Your guide to writing the best e-mail subject lines in the world

Before it was launched, F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby coined almost The High Bouncing Lover . Not the same sound, huh? Writing the subject line of your mail looks a lot like choosing a book title: you have to do things well or people can never open it, regardless of the level of content contained. In fact, according to a study from the Online Marketing Summit, 35% of e-mail recipients admit to having opened e-mails only according to the object. So, how do you write the line of object can not wait to open and not version of the folder directly into the trash? Although there is no single formula for an ideal e-mail subject line, the 7 proven guidelines below will help you get closer to perfection. They can help you make your messages more appealing to your subscribers. Apply them to your e-mail subject lines, and you could be the next Fitzgerald of the inbox. (Looking for an email service provider that puts you in the inbox - not the junk mail folder? Try a free 30-day evaluation version of AWeber. We have 20 years of peak deliverability! ) Email Subject Line Rule 1: Advanced Personalization The following emails arrived in my inbox in a 24-hour window. : Eventbrite Picks: "Marijana Weekly Guide" Just Eat Ireland 2: "Marijana, want to find a new flavor?" 19659007] Collision: "Time flies, Marijana⌛ " parkrun Ireland News: "Marijana, your weekly dose of positivity for parkrun!" Mytaxi: "Marijana, upgrade your profile to a professional account!" Did any of them make me feel special? Not particularly. Variants of "Hello {! Firstname_fix}" have become the norm in email marketing, not the most outlandish. Because of this, it loses its effectiveness. You can still use name personalization, but you also want to go further. At AWeber, we recommend segmenting your audience and sending personalized messages to each segment with unique subject lines. "You can create an open email with your own personal interests, and users like email that's tailored to their needs and needs," says Shayla Price, a B2B marketing specialist who has launched messaging strategies. for companies such as Leadpages and Shopify Plus. Here are some ways to achieve this: Ask questions on your registration form. Then, use this information in your e-mail subject lines. For example, if you are writing a fashion blog, you can ask your subscriber what color they prefer…

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Conquering the world with this international SEO guide

If your company sells products internationally, it is likely that you have a website - and it is likely that you want this website to work in all of your target markets. Unfortunately, it is there that some companies miss out: international SEO can be considered quite complex and can be a source of a lot of frustration for many companies. help clarify what needs to be done to open your site to new markets and do international SEO the first time, without making mistakes fatal and potentially very expensive. This means that reading is relatively long, so have a coffee and take a little space. Here is a preview of what you will learn today: Important considerations before starting to optimize for international markets Options for Structuring international web sites for SEO How to make Keyword Search for International Listing Technical Signals for International Listing Geographic Targeting for International Listing Optimization of Local Listings : It is not always necessary to having a new website or sub-directory per country, but the decision needs to be carefully considered. If you create a specific landing page for a Spanish market and the rest of the site is in English, you risk disappointing the target audience. It is necessary to take into account the extent of demand and the need for a potential new site / sub-folder for specific territories and / or languages. Is your company ready to expand into new markets? There are some infrastructural considerations that I would like to address, because I have seen companies sadly forget to recognize them, which has resulted in some initial problems that only the international SEO could not solve. Market Research Is there a market for your products or services in the countries you want to target? I realize that this may seem like a rather condescending question; However, I have worked with some companies who thought that their target country was in desperate need of their offer, and it turns out that they were not buying or just buying these products or not. online services. Cue a very expensive breakdown - so it's a question that needs to be asked and thoroughly researched. Google has a tool that can help you do it but I would definitely recommend doing extensive research in this area. competition abroad: what is their offer and how do they market themselves? Why is your product better…

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