What is guerrilla marketing? 7 examples to inspire your brand

What is guerrilla marketing? 7 examples to inspire your brand

The word “guerrilla”, in its written form, seems very intense. It evokes images of rebellion and conflict. Put it next to the word “marketing,” and many people ask, “huh?”

But guerrilla marketing is not a form of combative communication. After all, it would be very disruptive, which is contrary to the method of reception. In fact, it is actually an unconventional form of inbound marketing because it increases awareness of large audiences without interrupting them.

Because it is not conventional, it is not the easiest concept to explain. Guerrilla marketing is often better understood when it is observed, which explains how we will approach its best practices and proposals.  Get 32 ​​examples of enviable incoming marketing campaigns here.

We will begin with

What is guerrilla marketing?

Roots of War

When we hear the term “guerrilla marketing,” here are some basic notions about its origin and how it works. “It is hard not to think of guerrilla warfare – which is logical since it is there that this style of marketing took its name.In the context of the war, guerrilla tactics largely depend on the element of surprise Think: “Ambushes, sabotage, raids”, according to Creative Guerrilla Marketing.

But how does this translate into our daily work? In marketing, guerrilla techniques play mostly on the element of surprise It aims to create highly unconventional campaigns that unexpectedly attract people during their daily activities.You will see what this looks like in some examples below.

The term itself was created at the beginning of the 1980s by the young writer Jay Conrad Levinson, who wrote several books on guerrilla tactics in several professional fields.Of course, at that time, marketing in general was very di and even though guerrilla marketing is still in use today, the ever-changing digital landscape is changing what it looks like. Again – you’ll see what it looks like in some of the examples below.

Friendly Budget

What marketers really appreciate in guerrilla marketing is their relatively inexpensive nature. The real investment here is creative, intellectual – but implementing it does not have to be expensive. Michael Brenner summarizes it well in his article on “guerrilla content,” where he frames this style of marketing in the same context as the reallocation of your existing content, such as entering certain segments of a report. It is an investment of time, but not money in itself.

In a way, guerrilla marketing works by redefining the current environment of your audience. Evaluate it and determine which segments can be adapted to include your brand.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

As a niche, there are actually some guerrilla marketing subcategories, as described by ALT TERRAIN:

  • Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing. Adds something to pre-existing urban environments, such as putting a removable object on a statue or placing temporary works of art on sidewalks and streets.
  • Indoor Guerilla Marketing. Similar to outdoor guerrilla marketing, only it takes place in indoor locations such as train stations, shops and university campus buildings.
  • Event Ambush Guerilla Marketing. Leverage the audience of an ongoing event – such as a concert or sports game – to promote a product or service in a notable way, usually without the permission of the sponsors of the event. event.
  • Experiential Guerilla Marketing. All of the above, but executed in such a way that the public must interact with the mark.

We know – without context, the very idea of ​​guerrilla marketing can be a bit confusing, so let’s see how it was executed by a few other brands.

7 examples of guerrilla marketing to inspire your brand

1) Bounty


Here’s a fun fact about your neighborhood marketing blogger: Spill All. Coffee? Check. Olive oil? You got it. In general, I am just messy and I like to have paper towels nearby at all times.

Of course, I could not help but be impressed by this guerrilla operation of the Bounty Paper Towel Society. By installing life-size “mess” in the streets of New York – a giant, spilling a cup of coffee and a gigantic popsicle melting – the brand has found a unique way to promote its product and the solution it offers, with a minimum of words.

You may be wondering, “Is a concise advertisement for a billboard not going to be the same?” Well not really. Culturally, we are starting to opt for every means possible to eradicate advertising from our lives. That’s why we like things like DVR and ad-free options on streaming services like Hulu and YouTube. This campaign, unlike an ad, is not as easy to ignore. After all, if you came across a melting ice cream the size of your mattress when you went to work, would you stop and look at it? We would do it.

The big delivery: Identify the biggest problem that your product or service solves. Then find an unconventional way to broadcast it to the public – preferably without words.


Well, this one might not be quite right since it has not been removed “in real life.” But how would it be cool if c & # 39; was? To promote nominees in the Album of the Year category, the GRAMMYS show created a video showing what would happen if posters for nominated artists began to sing.

This might seem impossible. But imagine – and if you could create musical posters for your brand? Again, this differs from an advertisement by billboard, because when we pass a wall of paper ads in New York, for example, we do not expect that it will not be the same. they begin to move. Now, we’ll admit that this idea is not exactly a budget idea, as it might require some technical work to come true. But even if you could include a single mobile or digital image among a sea of ​​things – in a place that would surprise you, like a brick wall – it would surprise people and, therefore, attract their attention. .

The Great Evidence: Think of things your audience might miss out on every day and make things unexpected and interactive.

