what is influencer marketing

what is influencer marketing


Influencer Marketing

Part I: Introduction to Influencer Marketing

Marketing of Influence is not new

Long before the sector was invented, consumers turned to the experts for advice or inspiration.

Think of William Shatner for Priceline or Catherine Zeta-Jones for T-Mobile or Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein. All of these campaigns are full-fledged marketing campaigns and have generated sales of several millions of dollars.

Hailley : Today, influential marketing takes many forms, especially at a time of birth of social media stars.

The term “influencer” encompasses a broad range of socially savvy experts. Personalities from beauty, business and technology, among others, can help businesses achieve challenging demographic data.

Brian : One thing you need to know about influencer marketing is that it is here to stay.

If the company takes the wait, we suggest you reconsider your decision. Consumers rely more on third party recommendations than on the brand itself

In fact, studies show that 70% of Generation Y consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers when they decide to buy a mark. [19659005Hailley: When you associate with an influencer, he not only brings his audience, but also his network.

Because of the loyalty of his audience, he has the ability to drive traffic to your site, increase your visibility on social networks and sell your product via his recommendation or story about his experience.

influencer marketing

Brian : It is important to note here that we are not necessarily talking about getting your brand accepted by expensive celebrities, such as Kardashian.

Sometimes the best influencers are already in your community. They are few, but very committed and extremely loyal.

Hailley : An effective marketing strategy for influencers will often include macro-influencers, micro-influencers, brand ambassadors, brand advocates and even your employees (yes, they are also influencers !).

The right influence marketing strategy will allow brands to understand and optimize the performance of the right influencer group, at the right time, in order to achieve their goals. [episode transcript]

Part II: Getting Started with Influencer Marketing

The first thing to know about influencer marketing is that it’s not about you, but about the consumer. . And more importantly, create a trusting relationship with the consumer so that he buys you more than once.

influencer marketing becoming a central strategy for brands, maintaining this trust requires authenticity and of honesty. .

Hailley : Smart brands recognize that consumers want honesty and use transparency and openness as a differentiator.

Brands act as social media takeovers with influencers for a more authentic experience. This removes content control by the brand, but helps improve campaign performance.

This is not just a relationship of trust between the brand and the consumer, but also a brand and an influencer.

what is Influencer Marketing

Brian : Exactly, so it’s essential to start by understanding who your target client is.

A common mistake that brands and agencies make is to decide in the first place on the type of influencer they would choose. love to work.

Instead, start by knowing your target audience, then come back. Identify the influencers that fit your ideal description.

Hailley : There are really 4 places to find influencers for your brand. Google databases networks and marketplaces .

  • Google : Manual process of manually entering keywords, scanning webpages for contact information, then keeping track in spreadsheets. I would also like to include social media – the manual search for social channels and hashtags for influencers relevant to a given subject.
  • Databases : Make a website by scratching for yourself, extracting publicly available data. These are good places to start, but be prepared to spend time looking at each influencer and contacting them directly.

Brian :

  • Networks: In the middle of Google / social networks and databases. A network is like an agency that has relationships with influencers, but you have to go through them to reach them.
  • Marketplaces : A market often offers the best of four options by taking advantage of the real benefits. instant information, while avoiding intermediaries interacting directly with influencers.

Hailley : There is no good or bad way to find influencers for your brand. The key is to identify the people who fit your values ​​and your customers. Which leads us to types of influencers.

So, for the sake of this episode, let’s ignore the search for celebrity influencers and cover more realistic types.

First of all, you have your macro-influencers who create a ton of content. . They attracted an important audience because they got to know them during their process.

Brian : Just below the macro-influence, in terms of audience size, these are micro-influencers.

Micro-influencers are very good at getting them known and getting audiences of smaller sizes.

They are ideal for getting the message out to a very engaged audience and can help to draw your brand’s attention to your brand. The scale will not be huge, but you will be rewarded with more ambitious buyers, even if you do not have a large budget.

Hailley : Last but not least, lawyers and employees of your brand.

influencer marketing campain

These “ Brand Ambassadors ” naturally love your brand and one can already find it online speaking of you.

Pay attention to your social networks and invite them to share and create content. These people already love your brand and are ready to talk about what you do.

Sponsorship programs are great for these types of influence and will make them spread the word.

