The ultimate guide to writing a cover letter

Have you been invited to attach a cover letter to your application? You may have trouble writing one that elicits an interview, or have no idea what it is. You will learn to write one that will be read, included, and covered with tons of templates to inspire you. Are you ready for the job of your dreams with a perfectly designed cover letter? ! You can dive directly or go directly to the section you want to read. How long does it take for a cover letter? Well, you are quite ready and ready to write the hiring coach's dream coaching letter. It's great! But how do you manage the right balance between depth and crush? A good cover letter is long enough to explain why the recruiter should pick you ... but not enough to bother them to the point of having strong coffee. A page is usually enough to cover everything you need to include, without losing the attention of the recruiter and having your cover letter thrown in the trash. Are the accompanying letters necessary? Often a mandatory field for on-line applications. But do you really need to include one if you send your resume by email or if you apply in person? The answer is not as clear as you might think. Only 26% of recruiters consider coverage of important letters in their decision to hire a candidate. This means that they have an influence on hiring decisions, but that they are not essential. That said, the coaching letters give you an advantage over other potential candidates. Only 53% of job applicants have submitted an accompanying letter in their most recent application ... which means that you can stand out by including an accompanying letter in your application. <img src = "" alt = "] In addition, the coaching letters allow you to communicate with the hiring manager.You have more space to tell them why you are perfectly suited to their job, which means that You do not have to rely on point lists in your resume. By making an extra effort (even if it is not mandatory), you demonstrate key skills like being a hard worker, having a good communication and taking initiatives In short: the accompanying letters are not absolutely necessary have obvious advantages.If you have the opportunity to download a letter of application for a job, do it yourself if not required!…

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Writing too much content is like throwing money out the window

You have heard people tell you that you have to write in-depth content because that's what Google wants. And that's right ... Google's average page contains 1,890 words. But you already know it. The question is: should you write articles of 2,000 words? 5,000? Or maybe even go crazy and create ultimate 30,000 word guides? What's fun, I did it all. I even tried adding custom images and illustrations to these. -Depth Articles to see if that helps. And of course, I've tested whether having a super long page with tens of thousands of words or having multiple pages with 4000 or 5000 words is better. So, what do you think? To what extent should your content be deepened? Let's see my first marketing blog, Quick Sprout. Short articles do not rank well With Quick Sprout, it all started as any normal blog. I would write 500 to 1,000 word notes and Google liked me. Look at my traffic in January 2011. As you can see I had 67,038 unique visitors. This is not too bad. Even with short content, it has worked pretty well on Google over the years. But with time, more and more marketing blogs have appeared, the competition has intensified and more detailed content has been written. I started writing articles from 1,000 to a few thousand words. When I started doing it, I was able to quickly increase my traffic from 67,038 to 115,759 in one year. This represents a 72.67% increase in traffic in one year. This was one of my best years and all I had to do was write longer content. So naturally, I followed the trend and focused on longer content. continued to increase, my traffic began to stagnate, even though I was producing content in depth. Here are my traffic statistics for November 2012 on Quick Sprout. I understand that Thanksgiving takes place in November, so traffic was not as high as possible. However, there was no real growth from January to November 2012. In other words, writing in-depth content of up to a few thousand words did not work. So what? 19659013] Well, my traffic had reached a plateau. Writing longer and more in-depth content helped me before ... so I thought why not try the 10x formula. I decided to create content 10 times longer, better, and more in depth than everyone else. I was going to the…

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Your guide to writing the best e-mail subject lines in the world

Before it was launched, F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby coined almost The High Bouncing Lover . Not the same sound, huh? Writing the subject line of your mail looks a lot like choosing a book title: you have to do things well or people can never open it, regardless of the level of content contained. In fact, according to a study from the Online Marketing Summit, 35% of e-mail recipients admit to having opened e-mails only according to the object. So, how do you write the line of object can not wait to open and not version of the folder directly into the trash? Although there is no single formula for an ideal e-mail subject line, the 7 proven guidelines below will help you get closer to perfection. They can help you make your messages more appealing to your subscribers. Apply them to your e-mail subject lines, and you could be the next Fitzgerald of the inbox. (Looking for an email service provider that puts you in the inbox - not the junk mail folder? Try a free 30-day evaluation version of AWeber. We have 20 years of peak deliverability! ) Email Subject Line Rule 1: Advanced Personalization The following emails arrived in my inbox in a 24-hour window. : Eventbrite Picks: "Marijana Weekly Guide" Just Eat Ireland 2: "Marijana, want to find a new flavor?" 19659007] Collision: "Time flies, Marijana⌛ " parkrun Ireland News: "Marijana, your weekly dose of positivity for parkrun!" Mytaxi: "Marijana, upgrade your profile to a professional account!" Did any of them make me feel special? Not particularly. Variants of "Hello {! Firstname_fix}" have become the norm in email marketing, not the most outlandish. Because of this, it loses its effectiveness. You can still use name personalization, but you also want to go further. At AWeber, we recommend segmenting your audience and sending personalized messages to each segment with unique subject lines. "You can create an open email with your own personal interests, and users like email that's tailored to their needs and needs," says Shayla Price, a B2B marketing specialist who has launched messaging strategies. for companies such as Leadpages and Shopify Plus. Here are some ways to achieve this: Ask questions on your registration form. Then, use this information in your e-mail subject lines. For example, if you are writing a fashion blog, you can ask your subscriber what color they prefer…

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