Why Content Marketing Works for Me and Not You

Why Content Marketing Works for Me and Not You

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It's fun, when I meet people who take advantage of content marketing, they always tell me two things …

Either they can not know how to drive traffic (No matter how many blog posts they publish) …


They figured out how to generate more traffic, but the traffic did not turn out in sales or new customers and they can not understand why.

Now, I know what you think … There are so many companies that make millions through content marketing that there must be a way to make it work .

Thanks to my advertising agency, I can talk to thousands of companies every year and get into marketing. And among those who take advantage of content marketing, most are not able to derive a single sale.

In other words, it does not work for them.

This is not because content marketing is flawed. It is that most people do not understand it completely.

Why Content Marketing Does Not Work for Most Businesses

Most people do not realize that not all visitors are the same. And I'm not talking about demographics and income, I'm talking about intent .

When you come to a webpage that ranks on Google because of content marketing, your actions will be different.

And it's not because one is paid and one is organic … Here's what I mean .

When you search on Google for the term "auto insurance" you will see a search results page that looks like this:

 google search

And you will either click on a paid list or an organic.

Here's what one of the paid ads look like:


And here's what one looks like an organic listings:

 on the scale National

As you can see, the organic list contains a lot of content … including information about the city where I performed the search, the insurance options and why I should choose Nationwide . [19659003] To some extent, it's educational and commercial all at once, but I'm not sold as hard as the paid AAA list.

The AAA landing page contains only 73 words. That's it … a meager 73 words.

In other words, if you arrive on the AAA landing page, you will click on one of the two insurance options.

If you come across the Nationwide site (which takes advantage of content marketing), your eyes focus on the text instead of completing the auto insurance declaration form.

Even though I did the search for "auto insurance", I'm more likely to buy on the AAA website because it's a more aggressive landing page. The Nationwide site puts me in a more educational state of mind, in which I will read and research rather than just get a quote.

And Nationwide does not do it because it wants to educate. They do this because it's really hard to categorize organically without providing tons of content.

Google likes content, so the average web page that ranks on the first page contains 1,890 words.

 Length of Content

That is why Wikipedia ranks under the sun.

If you want to take advantage of content marketing, do not forget that when people go to your site, they will want to read.

Does this mean that content marketing is not working?

Content marketing is amazing and still works very well. It does not produce as many conversions as paid advertising, but you can also generate a lot of traffic without losing your wallet.

Let's look at NeilPatel.com and how I'm taking advantage of content marketing.

Over Over the past 31 days, this blog has generated 2 510 893 hits of which 1 609 314 unique. And these visitors generated 5,890,103 page views.

 np traffic july

This is not so bad, especially if you consider that I do not really take advantage of paying ads

During this period , we generated 1,942 prospects in the US, of which 262 came from companies that spent more than $ 5,000 a month on marketing.


Most prospects are not marketed within 30 days because our sales cycle is longer, but so far these prospects have generated a contract value of 972,860 dollars (we have not yet collected all that money but

The number I shared above is just an income, it does not benefit . sure, will increase, because many other leads will become contracts, but my expenses will also increase.

So, can you guess how I've generated nearly a million dollars in new contracts? in only 30 days

First of all, it was not me … I have an amazing sales team headed by a guy named Nick Roshon.And we have a great team that helps the sales team to conclude more contracts.

But lead generation is all about me … and that comes from the marketing of content .

In other words, content marketing works .

So, how should you think of content marketing?

The first part is the traffic. You need traffic before you can do anything else.

How do you create traffic via content marketing?

Well, you have to write blog posts. I will not go too far on how to write blog posts because I already have tons of posts on this blog.

  • How to write a blog article in 45 minutes – This article describes how to write amazing content without taking too much time.
  • How to become a better blogger in 30 days – Once you've committed to blogging, you naturally want to improve your skills. This article will teach you how to do it in the next 30 days.
  • Or Hire My Agency – If you simply want someone to do it for you, you can always contact us.
  • Or Hire and Manage Editors on Your Own – You can still use the Problogger Job Board to find writers.