And, of course, there are hundreds of varieties of skills and specialties within each influencer category:

influencer marketing trends Brian : Our influencers are aligned with our target customers. We are ready to leave.

Part III: The Keys to Any Great Influence Marketing Campaign

The key to any great influencer marketing campaign is creating great content. Convincing content for your target audience, true to the storyteller’s voice and in line with your goals. If any element of this equation is missing, the content will remain unchanged.

Hailley : A fun way to create great content is to give your audience a topic of discussion

Everyone is talking so much about optimization. Content for search engines these days, virality and sharing is often lost in the equation.

For this, you can offer your influencers an experience or brand immersion that they will not be able to talk about. The experiences inspire creative inspiration from the influencers and blend in perfectly with your brand’s message as you control the atmosphere.

Brian : Here’s an example of how travel industry brands are sending influencers on a journey documenting everything.

They will pay for the trip provided that the influencer publishes a certain amount of authentic content every day:

Which is actually interesting because it’s fun for the influencer to create content and for the audience to follow it. There are certainly ways to be creative.

Hailley : Do not forget that a true influencer of your brand is passionate about your product or service

By giving them access to your product to get acquainted with and inciting them to share. Attractive content is a great way for the opposing audience to participate in the campaigns you lead.

Brian : Exactly. One of the benefits of influential marketing campaigns is that they do not stop at the content posted on their site or their social channels.

An effective strategy is to extend the usefulness of content to other aspects of your marketing. . You can use influencer content in quotation marks and testimonials

. You can also show influencers in your ads on social networks or on your website. We also recommend that you include your content in a dedicated section of your company newsletter.

Part IV: Cost of influence, budgeting and return on investment

Hailley : Totally. You know that costs and budgeting are something we have not talked about yet.

The big influencers will naturally want to be paid, but the good news is that it is not always necessary that it be financially if you are in a difficult situation. budget.

You can offer influencer messages to your influencer on your blog, website, or newsletter.

You can give them your product (s) for free. I have seen some brands offer influencers a free offer of their product for a year in exchange for a certain amount of content.

Brian : And of course, you can also offer influencers, as in a sponsorship program, a certain amount of commission out of 1,000 people affected, or sold, or whatever your goal.

Quora has a great thread on the average price of influencer marketing according to the influence and type of campaign:

 Cost of Influencer Marketing

There is no good or bad here and very often, influencers are willing to be creative to help you succeed. Especially if they like or believe in your product that is always better anyway!

Hailley : Well, finally, as for any good strategy, let’s talk about measures.

Different measures and measurement methods can be used to define the success of your influence campaign in relation to your initial objectives.

Instead of just talking about reaching or conversions, we prefer to divide it into five more specific parts of the buyer’s journey.

consideration, activation, purchase and fidelity.

Brian : It is important to remember that anyone who sees the content will not buy your product immediately and that it does not necessarily represent a loss for your brand.

  • awareness step you have items such as scope and views.
  • In Step Reflection you have indicators such as clicks, content views and comments.
  • in the act activation and purchase phase you have things like sharing, follow ups, clicks on your website or product, conversions and purchases.

 Funnel Marketing

Hailley : Ideally, we would all start at the stage of purchase, but do not immediately skip all the first steps to try to sell your product. All of this is part of building the trust that we talked about at the beginning of this episode.

Then there is the loyalty phase at the end. Hopefully, your influencers’ subscribers will become full-fledged brand influencers.

This will look like even more sharing, referrals and user-generated content that you can reuse for your marketing channels.

Brian : This is a big and beautiful curl.

 Marketing Growth Loop

Once you have started collecting data about your influencers, you can start using them to optimize your influencer marketing efforts. You can rank your influencers by the output, the content that resonates with your audience, and the social networks that best suit them for distribution.

Hailley : Exactly.

And just recap this episode before you leave … [19659017] Technology and data are only part of the story. There is a reason why influencers are often called creators. Look for a partner who combines data science and technology with the art of experience, expertise and content creation.

Brian : Well said, Hailley.

All of this will help give you a clear and accurate picture of the actual impact of your marketing campaigns and influence strategies.

Thank you very much for choosing the science of social media today. The show notes for this episode are now available on the Buffer blog at blog.buffer.com with a full transcript.

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See you next Monday, everyone!

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