The 27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

The 27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design Inspiration

Instagram has become a very neat destination for beautiful photos, videos and visual content that claim all the best Likes and comments. It's as if the urge to visit a modern art museum could now be satisfied in the comfort of our home – or bus seats or lunch breaks.

That is, if you follow the right people. As social media generally provide a platform for individuals to become brands, so do artists and designers who have found Instagram as a method of building a gallery of artists. Miniature art – a social portfolio, if you will.

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But to help you refine your search, we proceeded to our own curation of the best Instagram accounts to follow to find the inspiration. We have divided the list into categories: illustration, graphics, pop art and installation, color palettes, street art, photography, typography and calligraphy – although you may notice that some of the works below a list. note that some of their work could be in different lists.

Find out how these artists share their work with the world – we're sure you'll find them as inspiring as we are.

27 Best Instagram Accounts for Design

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1) Steve Harrington: @s_harrington

Steve Harrington is a Los Angeles-based designer who describes his own style as having an "aesthetic psychedelic-pop. " His Instagram is full of his colorful and playful illustrations, which he has created for several brands – including Nike, for which he designed sportswear, including shoes.

2) Rachel Ryle: @rachelryle

Rachel Ryle is an illustrator, animator and storyteller – and she combines the three on her Instagram account. Most of his articles are beautiful, intelligent videos, often super cute, like the one below. She told Mashable that each animation takes 15-20 hours from initial concept to final editing, on average. If you like his work, Instagram is the place to go: it's his most dedicated channel for presenting his work.

3) Mikey Burton: @mikeyburton

Mikey Burton, based in Chicago, describes himself as a "design illustrator" – his way of saying that he works part-time in both. Burton has worked for clients such as Converse, ESPN, Target, The New York Times, TIME Magazine, and Esquire. Recently he has worked on many editorial articles, which he proudly publishes on his Instagram, as well as other often fanciful illustrations both as sketches and published final projects.

4) Jamel Saliba: @ melsysillustrations

Jamel Saliba, alias Melsy, is an artist and entrepreneur in equal shares, after leaving his job in his mid-twenties to become a full-time fashion illustrator. His sketches are beautifully made and cover themes such as fashion, friendship and love, all in the style of contemporary chic. Since his early success on Etsy has attracted the attention of consumers and brands, Melsy has worked for Hallmark, TJMaxx and Home Goods.

On Instagram, she publishes a combination of illustrations added to her portfolio.

Graphic Design

5) Neil A. Stevens: @neil_a_stevens

Neil A. Stevens specializes in the creation of displays, dynamic pieces. He has created posters for many cities and countries around the world, including a handful for the Tour de France.

6) Hey Studio: @heystuxdio

Hey Studio is composed of three designers: Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte and Mikel Romero – and is one of the most popular graphic design studios in Spain . Much of their work features stunning geometric shapes, which they post on their Instagram account in combination with photos of their team during the creative process (and when they're just frolicking).

7) Luke Choice: @velvetspectrum

Luke Choice is an Australian living in New York whose work covers graphic design, illustration and typography. His style is very colorful and very unique – I especially love the 3D illustration work that he does, some of which are crazy animations. Check out his Instagram feed to see his latest work, from his personal projects to collaborations with brands like Nike.

Pop Art & Installation

8) Jessica Walsh: @jessicawalsh

I am so inspired by Jessica Walsh, both as a designer and as an entrepreneur. At age 23, she joined the Sagmeister & Walsh design company, when he was just Sagmeister, Inc. Two years later, the company's founder, Stefan Sagmeister, had partnered her at just 25 years old and finally became Sagmeister & Walsh. They have designed works for well-known clients, such as Levi's and HBO.

Walsh's Instagram account is a wonderful presentation of his own work, the inspiration of the firm and the design of others.

9) Daniel Aristizábal: @ darias88

The talent of the Colombian digital artist Daniel Aristizábal transforms everyday and ordinary objects into colorful and surrealist, full of character renderings. His work is "saturated with scientific references, retro hues, strange images, bold geometric patterns and a playful sense of the absurd," he says in his biography SkillShare.