If you plan to hire other authors, be sure to tell them the following rules:

  1. I – use the words "you" and "I" to make the articles from the blog seem to be a conversation. For example, "Do not you hate when people tell you that some things are not possible?" I know yes. " Do You See How It Looks Conversational?"
  2. 3 Sections – A blog post should be structured in three main sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion, by structuring each of your articles in the same way your readers will know what to expect and it will make it easier to browse your content. (The majority of visitors to your website will read and not read.)
  3. Conclusion – the conclusion should be titled "Conclusion The reason you want to do this is that about 8% of your readers read down your blog to read the conclusion.If they like the conclusion, they will scroll and read the rest. 8% statistic comes from NeilPatel.com I do not know what will be the percentage for your blog, but I've used Crazy Egg to find out.)
  4. Subtitles – body must contain subtitles, so it's easier for people to The subtitles should describe the content of the section and if you can naturally place keywords, do not hesitate to do so. Do not force him.
  5. Short paragraphs – try to keep paragraphs less than 5 or 6 lines. It's easier for the eyes, especially on mobiles.
  6. Facts & Figures – Use statistics and data to save your talking points. Do not hesitate to refer to other sites and access them. This will validate your content and also qualify you with authority over time.
  7. Images – Use screen shots and photos to make yourself understood. Some people are visual learners, so use images when it makes sense. If you are using images of someone else, look for the copyright information and make sure to cite your sources.
  8. 2,000 to 3,000 words – this varies by industry, but if you are competitive 2,000 words or more. I showed you earlier in this post how Google prefers to rank content of at least 1 890 words on page 1. If you're not in a competitive sector, you can write content less than 1,000 words. Over time, you can return to blog posts that are gaining popularity and developing them.
  9. Titles Must Be Incredible – 8 out of 10 people will read your title but only 2 out of 10 will click and read the rest of your article. Before you click the Publish button, check Buzzsumo's statistics on writing attractive headlines.
  10. Finish by asking a question – end your conclusion with a question. People are more likely to leave a comment when you ask them a question. Make sure you do what you want.

Now that the writing process is over, it's time to come up with some topic ideas. The easiest way to determine what's important is to type keywords in your Buzzsumo space.


Just insert a keyword and Buzzsumo displays all the popular articles on the web.

By doing this you will see what people like in your space. I'm not saying that you should copy these articles but rather use them for ideas. The last thing to do is write content that users do not want to read.

In addition to entering a keyword, you can also enter a URL in Buzzsumo. For example, I typed in Hubspot.com and this shows me all their main articles.

 buzzsumo hubspot

This will give you an idea of ​​what works for your competitors.

Now that you have topic ideas, it's time for you to write a blog post (or pay someone to write for you). Do not forget that your content must be better than your competitors. If it is not better than what they have, it will be difficult for you to get more social shares or to outpace them.

When I publish a blog post, I like to ask myself the following questions:

  1. Post more actions than your competitors? (Otherwise, fix it.)
  2. Have you written on anything unique or provided a different perspective than your competitors? (If not, fix it.)
  3. Would you be embarrassed if a friend or colleague reads your article? (Never publish something you would not want others to read … Correct your content. )
  4. Would you be willing to ask others to share your content on social media? (If not, improve your content.)
  5. Have you suggested 10 variants of titles? (Do not settle for your first title, try to find better ones.)

Assuming you've had all the questions, it's time to publish your content and generate traffic.

So, how to generate traffic?

Unfortunately, there is no quick way to increase your traffic. It's a slowdown, but over time, your traffic will increase.

Here is the traffic on the blog NeilPatel.com when I started:

 Blog article neil patel

As you can see, I generated 9 065 visitors unique during the first month of August 2014. I have generated these visitors from the 4 strategies that I will break a bit (they still work).

And if you move quickly to the 1 year mark, I was able to multiply by 10 my traffic in August 2015.

 one year

My traffic has continuously increased over time , which you can see going back to the beginning of this article (I am now at 2,510,893 monthly visits, yay!).

So, how do you generate more traffic?

Well, you have to be patient first. Do not expect the same results that I've got. Marketing is what I do and I am willing to devote more time and energy than most people.