3) Frontline

 ad-mall-frontline.jpg "width =" 600 "title =" ad-mall-frontline.jpg "style =" width: 600px
Source: Marketing Ideas 101

When I saw this picture for the first time, I admit I fell in love with it. “Someone, keep this dog away from those flies!” I’ve frantically thought. Then I realized that the dog was not real, and neither were flies.

This is because Frontline, manufacturers of dog flea and tick prevention products, have managed to fill the entire surface of this large public space with this image. The brand knew that many people were crossing this space every day and that a lot of people also saw it from the upper levels of the building, creating an illusion of dog and insect. It’s hard to miss – and not to look twice.

Again, this campaign is different from traditional marketing because it is not just a matter of putting a unique message somewhere that risks being ignored. This creates a form of accidental human interaction that reminds the viewer what the product does.

The Great Evidence: Determine how humans could unintentionally interact with your marketing messages. Although your product or service may not address the issue of insect control, for example, there are ways to get people involved in the campaign.

4) Burger King

Source: Seventeen

The break is difficult to achieve in person, let alone when it is broadcast online. That’s what happened – allegedly – when an Instagram user left a comment on this post sharing a story of his “daughter” providing Burger King food. There was just one problem. This guy has a girlfriend, but she was far from being a Burger King. So who was he talking about? The drama followed, via Instagram comments:

 BG_IG_Breakup.jpg "width =" 669 "title =" BG_IG_Breakup.jpg "style =" width: 669px

After the comments started to make the headlines can have been staged by Burger King. And if that’s the case, we can not help but greet them – what a way to make your brand known to the zeitgeist. Burger King has about one million followers on Instagram. Compare that to the 2.1 million followers of its main competitor, McDonald. And although we’re not sure how many followers the first one had before this famous breakup, it’s logical to assume that this has at least attracted attention to its presence on social media, at least on this flat particular form. People may have already observed the brand on Instagram, but before, were they actively discussing it?

The Big Choice: Guerrilla marketing has become digital. Think about where your audience already exists digitally – so give them a show. Although we can not tolerate lying, we can applaud creativity, so do not be afraid to use comments to get people talking.


I am as guilty as anyone of wasting money on bottled water. I have no excuses. I have a reusable one. My workplace offers filtered water from a machine, not a traditional cooler, and yet this remains a bad habit.

It is for this reason that this guerrilla campaign of the UNICEF relief organization has touched me. He asked the question, “And if those bottles of water on which you were wasting money were filled with dirty water?” It was a way of reminding the privileged masses that in too many parts of the world, entire populations do not have access to clean drinking water.

Instead of spending this money on bottled water, UNICEF suggested clean drinking water for these areas. He did so by creating makeshift vending machines that sold bottled dirty water, each button being labeled as a disease caused by a lack of drinking water.

The Big Deal: for-profit sector, too. And while scary and sad images are often an effective way to communicate your mission, there is a way to convey it by creating something less interactive and less for you.

6) GoldToe Guerrilla

Source: ALT TERRAIN [19659024] Are You an Underwear Company Looking for? an unconventional way to market your product? Why, just try to place a huge pair of underpants on an iconic bull charging statue.

In reality, we can not do that.

In theory, it’s so simple that it sounds like fiction. But when the GoldToe brand needed a way to make fun and promote the launch of her new underwear, that’s exactly what she did: she put these new clothes on statues all over New York . And while we can not be sure that this is GoldToe’s path, we sincerely hope that these bull-sized underpants are made from the remaining manufacturing fabrics, helping to make this campaign even more economical. .

: Do not think too much. Sometimes, what looks like your most idiotic idea might be the best.

7) Greene King

When you plan to meet your friends and family, what are the two things you inevitably come together? We will try to guess:

  1. Food
  2. Drink

When the brewing and brewing company Greene King feared that small neighborhood establishments – notably the pub – would start to be overtaken by the big retail companies. he launched a campaign to communicate how important these local businesses really are. Better still, the content has been almost entirely created by those who best understand this situation: owners of pubs, bartenders and bosses.

These cameras received cameras to film the most significant moments and encounters they have experienced – from weddings to funeral receptions, to birthdays. These videos were shared on Greene King’s YouTube profile and asked the following question: “Without these neighborhood hangouts, where would we share those moments?”

Guerrilla marketing. Think of the emotions invoked by what you propose. Then invite your audience to create content about what your brand means to them.

Guerrillas in the Wild

Let’s start making a little more sense?

When we decided to write this post, we were disappointed with only one item – we found virtually no B2B examples. This does not mean that it is impossible in this area. It just takes extra creativity.

I hope you will be inspired by these examples, especially if you are promoting a smaller brand. Do not be afraid to create content sources for these campaigns, for example – after all, it’s creative approaches to your work that help maintain the profitable and profitable nature of guerrilla marketing. Remember: catch people where they are and insert your brand there. Do not interrupt them, but invite them to participate.

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