Follow him on Instagram to discover his world, including the collaborations he has worked with customers such as Toy Nail Polish and Refinery29.

10) Dschwen LLC: @dschwen

Dschwen LLC is a creative studio based in Minneapolis. Their design projects are created primarily for brands – including some big names such as Amazon, Apple, Juicy Couture, General Electric, Uber, Twitter and others.

They have won numerous awards, including a Design Gold in Cannes. Creativity Festival for the second image below, "traffic cone disguised", that they created for Twitter and Niche. Their Instagram page is full of creative, surprising and clever designs, including pretty animations.

11) Leta Obierajski: @letasobierajski

Leta Obierajski is an art director and graphic designer based in New York. for bright colors, angles and curves. What I especially like about her Instagram account, is that she writes descriptive Instagram legends that give her followers a behind-the-scenes look at her thoughts and processes, making it a read incredibly interesting.

For example, in her picture legend below, she describes her collaboration with a fellow designer on this installation for the local restaurant The Turtle:

Color Palettes

12) Design Seeds: @ designseeds

work to show their followers how important color schemes are for a beautiful design. They use Instagram to create color palettes based on images submitted to them on Instagram using the hashtag #SeedsColor. It's a fun way to share their passion for the beauty of nature while encouraging commitment.

13) Canva: @ Canva

As a design tool, it makes sense that the Instagram account of Canva is centered on design. Not only do they display gorgeous photos and design work, but I particularly like their series of color palettes, where they create color palettes based on photos, just like Design Seeds.

As an added bonus, they include each color's names and urge their followers to punch hex codes in their Canva color wheel for use in their own designs.

Street Art

14) Jaime Rojo: @bkstreetart

Jaime Rojo is not a street artist; he is a street art photographer. One of his goals, which he articulates on his site, is to photograph the new public arts, street art, graffiti and urban art as they were created, not only in Brooklyn, but also in the whole world (thanks to a partnership with Urban). Nation Berlin). He monitors changing trends and strives to conduct a global conversation about how these trends affect popular and artistic culture. His Instagram account is a live collection of his photographs, in which he assigns a label to the artist when he is known.

15) Biafra Inc .: @biafrainc

Biafra Inc. is an anonymous street artist based in Minneapolis by spraying, screen printing, stencils, stickers and posters. As he recounts, his work is often "a visual account of stories that are outside of his life". As a self-proclaimed news junkie, he also incorporates sociopolitical themes from time to time into his work. His Instagram account is an inspiring showcase of his work in various Midwestern urban environments.


16) Fumeroism: @fumeroism

"My art is an extension of my character, audacious and uninhibited, affirmed and unorthodox." This is how street artist Anonymous Fumeroism describes his colorful, expressive and contemporary street art. His creations are often caricatures of real subjects, like his portrait of street artist Sebastien Waknine in Barcelona in the image below. Follow Fumeroism on Instagram for colorful, bold and energetic street arts around the world.

17) Banksy: @banksy

Not surprisingly, the famous British street artist Banksy often spends long periods without posting on his Instagram account. And yes, that's his official account – Jo Brooks, Banksy publicist, confirmed it in a tweet:

But when it does, it's not something you'll want to miss.

For example, in February 2015, after almost a year and a half of nothing on Instagram, Banksy published a photo caption to his Instagram account of a piece of unpublished street art that Paste Magazine theorized seemed to be "past over a door.The location has not yet been discovered or revealed ". Follow his report to scroll through some of his works and stay informed if a new piece appears.


18) VuThéara Kham: @vutheara

Many Instagrammers to choose from. One of my favorites is the Parisian photographer VuThéara Kham, who has really started her career on Instagram and has become very popular in the Instagram community. Follow his Instagram account for beautifully framed photos of landscapes and people from Paris (and other European cities), as below.