Here are the 4 strategies that I used when I started NeilPatel.com (and I still use them today). Keep in mind that these tactics work for all types of sites and I guess here you do not have social tracking, so I will not give you basic tips like "share your article on LinkedIn ".

Strategy n ° 1: Boosting posts

Still to this day, I boost my publications on Facebook. It worked even better when I started, but it still works well as it helps to generate traction.

 Boosted posts

As you can see on the screen shot above, I tend to increase all my posts, about 4 times a month.

I spend $ 400 per shift. I choose the following regions: United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

You should choose the regions where most of your ideal customers are (ideally, I should only stimulate in the US) and make your swing last 2 weeks because the clicks will be cheaper than if you spend them in one day.

If you do it continuously, your traffic will increase over time and you will increase your Facebook traffic.

If you do not, it means that people do not care about your content … which means you have to adjust your content with the advice I've given higher .

all you have related to

In your blog, you should have linked to other sites. As I mentioned above, you want to cite your sources and links to places where you find data / statistics.

Whenever I create a link to a website, I will search the site owner on its site. so that I can tell them that I linked them.

But before sharing with you an email template to send, keep in mind that you will need to edit it for your website. I can not emphasize this point too much.

And I know that some of you do not think that email works, because you get so many requests for links, but if it does not work these emails. 1945

As a rule, I send an email that looks like this …

Hey John,

Thank you for taking the time to create statistics around X Y Z. I know it's hard work, but bloggers like me appreciate it . I just borrowed some of your stats for my last blog post and, of course, I linked you and I credited you.

[insert link to your blog post]

Feel free and let me know what you think.

To yours,

Neil Patel

PS: If you like the article, do not hesitate and share it on your favorite social network.

PPS: If you ever offer any other interesting research, please let me know. I might want to include it in a future article.

You must customize the e-mail template because the more personalized it is, the better it will be.

I found that if I sent 20 people by e-mail, 4 or 5 m usually write thanking me.

When you send an e-mail to people, keep in mind that there are GDPR rules. So, you'd better go through the contact forms on people's website rather than sending them an email.

If you are unsure of the rules of the GDPR, consult a lawyer. I will know much more than I will do.

Strategy # 3: Top sharers

One of my favorite features of Buzzsumo is to show you all the people who shared the content of your competition.

do is type in the URL of your competition and click on "see the sharers."

 see the sharers

From there you will be presented with a list of people who have shared this content.  sharers

Want to go on each of their Twitter profiles (or do a search on Google) to see if you can find their email address or their website.

Similar to the previous strategy, you will want to write something to them that goes like this:

Hey Amanda,

I hope you are doing well.

I noticed you tweeted [insert the title of the article they tweeted] by author [insert author name].

This is a good article, but it does not deal with [insert what the article is missing].

Because of this, I wrote a similar article, more complete and more up-to-date. dated.

Let me know if you would like to check.


Neil Patel

You will notice that I have not created a link to my article. I am waiting for their answer first because I have found it to produce better results.

As a general rule, they will reply to you by e-mail with a message like:

Of course, I would like to see it.



[insert link]

Do not hesitate and share if you like 1965

See you soon,


PS: [19659113] Let me know if I can share anything for you.

This varies depending on the industry you are in, but in general, 9% to 30% of the people you send by e-mail will share your article.

get a lower percentage than it means, your content is not great or the people you email have tweeted the original article years ago rather than recently (people forget what they tweeted over time). be sure to follow the GDPR rules with this tactic (do not hesitate and consult a lawyer). You can always send messages to people via the contact form on their website.

Strategy # 4: Start for Links

The last thing I like to do in Buzzsumo is to see who is related to my competitors. You can click on "see backlinks" to see which links to similar articles from your competitors.

 see the backlinks

You will see a list of backlinks pointing to your competitors:

backlink list ” />

And just like the previous strategies, you can do some manual awareness and send them a email that goes like:

Hey John,

I hope you're fine.

I was reading [insert URL of the page on their site that is linking out to your competition]] and I noticed that you mentioned [competition’s name].

