your productivity. The question is how to pass these breaks. You can check your email, but it still works. You can check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but there is something so banal about randomly scrolling the pictures of your peripheral friends. We have some better ideas. Here is a list of the most fun places to waste time on the Internet besides e-mail and social media. Get ready to add your favorites to your favorites. Best Websites on the Internet WaitButWhy The Oatmeal Supercook OCEARCH Shark Tracker Therapy Apartment A Sweet Murmur LEGO Videos Gravity Points [19659008] Pottermore xkcd BuzzFeed "Comments" Sections The Toast The Onion Cracked Mental Silk HowStuffWorks Lifehacker [19659008] Mix [19659008] Imgur Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cams Zillow Google Maps Street View Wikipedia Giphy Wayback Machine The Oregon Trail Cool Websites 1. WaitButWhy WaitButWhy is one of my favorite places to hang out on the internet. Every week, a man named Tim Urban produces a really long and awesome article. (Seriously, they are canonical.You can kill a lot of time reading just one of them.) His articles are always fascinating, in-depth and really well written. His writing style is the perfect blend of informative and humorous topics like the Fermi Paradox (the what?) Accessible to someone like me who had never heard of it before. He writes about relationships, religion, outer space ... My favorite articles include "All you do not know about tips", "Great dangers of interaction social "and" Your life in Weeks "(which contains awesome graphics). He even wrote an excellent article on why procrastinators are procrastinating, that anyone reading this article might want to check. 2. Oatmeal Oatmeal is another one of my absolute favorite places for spend time online. It's a huge library of impressive content, some of which is entirely composed of graphics. Even if you have already read everything, this is the kind of thing you can read over and over again. Some of my favorite…

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11 Content Preservation and Collaboration Tools to Save Time

Editor's note: You may have missed the original version of this article a few years ago. We share today the updated version of Aaron, as more efficient team work is a constant need for content marketers . As content marketers, we have some work to do. pretty hard. Unfortunately, when we add all the curating, collecting and collaborating services needed for large-scale engagement, surpassing is a euphemism. Yet, organization and collaboration are essential. And not just for internal research. In a landslide, social media is at the top of the list of content types that B2C (96%) and B2B (94%) marketers report using. The problem is that marketing on social networks Without curation, we inevitably pack our feeds with a promotion after launch. And, without collaboration, we end up being echo chambers of our trends - rather than a diverse repertoire of opinion leaders. says @AaronOrendorff. Click to Tweet When Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs asked B2B marketers what prevented them from developing a large-scale content marketing strategy, the two biggest hurdles were a "small team" (67). %). ) and "lack of time" (44%): The question is: how to create a system to collaborate on content that do not require more people or waste your time? The answer lies in these 11 tools. HAND-ASSOCIATED CONTENT: How to Manage Content Like a Pro: 8 Lessons [Examples] Your Most Powerful Assets with this 3-Stage Hardening Process [19659017] 1. Quuu Before You Go 39, enter Quuu, let me avoid an objection: "How Evernote is not it No. 1?" Two reasons. First, because most of us already use Evernote for content marketing, including one that would not be revolutionary. Second, mastering Evernote can be intimidating and it's not a platform with which I can speak with expertise. What I can say is the desire to automate social sharing without losing human contact. Using @quuu_co to automate social sharing without losing human contact, says @AaronOrendorff. Click to Tweet Enter Quuu. Quuu is the first human-designed social sharing automation tool designed for humans. Here's how it works: The Quuu community submits unique social posts via Quuu Promote to categories that are reviewed by the Quuu editorial board to ensure quality. These messages are then automatically shared between your connected social accounts - Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - or you can ask Quuu to send you daily suggestions to find you quickly. Automatic sharing and suggestions are…

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