19) Hiroaki Fukuda: @hirozzzz

Instagram is the base of Hiroaki Fukuda's career. that's why his messages out there are so good. Like Kham, Fukuda started as an amateur on Instagram in Tokyo and ended up being a huge success.

When major brands attracted his talent and engaged him for different projects, he became a full-time Instagrammer. Now he travels all over the world to take pictures for companies like Nike and Christian Dior. Side note: He told CNN in an interview that he likes when people comment on his photos … so comment!

20) Dirk Bakker: @macenzo

Although Dirk Bakker is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam, he likes to take pictures of art, design and architecture – and post it on his Instagram account. He has the keen sense to take something "normal" – like cranes or stairs – and turn it into a breathtaking picture with a great sense of depth. He is particularly skilled at capturing repetitive patterns such as lines, geometric shapes, shapes and colors, allowing for striking images with strong visual impacts.

21) Max Wanger: @maxwanger

specializes in portraits, including wedding photos. His publications on Instagram are a combination of his personal photographs and the work he has done for his clients. What I like about his photos is that they have a personal and romantic touch, and often use negative spaces.


22) Erik Marinovich: @erikmarinovich

Erik Marinovich is an artist and designer and an entrepreneur. In addition to drawing letters, logos and characters for major brands such as Nike, Target, Google, Facebook, Sonos and Sharpie, Marinovich also co-founded Friends of Type, a collaborative blog and boutique and Title Case, a creative work. space that organizes workshops and conferences. Her Instagram account is a great showcase for her impressive lettering work, from brand-building work to incredibly cool doodles.

23) Ahda: @misterdoodle

Ahda, the man behind the pseudonym of Mister Doodle design work for major brands like Element Skateboards, The Sunday Times UK, Citizen Apparel, and more. His specialty is to incorporate his beautiful curved hand into shapes and illustrations. Check out his Instagram for photographs of his lettering work, including t-shirt designs and creative showcases for his projects as well as relevant accessories.

24) Cyril Vouilloz: @rylsee

Cyril Vouilloz, aka Rylsee designer with a fun and experimental interpretation of typography. His hand-drawn unique lettering work plays with lines and dimensions – and what makes his Instagram posts so cool is that many of them show his "interactions" with his illustrations, enhancing Optical illusions in a way a little bit. Browse his incredible work on Instagram, and follow him to see what are the original illustrations and distortions he offers with

25) Arabic Typography: @arabictypography

Beautiful typography does not just mean Latin letters. In fact, some of the most beautiful typography in the world comes from Arabic writing. There are many features that make Arabic letters so beautiful: they are written from right to left, they can include accents and dots or lines, and their letters may vary depending on their position in a word.

directed by the Egyptian company Noha Zayed, is a collection of beautiful Arabic typography – from signage to street art to tattoos – from all over the world.


26) Seb Lester: @seblester [19659018] The artist and designer Seb Lester is one of the most famous calligraphy artists on Instagram, with over a million of followers (to date). The vast majority of his articles are actually videos – and for good reason.

"Calligraphy is about movement as well as rhythm, and a short video can capture the beauty and magic of calligraphy in a very user-friendly format for the Internet.", He told The New Yorker . "Recurring words in people's comments are" hypnotic "and" satisfying. "For reasons I do not understand, people like to look at the process of something that is perceived as" perfect "from the beginning to the end. end. "

27) Lindsay Oshida: @ lindsayoshida

Lindsay Oshida is a London-based Graphic Designer, who publishes beautiful calligraphy works on her Instagram account, she drew a lot of attention on Instagram for her Quotes "Game of Thrones" that she published once a day during the ten days leading up to the 2015 season [19659002] For example, she did her piece "Kill the Ravens" (picture 1). below) in black letter to walnut ink, after The New Yorker a and the black crows were sketched with a raven -quill nib – "a calligrapher in joke. " She has since published quotes from "Game of Thrones" and other popular television series, and claims that other calligraphers have followed her example.

We hope this list has helped you new designers to follow, that your Instagram feed is much more beautiful l for it!

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