The problem with the link is that you direct your readers to an incomplete article. It does not deal with [talk about why the competition’s article isn’t as useful and thorough].

If you want to solve this problem, check out my article below because it addresses everything that I mentioned above.

[insert link to your article]


Neil Patel [19659003] PS: If you want to give more value to your readers, do not hesitate to read my article.

PPS: know that I can do something for you.

The email template is a bit generic, but if you change it, personalize it and adapt it to your business, you will get decent results.

people you should have at least 4 to 6 links.

Again, be sure to check with a lawyer about GDPR rules because you do not want to have problems sending cold emails to people you should not

You can also send the message using the contact forms on the users' websites.

Now that your traffic is increasing, let's focus on creating a community.

from a community

A blog without a loyal fan base is hard to monetize. Otherwise, you will not do well. That's the big reason why most companies I talk to never succeed with their content marketing.

They lack a community.

This does not mean that you will not be able to monetize if you do not have a community, simply means that it will be harder .

But before creating a community, you will want to exploit social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Just remember that by continually adjusting their algorithms, it will be harder to rely on them.

For this reason, I like to focus on the tactics below.

Tactic # 1: Subscribers

I have noticed that every time I publish a new blog post, you receive a browser notification that informs you.

Just because of browser notifications, also known as push notifications, I can generate an additional 42,316 visitors per month.

  push traffic

The way I do it is thanks to a free tool called Subscribers.

Subscribers allows readers of your blog to subscribe to your blog via their web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.). it does this by asking people if they want to receive "notifications" from your website (aka subscribe).

It's the same strategy as using Facebook and YouTube.

 push optin

in part, it is easy for your readers to subscribe because you just have to click on "Authorize". They have not entered their name, e-mail address or any personal information.

Once you sign up for subscribers, it will give you a JavaScript or WordPress plugin to install. Whenever someone accesses your website, he receives a notification similar to the Facebook example above.

Over time, the number of subscribers is continually increasing … here's a screenshot of my dashboard:

dashbaord subscribers ” />

When you send push notifications, you people will "unsubscribe" themselves, such as email, which is fine. But in general, it is the most effective way to increase your traffic.

Just press the "send notification" button in the dashboard of your subscribers if you want to inform your subscribers of a new article. When you click on the "send a notification" button, you will see a screen that looks like this:

 subscribers send

You can even add UTM codes, which will allow you to track your Google Analytics. 19659003] You can choose the image you want to include in the push notification (and see a preview on the left side) and you can schedule it if you want it to be released later. [19659003] Once you press Send, your subscribers will receive a notification that looks like this in their browser:

 neil test sub

Whether or not you have chosen UTMs, you can still see your push statistics in your Subscribers dashboard.

 Subscriber stats

Although I do not talk much about push notifications, it's the easiest way to create a community and get your site back. 19659003] There is only one problem when using tools like Subscribers, you must be in possession . You will not have a large list of subscribers from the first day.

It's more efficient than email marketing and the best of all subscribers is free.

Tactic # 2: Collect Emails

Similar to Tactic # 1, many of you are on my mailing list. In the last 31 days, I have received 37,726 visitors who have sent messages by email.

 e-mail stats

If I make a mailing by selling a product or service, I can instantly generate $ 100,000 (seriously).

You can go there, sign up, add your website and install the WordPress plug-in that they gave you (or JavaScript).

Once you're up and running, I'll create a pop-up window similar to NeilPatel.com. ]  exitpopup

I know most of you do not like exit popups, but they are really effective. I collect over 1,000 emails a day from my exit popup.

As long as you provide value and you give something that people will love, they will not want to enter their e-mail address.

Hello Bar I adore:

  1. It is compatible GDPR – they have GDPR settings.
  2. It has custom targeting settings – you can choose who sees your optin and when they see it. For example, I only show it to people who leave the site once and for all.

Once you log in to Hello Bar, you will see an assistant that looks like this:

You can choose from tons of different models and models. You can even upload a custom background image if you wish (for this purpose, I just chose the most basic template to show you how it works).


can easily edit the design or image with the help of the WYSIWYG editor.

