7 sneaky ways to create a lucrative e-commerce business from scratch

Did you know that in 2021, global e-commerce sales will reach nearly $ 5 trillion? And anybody with smart strategies can start an ecommerce business and make a profit. Image Source - Statista and want to make a huge profit? You have a dream and it's a good start. But if the basics of your e-commerce business are not strong enough, they will soon fade away. Establishing an ecommerce business and managing your relationships with your customers is not a walk in the park. Want to discover some sneaky and easy ways to start an ecommerce business now? You have arrived at the right place. This article will discuss the best ways to start a lucrative e-commerce business from scratch. Let's start from the beginning. 1. List niche ideas If you want to start an ecommerce business, you must first decide: what do you want to sell? If you do not have a solid answer to this question, it is useless to go ahead. But how are you going to decide what to sell? To begin, you must have a basic idea of ​​what you want to sell. And based on this idea, you can work slowly upwards. You need to develop a sustainable brand if you want to flourish in today's aggressive e-commerce world. You can start with a lot of ecommerce ideas. But you must make sure your idea is relevant and achievable today. To facilitate the process, you can study already successful businesses in the niche. Also make sure the niche you select is subject to low competition. However, if there is no competition, it means there is no market. So stay away from niches like these. At the same time, you should not choose the niche that has an abundance of competitors or it will be difficult to stand out. Also jump a niche already dominated by the big brands. However, restricting and identifying exactly what you want to sell will help you. If you are very precise, you can avoid the competition of big brands. By limiting your e-commerce ideas, you have a clearer idea of ​​what you need to focus on. However, when choosing your niche, you must keep in mind that a too specific niche can also limit your activity. 2. Study the Competition Once you've chosen your niche, you need to identify the big shots and potential competitors in your niche. This…

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13 Easiest ways to increase sales on Instagram right now

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms and therefore constitutes an excellent marketing channel. That's why a quick look at his accounts will reveal a lot of great brands. Its unique photo sharing platform gives brands unique opportunities to gain visibility and dialogue with their customers. It is likely that you are already doing your best to market your business via Instagram. Here are nine of the simplest (and most effective) ways to increase your sales on Instagram and optimize your content. # 1: Only display compelling images Instagram is a visual platform. So, first and foremost, you only need to publish high quality images. Ideally, your images will be creative and engaging and will appropriately emphasize the products you want to promote. Once your clients access your profile, they must be able to recognize your brand immediately. Discover below some of the images published by Taco Bell. As you can see, they are fun and colorful and naturally integrate with their brand image. Make sure every image you post to Instagram matches your overall business strategy. feeling. If your brand is sleek and minimalist, it should be stylish and minimalist on Instagram. Choose an aesthetic and stick to it. This extends to Instagram legends. Do not switch between different times and tone of voice. Stay simple. Consistency is the key. Although original images are always the best, stock images can sometimes help add diversity to your account. There are many royalty free web sites on which you can find pictures of exceptional quality. Better still, Web tools like Canva let you create custom images to promote discounts, giveaways or contests. Remember that visual representation of your brand online can be the first experience of your customers. 19659005] # 2: Invest in Instagram Ads Advertising on Instagram can help you reach a new and targeted audience. It's a worthwhile investment, especially if your brand or business is relatively new. You can schedule your Instagram ads so that you reach the customers most likely to be interested in your products. That's exactly what InflowStyle did with their Instagram ads. The pioneering sportswear brand launched an Instagram advertising campaign targeting women aged 25 to 34 in America. InflowStyle ads included lifestyle photos with light tones and a "Buy Now" button that allowed users to access a product or category page on their site. . Their cost per conversion…

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5 ways to increase your mobile conversion rate

Are you tired of hearing this statistic again? Mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic in 2016 and increased only by But many advertisers still treat their campaigns with an office approach: Optimize your campaigns, ad groups, and landing pages for the desktop first. You can then begin to generate mobile traffic on the side. It does not work anymore. Mobile users have a behavior very different from that of desktop researchers. Using the same strategy between devices is not viable. Yesterday, WordStream released new data on the average conversion rate of mobile ads and, as you can see, conversion rates vary widely look. You can not even generalize all mobile ads. the ad type you use also makes a big difference. Today's PPC marketers need to optimize for mobile users and improve the conversion experience on smaller devices. Here are five tips for maximizing conversions on your targeted mobile search ads starting today. 1. Diversify your advertisements Sitelink extensions are one of the most used ad extension types for PPC. They allow you to extend your ad copy beyond normal character limits and to diversify your link offer rather than having a single landing page. But these are mostly optimized for desktop users who can easily open multiple tabs on their browser without harming their experience. With regard to mobile devices, some extension choices specifically designed for a smaller screen and the way people search and communicate with their phone, such as easy to people reach your business as soon as advertising. One of the best extensions for the most recent mobile ads is : With message extensions, researchers can send text messages to your company to get more information rather than read all the content of your website. ] So they perform? Much better than standard text ads, and almost as good as call extensions for CTR mobile search: When creating message extensions, you have a few key options to modify and personalize your experience: The "Text Telephone Number" field is your company number that will answer and receive text messages from interested researchers. The text of your extension matches what is displayed in the ad that prompts users to click, such as "send us a message." The message text is an element that really gets interesting and allows you to really optimize things like micro-moments and customization. This pre-written message fills the user's email application when he clicks on…

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15 ways to get more conversions, as early as today

Imagine a tap with a constant stream of water coming out. The water pours into a bucket, but the bucket is full of holes. Some of the water gets into the bucket, but most leaks go through the holes, so you can never fill the bucket. Now imagine that the water is lead and that the tap is in CPAP. The PPC will turn on this traffic and route prospects along the pipeline, but if your pipeline is broken, you lose a lot of valuable leads. So, what can we do to repair these holes? Here are 15 ideas that could result in a substantial increase in your conversion rate. 1. Writing a clearer CTA How many times have you landed on a page with a form and a button that simply says "submit" or "continue"? Was not it completely impersonal? Did it make you a little confused about why you give your information and what exactly would you do? If your CTA does not specify what you want the user to do, you may find that your conversion rate is low. I saw a clear CTA surpassing a wave every time. Note how this CTA tells potential potential what it will get by giving its information. That's what you want. Look at the language on the buttons on your landing page and make sure it is accurate and clear. 2. Move your form Again and again, I saw a form placed directly in the hero's homepage surpass the pages containing forms or forms at the bottom of the page. However, do not take the best practice as the truth of the gospel. In the test below, Michael Aagaard of ContentVerve found that moving the form at the bottom of the page increased conversions by 304%! By placing the call for action at the bottom of the page, they allowed the reader to understand the full value of the service and its benefits before asking for a conversion. So, if your form is in a lightbox, try moving it and on the page. If your offer is complex and very dangerous, try moving the form to the bottom of the page. It's a good thing about A / B testing: there is no "right" way to do anything. It all depends on your offer and your audience. 3. Try a multi-step form We've all heard the phrase "less is more".…

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