If you also have traffic from different sources (mobile, tablet, desktop), you can choose different types and layout templates for each type of device. can also create different popups for different regions. For example, here is my Hello Bar exit popup for Brazil:

 brazil popup

Of all the methods I've tested for email collection, popups come out best.

do not want to use them, you can create sliders, bars and other forms of email collection boxes using Hello Bar that are not as aggressive.

Now that you have a mailing list, you want to send an email to your list every time you post a blog (or whenever you publish one if you blog too often – you do not want to clutter the box reception of people).

Generate more comments and social sharing from my push notifications and my mailing list than any other channel.

To give you an idea, over the past 31 days, push notifications accounted for 38.5% of comments and 32.3%

That's crazy … they're beating away all the other channels.


Well, assuming that you are increasing your traffic, that you are collecting more subscribers and emails … you should create a solid base for your business. users to monetize.

You can monetize in many ways. is to sell more products. A good example of this is Legion Athletics. It's an 8 figure company that started with content marketing.

Lorsque vous visitez le blog de Legion, vous remarquerez qu'ils font quelques petites choses …

Premièrement, ils essaient de vous pousser à répondre à leur questionnaire une excellente façon de leur faire des recommandations de produits en fonction de vos besoins.

 legion quiz

Une fois que vous aurez commencé à répondre au questionnaire, ils vous poseront des questions personnalisées. .

 quiz questions

C'est l'un des meilleurs moyens de convertir les lecteurs de blogs en clients. Et si vous ne savez pas comment créer un quiz, jetez simplement un coup d’œil aux Lead Quizzes. C'est un logiciel qui le fait pour vous.

Cela fonctionne si bien, j'ai même un quiz sur NeilPatel.com.

 neil patel quiz

Sites B2C. Peu importe si vous vendez un produit, un service ou un produit info, les tests fonctionnent.

Heck, à un moment donné, j'ai pu augmenter mon compte de 500% grâce à des quiz.

Légion, ils font aussi bien d'autres choses.

Ils vous avertissent chaque fois qu'un nouvel achat est effectué sur leur site. (Timothy Sykes fait aussi un excellent travail avec cela.)


Et ils ont différents types de fenêtres contextuelles de sortie selon où vous vous trouvez sur leur site.

Certains vendent des produits:


Et certains se concentrent sur la collecte des emails (ils font quelque chose d'intelligent, c'est-à-dire qu'ils vous posent une question avant de demander votre email … convertit généralement mieux ):


En présentant tous ces exemples de Legion, j'essaie de vous montrer que le marketing de contenu est converti si vous vous concentrez sur l'aspect conversion.

Rappelez-vous comment j'ai parlé plus tôt y a-t-il à lire et à apprendre? Cela ne signifie pas que vous ne pouvez pas les convertir en clients. Il suffit juste de travailler un peu plus que de simplement leur acheter votre produit.

Avec ces tactiques, Legion compte désormais 8 chiffres par an, ce qui signifie que cela fonctionne. Bien sûr, vous savez tous que je peux le faire, mais l'équipe de la Légion n'est pas composée de spécialistes du marketing, elle est composée de passionnés de fitness.

Même Timothy Sykes génère 61% de ses ventes grâce au marketing de contenu. C'est une affaire qui fait bien dans les millions de dollars par mois.

Alors quelle est ma sauce secrète?

Je vous ai montré comment monétiser mon blog, maintenant je veux vous montrer comment monétiser mon blog.

J'utilise 5 canaux principaux pour convertir mon trafic de marketing de contenu en prospects, puis mon équipe commerciale convertit ces prospects en revenus.

Mais avant de les parcourir, gardez à l'esprit que cela fonctionnera si vous avez un blog personnel ou un blog d'entreprise. Et cela fonctionnera si vous êtes en B2B, B2C, en vendant des produits, en collectant des prospects ou en vendant un service. En d'autres termes, cela fonctionne plutôt bien pour tous les blogs. 1965

Passons en revue chacun d'entre eux …

Tactic # 1: Exit popups

Je vous ai montré mon popup de sortie ci-dessus et c'est comme ça que je collectionne la plupart de mes emails. Une fois que je recueille un courrier électronique, j'envoie un courrier électronique qui ressemble à ceci:

[insert first name]comme promis, voici la feuille de triche qui indique comment je me suis classé à la page 1 et "SEO". (J'espère que ça vous plaira … J'ai passé beaucoup de temps à le créer.)

Juste comme une tête en l'air, la feuille de triche est avancée, mais si vous la suivez, vous ferez bien . 19659003] Cela va au-delà des tactiques que j'utilise personnellement et au cours des prochaines semaines, je partagerai également quelques astuces marketing que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs. 😉

Now, if you need more help, feel free and check out my ad agency, Neil Patel Digital, where we can do everything for you.

And if you have any questions, just hit the reply button and ask away. It’s my personal email and I am here to help you.

Seriously, don’t be shy.


Neil Patel

If you look at the email above, you’ll notice that I link to my ad agency.

That email helps collect a solid portion of my qualified leads. It doesn’t bring in the majority, but I’ve found that people on my email list are 278% more likely to turn into customers.

When you collect emails, don’t be afraid to promote your product or service. It doesn’t have to be in your first email, you can do it over time.

For example, Ramit from I Will Teach You to be Rich, usually waits 30 days to promote his products. You typically have to be on his email list for at least 30 days before you see any promotions.

Tactic #2: Lead flow funnel

On NeilPatel.com, you’ll notice that I have a few different URL optins.

On my homepage, I ask you for your URL:

home page

And I push you through an analyzer that looks like this:


And then I collect a lead that gets passed to my sales team:

lead form

I have a similar flow on every page. For example, on blog posts, I have a top bar:

top bar

I also have them within the sidebar of my blog posts:

blog sidebar

That simple analyzer that I am pushing traffic to accounts for over 90% of my leads. It works that well. Just look at how much revenue my sales team closed in the last 31 days (I shared it above).

You have to get creative with your funnel. If you are unsure of how to create a funnel, check out this blog post.

Tactic #3: Webinars

Once you are on my email list, you will see the opportunity to join my webinar.

From there I pitch you on my agency. If you are wondering how a webinar funnel works, you should read this blog post as I break it all down in there.

When I used to sell info products, for every 100 webinar registrations I was generating 3.6 sales. Each sale is worth $997. After refunds, the 3.6 sales would turn into $3,050.82.

I eventually ditched the info product webinar and focused on collecting consulting leads.

If you want to see my latest webinar presentation (feel free and use my slides and modify it for your business), you can download them here.

Tactic #4: Thank you pages

Have you seen my thank you page?

Everyone who opts into my email list sees it. I talk about my ad agency in a short video and it helps drive leads.

thank you

Tactic #5: Blog mentions

The last tactic I use to generate sales from content marketing is to just mention my business within my blog post.

How many times do you think I mentioned my ad agency, Neil Patel Digitalin this post?

Probably enough to generate an extra 500 to 1,000 visitors to my agency site.


The last time I did it, the agency had an all-time high of 970 visitors in one day. That’s not too shabby.

Sometimes it generates qualified leads and other times it doesn’t. But it’s a numbers game.


It’s much easier to grow traffic to a blog than it is to monetize. Content marketing is effective as long as you can drive qualified traffic and you can convert those visitors into customers.

For example, on NeilPatel.com I have a lot of posts about Instagram and how to grow followers. Although this Instagram post is one of my most popular pieces of content… in multiple languages

instagram analytics

Those visitors will never convert into qualified leads.

Before you do any form of content marketing, make sure you are really going after an audience that will buy your products and services.

Once you’ve got the targeting down, then start cranking out content, promoting it and building a community.

In general, it will take you a year to see decent results in traffic. And I would recommend that you avoid monetizing within the first 12 months. You could try to monetize earlier, but I’ve found it to slow down traffic growth.

So, I prefer investing in pure traffic growth during the first year and then slowly transitioning into monetization in year two. And to clarify, I don’t slow down on traffic growth and marketing, instead, I focus on both traffic and conversions.

Do you see why content marketing works for me and not most people? So, what are you waiting for… are you going to implement what you just learned?

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